Goodmorning Sunshine (2023)

when I was editing my blog and I decided to put requests in my ask box, I literally thought no one would ever request. So I really appreciate you. It means the world to me that you think of me.

sleepy!reader x jj name a better duo<33

pouges x platonic reader :)

word count: 1,935

a/n: I haven’t posted any of my writings in months, I had every intention of fulfilling requests in a timely matter. I started them as soon as I got them. Lots of things did come up in my personal life where I just couldn’t write. I have a ton of WIPS. I hope to get back to them soon. Thanks for being patient, and I’m sorry this took so long.


Your cheek was pressed against the back of your hand as you slept. The afternoon air surrounding the château was warm as you napped. You were peacefully sleeping as the rest of the pogues talked quietly on the porch.

JJ stood leaning against the wall talking. When a particularly loud laugh or shout would occur JJ would shoot his friends a glare. Because obviously his girl was just inside, and she needed her beauty sleep.

Your glasses were still on during your slumber. They were disheveled and pressed on the bridge of your nose and near your eyebrows.

Sarah came in through the screen door to use the bathroom when it slammed shut. She cringed with her eyes crinkled shut. She carefully opened one eye and glanced at you as you whined and started mumbling.

“shit shit shit.” Sarah muttered.

“I’m sorry y/n.” she whispered and speeded down the hall.

You took all the sleepy strength you had in you to sit up. You palmed over your face causing your glasses to fall off over your head and land somewhere on the mattress. You frowned staring off into space when John B came in looking for another pack of beers.

“Oh no! who woke the princess?” John B smiled.

“Shut shut UP!” you grunted as you threw your pillow at him.

“Where’s-” you began. To no surprise, as your first thought after your slumber tends to only be of him.

“Don’t worry your boy is right outside, ok?”

You only nodded slowly in reply and squinted around the dimly lit room in search of your person.

When Sarah and John B returned to the porch they all start giving JJ worried looks and shifty eyes.

“What?” he asks.

“What did you do?” Kie asks frowning at Sarah.

JJ’s body tenses and whips his head around at your entrance. His body came off from against the brick wall to face your direction.

You struggle at first with the screen door, then with a grunt, it swings open. And there you are making your way towards him and mumbling how your gonna take care of Sarah later.

It was almost zombie-like, the efforts you made to get to him. You hung your head low, pushing past the rest of the pogues and sauntering over, arms swinging at the ready.

JJ watched with adoration at your sleepy figure. It was an almost dive into his chest. You came stumbling over to him. Your face found home on his shoulder as you smoothed your arms around him.

Without hesitation, he wrapped his arms around you. Like he always does. He watched as you sank into him and found shelter in his embrace.

“You gonna say hello, or just make a pit stop here?” JJ asked as he ran a few fingers over your head of hair.

In response, you simply pushed your face into his collarbone and mumbled something along the lines of, “I found you.”

“Always been just right here.” JJ comforted.

You gave a weak hum in response, signaling you heard him. You started swaying a little in your hug. And he hugged you back a little tighter, holding you to him.

Kiara commented to the other pogues, “I thought she was going to be grumpy.”

“I don’t know, she looks pretty content in JJ’s arms,” Pope said making note of your peaceful demeanor.

Sarah who was expecting revenge smiled, “I mean look at them, It’s like they’re made for each other.”

You felt your body relax, and your breathing started to get slower. The sun was shining on you and you felt safe. Safe leaning against him.

JJ felt your change in movement. The way you melted into him.

“Are you sleeping on me?” he asked.

You lifted your face away from his neck, “I don’t know, I just-” you let out a sigh then continued, “need you. Needed to be close to you.”

He took your face from resting against him and gently held it in his hands. He looked into your eyes, gazing at them like you were his only priority.

You felt the measure of his stare, and squinted right back at him.

“Or your just really comfortable and I haven’t fully woken up from my nap.” you poked fun.

He stroked both your cheeks delicately with his thumbs. Then with one hand holding your cheek, he carefully moved his thumb up under your eye and up against your nose. The pad of his thumb brushed the bridge of your nose.

He put his tongue between his teeth as he concentrated.

He than took his other hand and using his index and middle finger smoothed over the red patch over your eyebrow.

It was JJs turn to bust out a laugh, “These from your glasses?” He questioned smoothing over the red indents on your skin.

You whined and pushed your forehead into his shoulder, “Stop it, I was sleeping” you grumbled.

He bent down and placed a kiss to your nose, causing you to scrunch your face.

You stood up straight in his hold, moving your arms to be tossed around his neck. You bumped your nose with his. You rubbed them together and whispered over his lips, “how about another?”

JJ lips turned upwards in a ghost of a smirk, before he slowly placed them on yours. You both smiled into the kiss. It was slow and sleepy and you felt sparks.

