Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (2023)

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (1)

David of Millsboro, DE Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 22, 2023

I Return 2 items to Bass Pro Shops and verified it Was received via FedEx tracking on 2/15/23. I called to verify the status and was told the refund would take 7 or more weeks to process. To me this is an unacceptable return policy.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (2)

Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (3)

S. L. of Hialeah, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 5, 2023

Knowing the dilemma of waiting for hours on the Gun and Ammo counter I placed and order online for pick up. Then when I went to the Gun and Ammo counter, I asked for instructions to pick up an Online Order and the just pointed at the Glorious QR Code to get a number online. Beautiful, I got number 5. An elder person standing next to me said I should be next, after one (1) hour waiting. I got there at 4.20pm, I was called to the counter at 5:35pm.

When I explained to the representative (short, Hispanic, old person) that I needed to be at the airport at 6pm, he said I'm sorry it will take about 25 minutes at least for me to get my order. I had my Driver's License and Concealed Permit as required to just grab and go. But they are blaming a new system that started yesterday. My observations, they don't have a sense of urgency to assist others, you can see (for one hour) how much time they wasted socializing unnecessarily with everybody. How friends are passed ahead in front of the people waiting in line and leaving the work area very often. I left without my order before missing my flight at the airport. Of course, I canceled my order right away and no plans of ever going back.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (4)

Cassie of Fountain, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 24, 2023

I recently made my first and last online purchase from Bass Pro Shops. I ordered a pair of shoes and paid with Sezzle. It was not clear that Bass Pro Shops does not offer free returns like most companies and that you are required to use the online returns or only get store credit for this payment option. The shoes are very uncomfortable, so now I’m left with keeping these uncomfortable shoes, losing $7.50 to return them or being forced to spend my money to purchase something else at their store. I use Sezzle frequently for payments and have never had this issue with any other store. It should be very clear on the purchase page that returns are not free and that you must use a credit card for a full refund.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (5)

Jay of Vero Beach, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 15, 2022

On November 27, 2022 I was shopping in the Bass Pro Port St. Lucie Florida location. I was applying for a bass pro rewards credit card. The counter assistant failed to return my driver's license back to me. At one point I asked for it back because I didn't want to forget it and the employee declined. The Bass Pro employee let me leave without it. A few days later I called the Bass Pro location to let them know that my driver's license was never given back to me. I talked to three different people at the Port St Lucie FL location and nobody was able to tell me what happened.

It is the responsibility of the Bass Pro employee to return all personal identification back to the customers. And now I have a $33 cost involved in replacing my driver's license. This doesn't seem fair to me even considering that I spent over $700 on that day in one of your stores and my daughter had her picture taken with Santa. I've been shopping at Bass Pro Shops for 25 years. I would like to hear back from someone in the corporate office concerning this issue. I should not of had to spend $33 of my own money and the added inconvienence due to an employee mistake. Bass Pro shop's response will determine where I'll choose to buy sporting goods products for the next 25 years.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (6)

DanKat of Spanaway, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 3, 2022

About a week or so ago, I went into Bass Pro Shops in Tacoma to register for a gun that I purchased online. The first strike was when everyone, except 1 person who was already helping a customer, took a 20-minute break right before it was my turn. I brushed it off and proceeded to take my turn. I kept getting the runaround. The very first time, I was turned away because of expired car registration, stating that if I updated it then I could register for the gun. The second time, with an updated registration, they then turned me away because I didn't have my husband's military orders.

The third time, equipped with updated car registration, military orders, military ID, and out of state ID, I was yet again turned away. The cashier looked at my paperwork and said it wasn't good enough and that the only way to register for a gun is to have a Washington State ID. I made a post in a Facebook group and I've rounded up other military spouses who were able to purchase a gun at this store with the same documents that Justin told me weren't good enough. Further, coming to the conclusion that I was treated unfairly.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (7)

Heather of Woodbury, VT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 16, 2022

We purchased the boat and cover from Bass Pro Shops in May of 2022. We didn’t take the cover on and off much. When we did try to put the cover back on after using the boat in August, the cover ripped inside the stitching. We contacted Bass Pro Shops. They said they would forward the pictures to warranty. After several follow-up emails, they responded 2 weeks later and said ‘Warranty has denied this cover to be covered under warranty and stated that it looked like it was stressed in that spot.’ We did not over-stress the cover. We were just putting it back on the normal way when it tore. Very disappointing that they can’t stand behind their products especially the expensive ones.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (8)

The little of Schuyler, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 30, 2022

Bought a package of clothing items and it was in the clearance area (several) all with orange sale stickers. After buying a pack and thinking I was getting a deal I peeled off the sale sticker of 18.97 to find the original price shown as 12.50. To me this is just fraud, you don’t mark up an item and then claim it’s on clearance.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (9)

Lorie of New Waterford, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 11, 2022

My husband and I purchased a new Tracker fishing boat. Like everything else these days it had to be ordered and you wait. I have never had such an AWESOME group of salesmen, financing and service people to work with. Allan ** was the best salesman and kept us informed every step of the process and would answer my questions immediately and never made me feel like I was bothering him. Once the boat was in John ** and Jay ** in service went above and beyond to get our boat ready. We live an hour and half away and can only come in on Saturdays and if it wasn't for the service department we would have been waiting and extra week!! John ** in finance was also the best to work with. He was so great at getting all my paperwork together and also stepped up to get this done a week quicker!!

This review is long but I really could go on and on about how anyone wishing to purchase a boat should go to BassPro in Morgantown, WV. You will not be disappointed and you will feel like you are not just a customer but a friend. I plan on stopping back anytime I can just to keep in touch!! BassPro, you have an awesome team and need to be commended!!

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (10)

Yudisley of Las Vegas, NV Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 20, 2022

My name is Yudisley **, I bought a package with Bluegreen Vacations at the Bass Pro Shop facilities in Las Vegas NV, I want you to know that everything is a lie when buying a package. They don't tell you that when you win the trip you have to go, forced to have a chat if they don't charge you the regular price of the room per night, they paint it very nicely after you pay for the package when you make the confirmation with the hotel is that they tell you but you already paid, in my case for not losing 200. Now I have to pay 500. I think it's a scam.

I arrived 15 minutes after the schedule and they don't answer me because they didn't have staff in Spanish. If you register with your partner you have to go both or else they don't answer you either, anyway you lose money, when it comes to selling they don't tell you and there's no option left, they just told me that I could win a vacation in Florida for 6 people. They never talk about that requirement and that if you don't comply they charge you for the hotel plus what you pay, Liars, Scammers.

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Bass Pro Shops 319 Reviews and Complaints (11)

John of Pine Grove, PA Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 15, 2022

Well, I felt compelled to write this review. I ordered a firearm by telephone. I had to pay for it using a gift card, their system has problems with bank debit cards. Then I don't ever hear anything from them unless I call them. After 6 days I do not have a receipt, bill of sale or order confirmation. I think I bought something? When you do call them, they act like you are the problem and not them. They make all kinds of excuses for why your purchase has not moved along. One store knows nothing about another store yet they are all under the Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's umbrella. They are rather rude. Now remember, I bought something. This is very lousy customer service and terrible business practices. Boy, the United States of America and people can't do their simple job. I doubt they will get anymore of my business and honestly, they need to better themselves, or go out of business.

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