DM for Requests! — OBX: An Outer Banks Story (Season 1 (2023)

JJ licks my cheek as his hands reach down to my pants. He reaches one hand down my pants as the other pulls the zipper down. As we kiss, his tongue slips into my mouth. He stops to look at me. He flashes those pearly whites. Then he starts moving down, his hands sliding down my chest. He looks up, his mouth opening up.

Just as JJ moves forward and his wet lips begin to touch me, Rafe’s head appears from over my shoulder. He starts kissing my neck. I move my hands back and run my fingers through his slick hair. I feel his hands slide up from beneath my arms. He pulls my arms behind my head. I feel his mouth as it grabs fingers. He starts to suck on them.

“Oh…” I begin to moan as Rafe slips a finger into my butt.

“Parker…” I hear a moan coming from one of them. “Parker…” Rafe releases my hands and I dig them into JJ’s hair. “Parker!”

I jump out of bed, falling onto the floor and smacking my head against the side table.

“Shit!” I grab my head. “Shit! Shit! Shit!”

“I’m heading out. I’ll see you later.” I hear the front door slam.

I get to my feet. I manage to get myself to the bathroom and look at the mess that is in the mirror. I look how I feel, a piece of shit. I run my hands through my hair and take a deep breath in. I then look at myself in the mirror again. This time when I look at myself I see a far too familiar person behind me. A person that terrifies me to my bones. I am in such shock that I fall backward and onto the ground. I start breathing heavily. I start looking around, but no one’s actually in here. I just plop down on the floor and start breathing regularly.

“Parker!” Sarah and John B shout as I walk out of the house and toward their car.

“Hey!” I put on a smile and push back all that’s happened recently, ready to enjoy a boat day.

“So is this really your first time on a boat?” John B turns around as we drive off, his hair blowing in the wind.


“Oh… we’re gonna have fun today!” He shouts, putting his head out of the window.

I see Sarah looking at me in the rearview mirror. She looks concerned but then smiles when I smile.

“Whoo!” John B shouts as we arrive.

He jumps out of the car and grabs the cooler in the back before running onto the docks.

“Johnny boy!” JJ shouts from the boat, standing up with a crutch.

He looks good. He’s smiling. He looks clean and more put together than normal. But his face has some bruises and he’s got a cast on his left arm. I look over and notice Sarah looking at me again. She walks over to me.

“JJ said you never visited him.”

“Oh.” That’s when I see him again, standing at the end of the dock, smiling.

“Is everything alright?” I hear her voice faintly in the background.

Everything begins to freeze. He stands there watching me. Acting as if he’s won. That smile scares me like it has so many times. My heart starts to thump. Each beat vibrates my body. I can feel it getting progressively faster. Each second I see him, I can feel my body warming up. My body tenses. I can feel the sweat building on my forehead. A small ringing runs through my head.

“Parker.” Her voice echoes, feeling miles away. “Parker.” She steps in front of me. “You good?”

“Yeah.” I put a smile on. “Perfect.”

“Okay. Just let me know if you need anything.”

“Thanks, mom.” We both laugh.

Sarah starts walking to the boat and when I look back to the docks, he’s gone.

“My beauty.” JJ puts his hand out to help Sarah onto the boat. “Welcome aboard. Drinks on the port. Snacks on the starboard.”

“JJ. It’s my boat.” They laugh and hug. “Good to see ya doing well.”

“Parker,” JJ says when he sees me, a faint smile on his face.

“Hey. You look good.” I step onboard.

“You too.” He bites his lower lip.

Kiara hands me a beer and I quickly begin drinking. John B hands me a shot, I take it down. The music starts. Everyone starts dancing. Everyone is laughing. And me… I’m pushing everything back. I can feel that it’s not good. I know it’s just going to explode eventually. But I don’t care. I don’t care how much alcohol it takes. Or how much dancing it takes. All I care about is forgetting and having fun. I just want to have fun for once. Fun with no drama. Fun with no violence. Fun with no regrets.

“Shots!” JJ walks up to everyone with a plate of shots.

“Whoo!” We all shout before taking them down.

“You’re looking really hot tonight,” JJ whispers to me while the music is loud and everyone else is dancing.

“You too.” I lick my lips and take down another shot. “Wanna dance?”

“Well…” He lifts his crutch.

“Bummer.” I leave him smiling and go back to the dance floor after taking another shot. “Whoo!”

“Whoo!” Everyone shouts back.

I feel my body heating up. Sweat is dripping. The air feels thick and warm. Everyone’s rubbing up against each other. John B and Sarah and rubbing up very close. Taylor and Pope are getting closer. Kiara is laughing on the side with JJ. I feel my body slowing down. I look around and notice the smiles on everyone. Everyone just seems so happy. It just seems so easy for them.

When I look over to the sun beginning to set I see him once more. He’s just standing on the water, smiling. Something with the combination of seeing him, the alcohol, and all the dancing hits me. My legs just buckle. My knees smack the ground hard, a boom vibrating through the air.

Everyone suddenly stops what they’re doing and look at me. I can see their faces. It’s a look of pity. A look that I’ve always feared. They’re looking at me like I’m crazy. Then I feel the water running down my face. I start rubbing my face. I’m crying. Why the fuck am I crying. Sarah starts walking to me. She gets to her knees. She saying something, but I can’t hear her. Taylor comes behind her. They’re looking at each other and saying something, but all I hear is some sort of ringing.

“I’m good.” I just stand up, everyone’s eyes following me. “I’m good.” I walk over to where the drinks are, grab a bottle of vodka, and just walk down below and into the bedroom.

