How to Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in Georgia in 2022 | (2022)

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  • Banks of Georgia in 2022: 12 Years Without Bankruptcies
  • Deposit Insurance in Georgia in 2022
  • Why Should a Non-Resident Open a Personal Account with a Bank in Georgia in 2022?
  • How to Open a Personal Bank Account in Georgia in 2022

There are many reasons why foreigners are interested in opening an account with a bank in Georgia in 2022.

  • First, it will help them facilitate and speed up settlements within the country.
  • Second, we all know that it is more profitable to use payment instruments issued by the banks of the country where you are based to pay for services and withdraw cash.
  • Third, banking services in Georgia are cheaper than in European and CIS countries.
  • And most importantly, the country has all the qualities of an onshore jurisdiction!
How to Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in Georgia in 2022 | (1)

Georgia offers very good conditions for conducting export-oriented business: low taxes, easy company registration process, and high reliability of the banking system. With all that in mind, many far-sighted non-residents decide to take advantage of this option and open a bank account in Georgia.

Banks of Georgia in 2022: 12 Years Without Bankruptcies

The security and stability of the Georgian banking system plays an important role in the decision to open an account here, especially for non-residents. Prudent people never opt for a bank unless they have sufficient evidence that their money is reliably protected and will not be transferred to an unknown destination or put under any threat.

Today, it is absolutely safe to open an account with Georgian banks as they all have a high level of capitalization and have demonstrated their reliability over many years. As of February 2022, there are 14 banks in Georgia, including 13 with foreign shareholders and only 1 bank fully owned by Georgian shareholders (the Bank of Georgia).

The number of bank branches as of February 2022 is 154. During 2021, their number decreased by 6, which is connected with optimization of costs due to the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy. However, this is the same number of bank branches that was functioning as of April 2020.

The banking system in Georgia has been showing a positive result for several years in a row, and its profit has been growing steadily. The last period when the banks sustained losses was 2009: the Georgian banking system declared a loss of 65.3 million GEL. However, it quickly bounced back and posted a profit of 156.27 million GEL a year later.

In the first year of the coronavirus, the Georgian banking system suffered significant losses (as probably the majority of businesses), but still managed to end financial year 2020 with a positive result (+99.3 million GEL). And in 2021, the total profit of Georgian banks exceeded the pre-crisis 2019 indicators by 54% (equaling 2.08 billion GEL).

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In the first two months of 2022, the profit of Georgian banks amounted to 303.3 million GEL, which is 23.6% more than in the same period of 2021.

Stable returns in the banking sector naturally attract foreign investment in this area. If we look at the volume of investments received in 2021, the Financial Sector of Georgia occupies a leading position (38.5%), followed by the Tourism and Hospitality (20.0%) and Energy (13.6%).

How to Open a Non-Resident Bank Account in Georgia in 2022 | (2)

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Deposit Insurance in Georgia in 2022

The deposit insurance system in the country was initiated relatively recently (on January 1, 2018). It followed the adoption of the relevant legislation, marking a positive step towards increasing the confidence and stability of the Georgian banking sector.

Thanks to the system launched in 2018, residents and non-residents can open an account with a bank in Georgia without fear to lose their money altogether when the bank goes bankrupt. However, the insurance system is still at its budding stage as it protects deposits in all Georgian banks only within the amount of 15,000 GEL (~$4,600). Deposit insurance law covers all types of deposits, current accounts, card accounts, term deposits and demand deposits.

Absolutely all Georgian banks are members of the deposit insurance system, so non-residents can open a personal account in Georgia in any of them without fear for their assets. And though the amount is relatively modest at the moment, we expect it to gradually increase. And, to end on a positive note, no Georgian bank has gone bankrupt in the last 10 years!

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It should be noted that the following deposits are not subject to insurance:

  • deposits access to which is limited by the legislation of Georgia (seizure of property, or deposits used as a loan collateral)
  • deposits made by legal entities
  • deposits made by the management of commercial banks
  • deposits made by the bank shareholders that own 5% of shares and more, and their family members

Why Should a Non-Resident Open a Personal Account with a Bank in Georgia in 2022?

As the position of the Georgian jurisdiction in the field of international business is getting stronger and stronger (the country has been in the TOP-10 of Doing Business ranking for two years in a row), it attracts business people from all over the world, and especially those from neighboring countries. The main advantages of the Georgian jurisdiction include:

  • simple company registration process: foreigners can set up a company in Georgia and start a business within 1 day. However, they almost never venture to do it on their own as there are two major obstacles here: knowledge of the Georgian language and a legal address they need to confirm. Fortunately, we have local agents who will easily help to overcome such difficulties.
  • loyal tax system and tax benefits: the Georgian fiscal system is rightfully considered to be the best one in the region. Foreigners get a real opportunity to reduce the tax burden by registering an enterprise in the Free Industrial Zone of Georgia, creating an IT firm in the Virtual Zone, or opening an International Company.
  • free access to the markets with more than 1 billion consumers for the producers licensed to sell under Made in Georgia label
  • a large number of double taxation agreements and visa-free access for citizens from more than 100 countries. In addition, foreigners can stay in the territory of Georgia for 1 year without the need to apply for a visa.

