𝐈 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐁𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 𝐈𝐈𝐈 (2023)

PART THREE-“That’s The Nicest Thing Anyone’s Said To Me All Week”

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short series– jj x kook!reader

𝐈 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐁𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 𝐈𝐈𝐈 (1)
𝐈 𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐁𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 𝐈𝐈𝐈 (2)

word count- 3.6k

tw- detailed descriptions of physical abuse, panic attack, swearing, JJ makes an extremely insensitive comment about rape(not a joke, just a heat of the moment comment), arguing, Shoupe being an asshole, weed, umm yeah.

a/n- can you tell I have like, way too time on my hands? a new update every night lol.I’m hoping I can completely finish this series before I become busy again. but, I want to address something before you read on, as I said in the tw, jj makes an insensitive comment about rape. it is never something that’s okay to say to a victim, ever. it’s an extremely harmful comment that the reader actually has a really hard time with. reader also mentions multiple times that she’s embarrassed, that she’s fine, it’s not a big deal. rape and abuse is always a big deal. I do not agree with the things reader believes about her situation one bit, but I know how it feels to be in that mindset, and wanted to write it accurately. if you or someone you know is being physically or sexually abused, get help immediately. don’t wait like Sarah did in the story. this is a fictional story about teenagers who don’t really know any better. please keep that in mind.Ilove you all, read on if you feel comfortable doing so. xo

° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °° 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 ₒ 𐐪𐑂 ♡ 𐐪𐑂 °

It’s not like you wanted the abuse to continue.

In fact, it was the last that you wanted. So, when JJ was throwing wild accusations at you the morning after the kegger, you blew your top.

“It’s almost like you want your step brother to keep fucking you without your consent! Is that what you want?!” He yelled, his face turning red while the rest of the pogues gasped at his comment.

You didn’t even have time to fully process his words before your hand was flying across his face, the smack causing your palm to sting, but you didn’t care, how dare he?

You didn’t even have words to say as you stared at him, his head turned to the side from the impact of your slap.

You couldn’t even come up with words. Normally you had a witty comment or a snide remark to make, harsh words spilling out past your red lips with a smile toying at the corners, but not right now.

Right now, all you could do was look at him, chest heaving from the rush of anger and adrenaline, eyes wide and wild, in shock at the words he had said to you. You stayed silent as you exited the chateau, letting the door slam behind you, most likely causing Sarah to jump from the loud noise.

“Some party last night, huh?” You chuckled, trying to ease the heavy scene you had just walked into.

“Some party last night, huh?” You chuckled, trying to ease the heavy scene you had just walked into.

“Nothing about this is funny, (Y/n).” Kiara grumbled, crossing her arms.

You rolled your eyes, “Oh, come on. We can’t wallow in pity forever. What happened, happened and now we move on, right?”

Pope was the one to throw the first punch, white hot anger covering every inch of his body before Tyler could even finish his sentence filled with untrue, crude things about you. Rafe immediately retaliated by throwing a punch back at Pope, and John B went to finish off Tyler, who was laying in the sand, groaning and clutching his face.

JJ wasted no time turning and scooping you up, securing one arm under your knees and the other on your back, rushing you to the chateau before your panic got any worse.

Kie and Sarah stayed behind for a few minutes longer, throwing in a couple kicks and punches before John B yelled at them to leave, having to repeat himself a couple times before the girls finally listened, and ran after you and JJ.

All your friends looked at you, a mixture of worry and exasperation written all over their features, you were about to scoff when Pope’s eye caught yours.

“Woah!” You exclaimed, “Look at that shiner, how’d-” You reached out to press your fingers to it when Pope smacked your hand away.

You stepped back a couple of steps, stunned at Pope’s harsh hand movement. He stood up abruptly, causing you to back up a couple more steps. He only ran his hands over his hair a few times while breathing deeply, before he looked at you and his eyes softened, just the slightest bit, and sat back down.

“Guys, I’m fine, it’s not a big deal!”

John B laughed out loud and you averted your gaze to him, not noticing JJ coming out the front door to stand behind you.

“You’re not fine, (Y/n).” He was still laughing bitterly as he stood up and gestured to your neck.

“Look at your neck,” Your hand flew to your neck and your finger traced over the raised skin. Scratching at your neck was something you did often during your panic attacks, your pointy red nails only making it 1000x worse, so you were well aware of what you probably looked like.

“That’s from you scratching at it because you couldn’t breathe.” His voice was soft as he talked to you, he didn’t seem angry like everyone else, just really sad.

You felt tears misting in your eyes for just a moment before you shook your head, blinking them away.

“Look, it’s not the first time, and I have been fine this whole time! We just have to avoid him this summer, right guys?” You asked, hopeful.