I take a seat and a massive chug of the vodka. Right in front of me, he stands. He’s just smiling that stupid smile. Seeing him makes me want to break things. It makes me want to cry. I want to scream till I lose my voice.

“Parker…” JJ walks in and he vanishes.

“What?” I take another swig of the vodka.

“You okay?”

“Why does everyone always ask me that?”

“I just…”

“Stop it!” I stand up. “Stop being so fuckin’ nice! It’s annoying!”


“Um…? Um…? Just stop it! You don’t want to be friends with me! You don’t want to be around me! No one does!”

“That’s not true.” JJ tries walking up to me.

“Stop!” I take a large chug of the vodka. “Fuck off!”

“No.” He just stands there looking ridiculous.

“Why can’t you realize I’m fucked up? Why can’t you realize I’m dangerous?”

“You’re not. Trust me. I’ve had bad shit in my life. I’ve done fucked up things. But we move past it. We grow. We do better.”

“Oh my god.” I interrupt him. “Stop with the stupid hallmark movie bullshit. You fuckin’ loser.” I step up to him, taking a sip of the vodka. “You don’t know me. You can’t even begin to think of the shit I’ve been through.”

“Then tell me. Tell me everything.”

“You want to know?” I laugh. “I wish I could just sit and tell you everything. It’s a fucking novella. It’s the fuckin’ Odyssey.”

“I’ve got time.”

“Well, I don’t. I don’t have time for your bullshit. Your happy feely crap.” I try walking past him, but he grabs my arm.

“Get the fuck off me!” I push him back and onto the bed. “Stop trying to help me! Stop it!”

“I won’t.” He stands up.

“Fuck! Fine! Maybe if you know just what I am you’ll finally stop this nonsense!” I take a large chug of the vodka. “So… abusive dad. Months ago there was an accident. All my fault. Mom died. Dad got more abusive. More of a drunk. Then I snapped when he threw my mom’s ashes. I hit him. I hit him so many times that he died. And now I’m here living with his mom.” JJ just stares at me. “I told you. Fucked up. Now you see why you should stay away from me? I’m a fuckin’ killer!”

“Parker…” He moves towards me and I feel this sudden sense of Deja Vu.

“No!” I push him back, his head his the wall hard. “Don’t touch me! Don’t ever touch me!” Everything starts to get blurry around me.

Things start to get like before. My chest is tightening. My muscles are tightening. My heart is racing. My stomach is flipping. I quickly take one last chug of the vodka before it’s empty and throw it onto the bed.

“Parker!” JJ walks to me, grabbing his head.

“NO!” I turn away and leave the room.

I make it up to the top and grab the first bottle of alcohol I find. Immediately everyone starts to stare at me. I can see them judging me. I take a large chug of the bottle and just start dancing to the music. The others stop dancing, but I won’t… I can’t. I move my body up and down. I move around in circles. I keep taking swigs of the bottle. Everything begins to get blurry. My head feels light. Everything is just off. Everything is wrong.

I see JJ walk up top and to Sarah. I stop dancing as I see him whisper into Sarah’s ear. She just looks over at me.

“What’d you say?” I walk up to them. “What the fuck did you just tell her?”

“Nothing.” JJ looks scared.

“What? Now you’re scared of me? And now you’re warning everyone? What fuckin’ bullshit! What about that stupid shit that you’d be fine no matter what I told you? Was it all just some fuckin’ lie?”

“No… Parker…” I look around and everyone is getting freaked out.

“Just stop it!” I feel everything closing in on me. “Fine! Fine! Fine!” Tears start rolling down my face. “You all wanna know who I really am?”

“You don’t…” JJ starts.

“Oh but I do! You’re going to tell them! I might as well get it all out there. Make it easier for you!” I take a very large swig of the bottle. “I’m a killer! I fuckin’ killed my dad. Beat him up so bad his brain just stopped. And now the courts have ordered me to stay with my dad’s mom who still thinks he was a saint even though he would beat me daily since I was five.” I just start laughing. “He was psycho, yet they think I am. They don’t even know about the time he put my hand in boiling water because he didn’t want me making pasta. Fuckin’ pasta! I was ten!” I start running my hands through my hair, everything around me feels like it’s getting closer. “And that’s just my dad’s death! Should I bring up my moms?” I see Kiara and Taylor starting to tear up, holding each other. “She died just six months ago. All because I had to fight back with my dad. She lost control. We went right into an 18 fuckin’ wheeler! She died and I got to take the blame until I lost it.” I take a deep breath in, my entire body aching. “You happy now?” I look to JJ, who, like everyone else, looks scared and worried.

“Pa…” JJ, tears going down his face, tries to speak.

“No.” I feel myself calming. “I’m done.” The sadness starts to hit like a tidal wave.

I just walk to the side of the boat and jump onto the dock. I look back and everyone’s looking at me.

“I tried.” Tears start rolling down my face. “I really tried.”

Then I walk away. I just start walking down the dirt road. I hear someone shouting my name, but I don’t look back. I just keep walking. I walk into the darkness without a second thought. The tears eventually stop a few miles later. I see no one. I see no car. I just walk. In no specific direction either.

I don’t think about anything. I just walk. My mind is too tired to think. It just feels empty at this point.

“Parker?” I feel my bones rattle and nearly jump out of my skin when I realize a car has pulled over to the side and right next to me. “Parker?” I look into the car and see Rafe. “You need a ride?” I can’t even focus on him.

“Sure.” At this point, why not?

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