The services provided by Offshore Pro Group will help you to significantly simplify the process of creating a legal entity in Georgia and save your time and resources.

Foreigners that open a personal account in a Georgian bank in 2022 will be able to do the following:

  • credit their salary, dividends and other income to the account, including from other countries and electronic payment systems
  • simplify the settlements within the country: a non-resident that opens a personal account with a bank in Georgia receives a plastic card of the international payment system, which can be conveniently used to make purchases in supermarkets or on the Internet, or withdraw cash
  • purchase real estate in Georgia
  • make payments to participants of the privatization auction in Georgia
  • credit money from cryptocurrency exchanges
  • make bank transfers in Georgia remotely

There is one more benefit for non-residents that open an account with a Georgian bank in 2022: they will be able to accelerate payments for goods and services. After all, transfers from other countries usually need to wait for several days, while a personal account with a bank in Georgia allows you to instantly transfer money.

Open a Bank Account in Georgia for a Non-Resident in 2022: Related Services

A foreign businessman that has a personal account in a Georgian bank gets the opportunity to use other banking services:

  • charge free money on the deposit account
  • receive a debit payment card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express
  • get a credit card
  • obtain a loan against a deposit
  • receive and send money transfers
  • use online banking services
  • open a multi-currency account
  • change the currency

Also, foreigners can use premium packages of banking services, which include high interest rates on deposits, the issue of premium payment cards, an increased credit limit, a 24-hour concierge service, and individual service.

Open a Personal Bank Account in Georgia in 2022: Advantages for Non-Residents

A foreigner that opens an account with a leading Georgian bank in 2022 receives a lot of advantages:

  • settlements with Georgian partners, as well as payment for goods and services, are accelerated
  • commissions are reduced as the cost of financial services in Georgian banks is significantly lower than in the EU and many CIS countries
  • high quality of service at an acceptable price: premium packages for individuals in Georgian banks are quite affordable
  • the ability to remotely access accounts from anywhere in the world through online banking systems: Georgian banks actively use mobile and online banking
  • no language barrier: most banks have employees who understand and speak Russian, English, French, Turkish and other languages
  • no specific minimum balance on the account: Georgian banks do not require their customers to keep a certain amount on their personal account at all times
  • increased level of confidentiality: foreigners that open a personal account with a bank in Georgia can rest assured that the information about cash flow will not reach the fiscal authorities of other countries. This is because Georgia is not yet a full-fledged participant of the CRS financial data exchange system. The first exchange of data is planned for 2023, and the country that will start the ball rolling is Germany.

A foreigner who has a personal account with a bank in Georgia receives more freedom of settlement in the country and benefits from a high level of funds protection. Moreover, the requirements applied to customers are much less stringent than in the European banks (for example, mandatory minimum balance to be kept on the account).

How to Open a Personal Bank Account in Georgia in 2022

Georgian banks are quite loyal to foreigners. However, in 2021 local financial institutions began to actively implement the AML/CTF rules. In this regard, the procedure for opening accounts by non-residents in Georgia has become more complicated.

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Now all potential customers are required to go through KYC procedures and confirm:

  • the purpose of account opening
  • sources of origin of money and assets
  • payment of all taxes on profits received

In connection with the above, non-residents will not be able to open an account in Georgia in 2022 with a foreign passport only, though it was quite possible a few years ago.

A non-resident usually has to submit the following documents to open an account with a Georgian bank:

  • bank statement for the last six months
  • a letter of recommendation from the servicing bank
  • earnings statement
  • marital status documents (marriage/birth certificate, etc.)
  • documents that confirm ownership of assets
  • contracts of lease or sale of real estate in Georgia
  • documents confirming participation in the capital of a Georgian company
  • employment contract

You will also need other documents that make it possible to find out where the money will come from and its origin, as well as the existence of links with Georgia. The above list is not final as the documents that banks require depend on the client’s individual characteristics.

Before you contact the bank, we strongly recommend you to schedule a meeting with our experts via online chat, WhatsApp, Signal, or through other messengers to get advice and assistance in opening an account. This will save you a lot of time and money and allow you to considerably simplify opening an account with a bank in Georgia.