John B’s shoulders just dropped in disappointment, no one was getting through to you. He was beginning to be afraid they never would.

“Look,” Sarah started, taking a deep breath, not breaking her eye contact with her shoes. “I get that you just wanna have fun and not have to go through something this tough, but, (Y/n), I think it’s gonna ruin you if you don’t.”

You stayed silent. You were embarrassed, embarrassed that your friends thought you were that immature. They really thought you were doing this so you could have fun.

You were only trying to protect them, to protect Christine.

Why couldn’t they see that?

Why couldn’t you say that?

“I called Christine.” Kie said, voice monotone and flat, no one besides John B had really loomed at you directly. “I don’t care if you get mad at me. It’s for your own good.”

That’s when you flipped your shit, that’s when JJ accused you of the most disgusting thing you’d ever heard, that’s when you stormed out of the chateau.

That’s what brought you here, face to face with JJ once again after he had run out after you, begging you to wait.

“You know I didn’t mean that, don’t you? You have to know that.”

You crossed your arms and scoffed, an ingenuine laugh falling from your lips, “No, JJ. Actually, I don’t know that. How on earth am I supposed to do that when you treat me like fucking trash?!” You screamed back at him, your arms flailing wildly at your sides.

JJ took a deep breath, flaring his nostrils slightly as he exhaled, “Look, I was just frustrated, okay?”

“God, what is up with you lately? Before any of this happened you despised me! And now you’re holding my hand and carrying me and wiping my tears and playing with my hair?!” You yelled, rage practically pouring out of your ears. “You don’t just get to pick and choose when you’re nice to me, Maybank! Why all of the sudden-”

“Because I care about you!” He cut you off, his voice booming off the trees like thunder, his face red and the veins on his neck nearly breaking through his skin. “Is that what you wanted to fucking hear, princess?” He spat, putting emphasis on the teasing nickname you usually called him. He didn’t give you a chance to answer before he turned and stomped back to the chateau, leaving you speechless with your mouth agape.

You turned your head, your friends all standing and staring from the porch with wide eyes, much like yours.

You couldn’t stand it. The pity, the shock, the embarrassment, the anger. You couldn’t feel those things for a second longer. You felt like your chest was about to explode from the amount of negative emotions that have run through it like a freight train in the last 12 hours.

Maybe your friends were right, maybe you just wanna have fun and not have to think about how hard coming clean will be. How hard it’ll be to have a partner in the future, terrified of sex or any intimate touch. How hard it’ll be to look at Christine with those large, sorrowful doe eyes of her. How sleepless your nights are about to be. How fucking broken you’re gonna be when you’re forced to stop bottling it all up. Maybe it would all be so much easier if you just turned a blind eye.

Maybe everyone was right about you. Maybe you were just a spoiled brat who would rather party all day than have to deal with anything serious.

Maybe everyone was fucking right.


The pogues hadn’t heard from you in about a week. Kiara had gotten a call from Christine, telling her that she had kicked Tyler out and took his phone and car keys. Your dad was also coming home, they both thought it was important that they were both there for you.

Christine had also said you were refusing to press charges, and they couldn’t really make you, since you were legally an adult.

Kie was dumbstruck, you weren’t gonna press charges?

The answer was no, over your dead body were you going to press charges. Let all of the Outer Banks know that you were weak against your step brother? That you had let him do unspeakable things to you? No way.

But this was OBX we’re talking about, people were gonna talk anyway.

And boy, did they talk.

“I heard (Y/n) (Y/l/n) is fucking her step brother, how gross.” A girl whispered as Pope and JJ walked by their table at Wreck. Pope instinctively grabbing JJ’s arm to stop him from doing anything stupid.

“I heard Tyler killed her mom and sister so his mom could marry her dad and they could get rich.” The girl sitting across from her said, taking a quick sip from her soda.

JJ whipped his head around, still being pulled along by Pope. “I’m this close to fighting a girl, Pope. These bitches better not test me.” JJ said, holding up his thumb and pointer finger together, pushing them close enough to wear they were just barely touching.

“Chill out, Jayje.” Pope said, pushing him into a stool at the counter where Kie was wiping off excess food.

“Saw (Y/n) today.” Kie said, not looking up at her two friends while she picked up a glass and began to wipe it down with a rag.

“How did she look?” JJ asked hurriedly, his posture straightening as he leaned his elbows on the counter.

“Like (Y/n). Except she had some serious bags under her eyes and some really bad neck scratches, both covered up very poorly with concealer. She was shopping with Christine, giving pretty much everyone who glanced at her a dirty look.”