One of JJs hands moved up and slid into your hair, cradling your head. As yours stayed loosely around his neck. JJs other hand gripped your waist.

Before the kiss could go any deeper, John B threw a empty beer can that nearly hit the two of you. It hit the wall you and your boyfriend were nearly making out on with a loud smack. It then spun around and landed by your feet.

“Hey lovebirds! Quit it will you, we don’t wanna watch you suck your faces off!” John B shouted.

You turned around and shot daggers at John B. You were about to respond when JJ beat you to it.

“Oh John B your one to talk, don’t act like you don’t mack on Sarah any chance you get. We always have to watch.” JJ then proceeded to raise his middle finger at John B.

John B was about to resort when Kiara stepped in, “It’s true, you and Sarah do it more than them.”

Sarah gasped while you smirked at her, “ha.”

“I’d like to remind you that you and y/n just committed the crime of public displays of affection.” Pope voiced and directed the attention back to JJ.

JJ put his hands up in defense, “Alright my bad, I admit it. The PDA police got me, take me away officer.” He then put his wrist together and held them out towards Pope.

You laughed at JJ and his antics. Truth be told he’d do anything to make you laugh and to see your pretty smile. He was in heaven with you grinning at him like that.

“You’d go to jail for me?” you questioned softly.

He turned to you and nodded his head before he turned back to Pope and called out, “Pope! Am I under arrest?”

Pope looked around, “Yes you are, and I have three witnesses to prove it.”

Sarah leaned her head on John Bs shoulder as she laughed and Kiara smiled at Pope.

“And my girl? She ain’t going to jail. She didn’t do anything. She’s innocent, innocent I say!” JJ continued spewing testaments. That he would go to jail for you, even if a kiss was a two-person crime.

Pope got up from his seat to go mimic taking away JJ.

“Alright, If I’m going to jail anyway gotta make it worthwhile,” JJ spoke in a much more calm matter.

He went to where you stood watching him with hearts in your eyes and planted a kiss on your lips. He then trailed up to your cheeks. He kissed your nose twice and peppered more kisses on your forehead and chin.

He held your face as you giggled and gasped out of breath “JJ! Stop please. JJ! I mean it.”

JJ did let up on peppering your face with kisses when he kissed your lips one last time, and went down to your neck and left one single kiss there.

“JJ” you warned as his breath fanned over your neck where he just kissed.

“Don’t” you pleaded, “Later.”

He reclined and became face to face with you, and he whispered so only you could hear, “You’d let me go to jail for a kiss on your lips, but you won’t let me give you a hickey in front of our best pals.”

You looked at his twinkling eyes, and reciprocated the same tension he was giving you. You bit your lip still staring at him and nodded.

“Later.” You whispered.

JJ cocked his head to the side and pursed his lips, “right” he answered.

Meanwhile, The others sipped their drinks and averted their eyes. They gave one another an eyebrow raise and a double glance from you and JJ and than back to each other.

Kiara jokingly rolled her eyes at the pair of you and went back to her conversation.

Sarah decided to get back to talking about your relationship, “I love them honestly.”

“Even when they get a lovey dovey?” Kiara questioned.

“Yeah, I thought she was going to come out here and tell me off for waking her up.” Sarah took a swig of her drink as she kept talking.

John B laughed.

“But she just made a beeline to him, and look at her. She so calm and relaxed.” Sarah finished declaring happiness for her besties.

“Although I am a little grossed out by their lovey dovey stuff as Kie calls it, I’ve never seen them so happy except when their together.” Pope said providing his input.

“Couple of fools in love, if i ever saw it.” John B commented.

“A pogue in love with a kook, If i ever saw you and Sarah,” Kie spoke directed at John B.

“Ouch. I guess I deserve that.” John B got knocked down a peg.

“Excuse me,” Sarah exclaimed. She started throwing her chips at Kiara.

Kie just laughed. “I’m only joking. Cut it out.” throwing her hands and legs up to dodge the attack.

John B stood up for her, “She can be a pogue at heart.”

Sarah gave him a tight-lipped smile and showed him, love, through her eyes.

“It’s really hard to hate them when I hear the way y/n talks about him,” Kie mentioned

“What really what does she say?” Pope questioned.

“Yeah, sometimes I forget she’s talking about JJ when she opens up to us” Sarah added.

You had confided in your best girlfriends Kie and Sarah as they usually want the juicy details.

Kie nonchalantly replied to Pope, “Just that she’s in love with him, and she’s never met someone that loves her like he does.”

Pope glanced at you and JJ standing up and having your own conversation. Your arms were tangled around his torso and you gazed up at him like he hung the stars in the sky.

JJ was smiling as he talked to you. He knew his friends were having their own conversation, probably about him. However, he didn’t think to join in, maybe later. Right now he was with you. The only person he could ever need, ever love. His person. You.

Pope looked back towards the group, “I believe it.”

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