We recommend that foreigners open a personal bank account with Bank of Georgia or TBC Bank. These two financial institutions control more than 70% of the country’s banking market and take the leading positions in the Georgian banking system by absolutely all important indicators: the size of the loan and deposit portfolio, the amount of assets and profits, and the number of branches.

It is common among Georgian banks to issue a payment card and provide access to online banking for customers. Thus, you will have a possibility to remotely control your cash flows and withdraw cash at ATMs around the world at any time. A personal account is often opened in several currencies at once, which makes it easier for a non-resident to make transfers.

Immediately after opening an account in Georgia, a non-resident or his proxy receives a contract for servicing the bank account. The document specifies the rights and obligations of the parties, service rates, and contains the account details. Georgia has adopted the international format of the IBAN bank account that consists of 22 characters and begins with the letters “GE”. The use of an international format speeds up transactions between foreign and Georgian banks.

An account in Georgia is one of the most affordable and simple instruments for those who want to access the international financial system and easily pay for the goods and services abroad. Send us a request to or contact us via live chat, WhatsApp, Signal, or other messengers, and we will help you open a personal bank account in Georgia in 2022.


Can non-resident open bank account in Georgia? ›

There are no restrictions for non-residents to open bank accounts in Georgia. You just need to fill in certain application and provide some requested documents about source of your income, purpose of opening a bank account, any association with politically active people, etc.

Can I open a bank account in Georgia remotely? ›

A bank account in Georgia can be opened remotely – no need to travel to Georgia to visit the bank in person. All you need is a Power of Attorney from a local notary office sent to us by mail together with a copy of your passport, also notarized. The bank doesn't even require a minimum initial deposit to the account.

What is needed to open a bank account in Georgia? ›

The documents needed to open a bank account for most types of companies in Georgia in 2022 are:
  1. - the bank's application form for opening the bank account;
  2. - proof of registration with the Public Registry;
  3. - sample signatures for all the company's authorized persons and copies of their ID cards;
16 Feb 2022

Can I open a bank account in the US if I am not a resident? ›

Is It Possible to Open a US Bank Account Online as a Non-Resident? No. Most US banks will require non-residents to apply for an account in person. That means you have to travel to the US and walk into a bank branch to set up your account.

How do I open a nonresident account? ›

You can open a non-resident account online through My Account, My Business Account or Represent a client. Once you have logged in, select “Open a non-resident tax account” from the menu.

Who may open a non-resident account? ›

Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Rupee Account can be opened and maintained by an NRI, PIO or Foreign National with an Authorised Dealer for the purpose of putting through bona fide transactions denominated in Indian Rupees not involving any violation of the provisions of FEMA, rules and Regulations made there under.

Can I open a bank account in the States online? ›

You can apply online for a checking account if you're 18 years or older and a legal U.S. resident. You'll need the following information: Your Social Security number. A valid, government-issued photo ID like a driver's license, passport or state or military ID.

Can I open an account without an address? ›

Some US banks have an international presence, such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC, etc. They will let you open a bank account even if you don't have a U.S. address.

What's the easiest online bank account to open? ›

We rate Revolut as the easiest bank account to open online in 2022. It gives you a full online checking account within normally just minutes!

Which bank is the best in Georgia country? ›

Commercial banks
1TBC BankTbilisi
2Bank of GeorgiaTbilisi
3Liberty Bank (Georgia)Tbilisi
4Basis BankTbilisi
11 more rows

Is it safe to open a bank account in Georgia? ›

Deposit insurance law covers all types of deposits, current accounts, card accounts, term deposits and demand deposits. Absolutely all Georgian banks are members of the deposit insurance system, so non-residents can open a personal account in Georgia in any of them without fear for their assets.

What type of documents do you need to open a bank account? ›

Acceptable Forms of ID for Banks
  1. Driver's license.
  2. REAL ID card.
  3. DoD ID card (also known as Department of Defense ID Card)
  4. Passport/Passport card.
  5. Social security card.
  6. Birth certificate.

Which US Bank is best for non residents? ›

8 Best Banks for Non-US Citizens
  • HSBC.
  • Citi.
  • Bank of America.
  • Capital One.
  • Chase.
  • Charles Schwab Bank.
  • Wells Fargo.
  • Wise.
17 Nov 2022

Can you have a US bank account without a US address? ›

You must be living in the U.S. to open your account. You'll need to provide both a foreign and U.S. address, as well as two forms of ID and a tax identification number.

Which bank is best for foreigners? ›

Here are NerdWallet's picks for best banks for international travel:
  • Charles Schwab Bank: Best for using ATMs.
  • Capital One 360: Best on foreign transaction fees.
  • HSBC Bank: Best for expats with high balances.
  • Citibank: Best for wiring money.
  • Revolut: Best for nonbank multicurrency account.
19 Aug 2022

What are the three different types of non-resident account? ›

NRIs in India can open three types of accounts: NRE (Non-Resident External Account), NRO (Non-Resident Ordinary Account), and FCNR (Foreign Currency Non-Resident) bank accounts.