Before either boy could respond, your voice sang through the Wreck. Well, more, shrieked through the Wreck, the three turned their heads towards the sound, and sure enough, there you were, exactly as Kie described, but this time, you were wearing sunglasses inside the restaurant, JJ guessed you were probably high.

“Watch where you’re going, pogue.” You yelled at a younger girl who had accidentally run into you and spilled the smoothie you were leaving with.

Which you were really upset about, you had just uploaded a photo of it to your instagram story, describing its very simple, healthy ingredients.

“What is wrong with you?” The girl snapped. The three at the counter recognized her, she came to a lot of keggers and was always really kind, she must have been really thrown by your behavior.

“Eat me.” You snarled, voice dangerously low as you pushed past her, clipping her with your shoulder and leaving your smoothie behind, spilled on the floor, for someone else to clean up, making eye contact with the pogues on your way out.

“Didn’t mama ever tell you guys it’s rude to stare?” You said, smiling sarcastically, your lips not painted their usual shade of red.

The pogues said nothing, just continued to watch their friend storm out of the restaurant.

“Maybe you were right about her, JJ.” Pope sighed, resting his chin on his arms, a sullen look falling over his face.

JJ shook his head, “No way. Somethin’s up.”

“Yeah,” Kiara piped up, a playful look in her eye,“When has JJ ever been right about anything?”


Once you got home, grumbling and wiping excess smoothie off your legs, you truly felt like falling to your knees and crying, so you did just that.

Your chest ached, your heart reprimanding you for the way you treated your friends when you saw them for the first time in a week today, screaming at you for the way you treated that really sweet pogue girl who always complimented you at keggers.

You wanted to pull your hair out and scream and break things, but you couldn’t. All you could do was sit there and cry, like a pathetic child.

“Why you cryin’, Red?”

Your head snapped up at the voice, you could recognize the sinister tone anywhere.

“I thought Christine kicked you out a week ago.” You rasped, your throat raw from your crying.

“What, I can’t come pay my dear step sister a visit while my mom is picking up my stepdad from the airport?” He asked, squatting down next to you and cocking his head. “Why you tellin’ people lies?”

“I haven’t told anyone anything, Tyler. They were just smart enough to piece all the clues together after your drunk outburst at the kegger.”

Tyler laughed and looked down before looking back up at you, and in a split second his eyes were dark and his hands were wrapped around your throat, pulling you up from the ground by the neck before slamming you against the front door.

“I didn’t say SHIT at any goddamn pogue kegger!” He barked, his grip tightening at your throat.

“I- I didn’t- Tyler I sw-” You began to claw at his larger hands, trying to get one easy breath. He responded by slamming your body against the door once more, your head beginning to ache from the blows.

“Don’t lie to me!” He roared, taking one hand off of your neck to slap you across the face so forcefully your vision went black.

“You stupid, lying, slut!”

You began to cry, choking on your tears, “Wow,” You wheezed out, “That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me all week.”

Your comment made Tyler snap as he let out a yell of fury, throwing you to the ground, causing your body to collide with the wall. But all you could focus on was how you could breathe again. You began to claw at your neck again, beginning to panic.

“You throw like a girl.” You spat as you slowly began to whimper, trying to feel around your pockets for your phone to get in touch with somebody, anybody. Once you finally got your hands on it, your fingers frantically flew across the screen, typing in your passcode and typing out a text that probably didn’t make any sense, watching as the blue bar at the top of the screen slowly inched forward, sending the message.

Please send, please send, please send-

Tyler kicked your phone out of your hands, his foot colliding with your much smaller hands at the same time, sending it flying across the room, no doubt breaking shattering it beyond repair.

You let out a cry of pain, holding your hands to your chest. Tyler kicked you in the ribs, causing you to roll over and let out another pained whine.

“You know, I did everything I could to get my mom to marry your dad. Of course,” Tyler leaned down and pulled you up by your hair, ignoring your cries and pleads for him to stop. “My mom doesn’t know that. But, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her.”

“What are you saying, Tyler.” You wheezed, your question coming out as a statement, trying your best to stand properly to was the pain of Tyler holding you up by your hair.

“I think you know, Red.” He said menacingly before he threw you onto the stairs, your temple smacking against the corner.

“And now you’re ruining everything with your fat fucking mouth!”

And you thought it was hard to breathe before.

After that you were in a daze, losing complete control of your body, painfully unaware of what your step brother was doing to you, all you knew was you were in pain and you wanted it to stop.

You wanted JJ.


When Sarah got your message, she immediately told John B and everyone else, knowing she wasn’t safe going to you by herself.

(Y/n): My house tyler help please

Luckily, she was already with John B, and they already knew exactly where the rest of the pogues were, so it didn’t take long to round everyone up and get them into the Twinkie.

John B sped into Figure Eight, Pope and Kie not giving him shit for his fast driving for once.

