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Sometime around 2011, our tiny southern California kitchen became a haven for experimenting with beer making and brewing equipment. Our love for craft beer and homebrewing has grown into a hobby that's produced stouts, IPAs, ciders, meads and more. Each week brings new challenges and new things to learn, especially living in the craft beer rich county of San Diego. Here is where we share our love for brewing, tasting and all things beer!

What's in a beer?

Para os nossos amigos do Brasil...

by NilesAugust 18, 2014 19:51

Olá, os nossos visitantes do Brasil!
Obrigado por olhar para o site!


I wish I spoke Portuguese for our visitors from Brazil. But I have to use a translator for two simple sentences. God forbid I attempt a whole post in the language.

To all, I have one last Beer Camp post to do. I haven't forgotten, just been distracted.

For now here's Spoon being pensive:

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Tiki Oasis!

by StephanieAugust 14, 2014 18:09

We are super excited to be attending Tiki Oasis 2014 Friday and Saturday! Check out details on the event here and be sure to follow both our Twitter (@BWBrewing) and Stephanie's posts on Eat Geek Play's Instagram page. Here's looking forward to mix drinks, great music and lovely ladies! 


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Tastings part IV - Beer Camp!

by NilesAugust 05, 2014 09:34

Alright folks, don’t mean to keep you waiting. Here’s three more for ya.

First up we have the wonderful Tater Ridge from Asheville Brewing in North Carolina. If you’re in the area hit up a movie night that they do out there. They have Harry Potter for the potterheads out there. Oh, they also do other movies at their location. I smell a road trip coming up!

This beer is malty sweet on the nose with just the sweetest hint of sweet taters. It’s a great experience of magnificent explosivities from within itself to show its sweet potatery goodness. Pour it. Vigorously.  Watch that splendid head rise. Chop through that mushroom head of sweet sweet potato.

This beer is glorious. With no other way to express it. I takes me away to a pirate ship with dancing monkeys handing me beer after beer of this fantastic ambrosia, they take me to a hole where they a fish up orange trout with large brown lips. We yell YAAAAY! This a big score. Boil it mash it stick it in a stew, you gotta good beer going. This beer is an expression. Of the mother fucking sweet potato. The sweet potato has brought his A game to this beer. There ain’t no denying him his time to shine, the full character and life of every sweet potato comes to life when you drink it. Do yourself a favor and drink one, right now.

<p>This beer is highly drinkable. It is seriously to drink for. I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s perfect. However, it has a place of high honor in my book. Red brown, like the floor of all night barefoot dancing. Lived in, breathed on, and bled with. 9.5/10


Maillard’s Odyssey from Bell’s. Great beer, dark, roasted, like burnt popcorn. Sweet, toffee coffee. Taste is very dry sweetness, not long lasting, clean. Roast barley is there.  The beer definitely calls for a mood. If you’re feeling dark brown or on the verge of black, this could be it. It won’t push you over, it will bring you back to the good side of the senses. And you can experience it in this fantastic bottle or beer made for you. 8.5/10


Last for now, Chico King from 3 Floyds. Right out of the bottle you get a nice fruity, grapefruit punch of hops. Deeper down is banana and malt with a brown sugar high note. It tastes like raw veggies, maybe mostly corn, with some grass thrown in. Not much to say about this one. It’s pretty on par with Sierra’s pale ale. Tan overall and a 7/10.



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