“Left!” Sarah yelled out instructions to get to your house, before John B came to a screeching halt in front of a large mansion when Sarah screeched, “Here, here, here!!”

Everyone flew out of the van, not caring to close the doors or turn off the engine, and sped to your front door.

JJ felt like he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t lose you without telling you he loved you. It would tear him apart forever.

The front door was locked. John B frantically shook it, trying to slam his shoulder against it to break it open, with no luck.

“Move!” Kiara yelled through tears, pulling a bobby pin out of her hair and picking the lock, swinging it open.

JJ and John B wasted no time tackling Tyler to the ground, giving Pope, Sarah and Kie access to tend to you.

JJ couldn’t look at you yet. If he did, he would just wanna run to you, and he needed to make sure this son of a bitch got what he deserved. He focused on beating the absolute shit out of the scum laying on the floor below him, before Tyler leaned up and knocked JJ out with a forceful headbutt, quickly standing up and swiftly kicking John B in the ribs, successfully getting them both down before running out the front door and getting in a car, slamming the door and smacking the side of it, signalling the driver to step on it before sending JJ a disgusting smirk while throwing his middle finger in the air as the car sped away.

As much as JJ wanted to scream, to punch the wall and throw something across the room, he didn’t. He turned his attention towards you.

And what he saw haunts the Maybank boy to this day.

There was barely any skin on your body that wasn’t bruised or bloody, you were conscious, but you weren’t there. Both of your eyes were glazed over as your back leaned against Pope’s chest and Kie cradled your face in her hands, desperately trying to get you to talk to her.

“I called the Sheriff’s Department.” Sarah said, tears shaking her voice as she walked in from the next room, shoving her phone in her back pocket. John B wrapped his arms around his girlfriend as she began to cry for her friend.

JJ pushed past his friends, moving to crouch in front of you next to Kie, taking your hands in his own. Kie moved to the side, allowing JJ full access to you. The blond sniffled and moved one hand up to cup your cheek.

“JJ,” You whimpered, blinking a couple of times, your vision becoming a little bit less blurry.

“Hi, hey.” He whispered, softly rubbing his thumb across your cheek bone.

He wanted to hold you so badly, but before he got the opportunity, the cops came storming in, along with the paramedics.

JJ stepped back, allowing the paramedics to do their job, before him and your friends turned to Shoupe, answering all of his questions.

“You kids are saying Tyler did this?” Shoupe raised an eyebrow, “To his stepsister?”

The group nodded their heads.

Shoupe nodded, “You’re sure? There’s been a lot of rumors around the island about how your friend there is delusional, same with her stepmom, spewing lies around. Now, I’m not saying she lied. But, (Y/n)’s been known to be quite destructive and Christine has been known to be a little too friendly with a wine bottle.” Shoupe finished his sentence, flipping his notepad closed and shoving it in his pocket.

“Are you serious?!” Kie shouted, “We saw it with our own eyes! Ask the (Y/l/n)s! They know what a piece of shit he is!”

“Calm down, Miss Carrera, you kids have seen a lot of things with your own eyes, alright?” Shoupe said in a calm voice, a hint of sarcasm laced in his words.

“Now-” He started, holding a finger up in the air.

“This is bullshit.” JJ cut him off.

Now,” Shoupe gave the blond a pointed look. “We’re gonna let Miss (Y/l/n) get taken care of, we’ve called her parents, they’re on the way to the hospital now. We’ll ask them a couple of questions andwe’re gonna look for Tyler, and bring him in for questioning.”

Pope scoffed and wandered away, keeping his eyes on you as the paramedics loaded you up in the gurney.

“You’re gonna bring him in for questioning?” John B asked, crossing his arms.

Shoupe just nodded.

“Oh, well thank fucking God, Right?!” JJ flailed his arms and pretended to be relieved. “I cannot wait for him to lie and say he wasn’t home so you can let him go and let him do the same shit again.” JJ smiled, clapping Shoupe on the back before pulling his hand back aggressively. “Can never trust a cop to do their fucking job right.” JJ said in a low voice, holding eye contact with Shoupe, before running after the ambulance, asking to get on and ride with you, only to be denied. JJ ran his hands through his hair, slamming his foot into the curb, ignoring the searing pain that shot up through his leg. He stood there in silence for a moment, before turning and making his way back to the rest of his friends inside, taking an impossibly long rip from his pen.

The police finally cleared out of your house, and the five friends sat in silence in your foyer, trying their hardest not to look at the blood stains on your marble stairs.

“Now will you admit you have feelings for her?” John B asked, weakly smiling at his best friend, making a smile pull at the corners of JJ’s lips.

“Whatever, man.”


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