What is non-resident account? ›

An NRI Account refers to the accounts opened by a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) with a bank or financial institution which is authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to provide various services.

What is a non-resident external account? ›

NRE stands for a Non-Resident External. An NRE Account is a rupee-denominated accounts that NRIs can open. They can use the NRE account to deposit their foreign currency earnings.

How do I get a non-resident account number? ›

You will need to set up an NR account number if you've never remitted non-resident income tax deductions. You can do this by contacting the CRA at 1-855-284-5946. The CRA can set it up over the phone and also tell you how to remit your deductions.

Can you open a bank account in a country you don't live in? ›

We're here to help!

Fortunately, opening a bank account in a foreign country is totally possible — and totally legal, as long as you're not doing so for tax evasion purposes. However, it may take a few more steps than opening a domestic account would.

Who are non-resident individuals? ›

If he / she is in India for a period of 60 days or more during the previous year and 365 days or more during 4 years immediately preceding the previous year. An individual who does not satisfy both the conditions as mentioned above will be treated as Non-Resident in that previous year.

Which bank open account instantly? ›

Instant account opening is easy with HDFC Bank. All you need is a working mobile number, Aadhaar number and a PAN number to open an account.

What do I need to open a bank account in another state? ›

What you need to open a bank account
  1. A valid, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license or a passport. ...
  2. Other basic information, such as your birthdate, Social Security number or Taxpayer Identification Number, or phone number.
  3. An initial deposit is required by some banks, too.
16 Feb 2022

Which banks allow online account opening? ›

Almost all the banks offer online account opening like State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and other banks.

What bank account can I open without proof of address? ›

You can open an account with an e-money account provider with no proof of address. To open an account to manage your finances otherwise known as a bank account, you now only need proof of ID using either a valid driving license, passport or National ID card.

Can I open a bank account with a virtual address? ›

The U.S. federal banking regulations require all bank accounts to have a registered real physical address.

Which bank does not require SSN? ›

Here are some banks and credit unions that don't require you to have an SSN to open an account: Bank of America. Chase. Wells Fargo.

Can I open a bank account online without going in person? ›

Yes, you can open a bank account completely online, without ever going into a bank branch. With a completely online bank or account, you can also do all your account management online.

What banks will let you open an account for free? ›

Bankrate's picks for the top free checking accounts
  • NBKC Bank, Everything Account: 1.01% APY; $0 minimum opening deposit.
  • Ally Bank, Interest Checking Account: 0.10%-0.25% APY; $0 minimum opening deposit.
  • FNBO Direct, Online Checking Account: 0.15% APY; $1 minimum opening deposit.
31 Oct 2022

What is a second chance bank account? ›

What is a second-chance checking account? Second-chance bank accounts are typically called that because they offer customers the ability to get a bank account after they may have been rejected for an account at a major bank. These accounts typically have lower minimum requirements and lower limits.

Are there any US banks in Georgia? ›

There are no U.S. banks with branches in Georgia, though most Georgian banks have correspondent accounts with U.S. banks.

What bank should I use in Georgia? ›

8 Best Banks in Georgia
  • Chase.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union.
  • Bank of America.
  • Wells Fargo.
  • Wings Financial.
  • Fifth Third.
  • PNC.
  • First Citizens.
19 Sept 2022

What bank serves all 50 states? ›

Chime. Chime is an online bank and a member of the Allpoint ATM network. This means that Chime customers have fee-free access to more than 60,000 ATMs in all 50 states.

Why cant I open a bank account with any bank? ›

Why can't I open a bank account? A bank can deny your request to open an account because of past accounts that were closed due to negative balances, a history of overdrafts or problems verifying your identity.

Where is the safest place to open a bank account? ›

  • Switzerland is a notorious worldwide standard for financial safe-havens.
  • Americans may be surprised to learn they can open offshore accounts in Germany (albeit at low-interest rates), which has topped the list of the world's safest banks.

What is a safe amount of money to have in checking account? ›

The general rule of thumb is to try to have one or two months' of living expenses in it at all times. Some experts recommend adding 30 percent to this number as an extra cushion. To determine your exact living expenses, track your spending over several months, including all bills and discretionary spending.

Why would I be denied a bank account? ›

Reasons You May Have Been Denied a Checking Account

Too many past bounced checks or overdrafts. Unpaid fees or negative balances from a current or closed account. Suspected fraud or identity theft. Too many accounts applied for over a short amount of time.

Can you open a bank account without documents? ›

You typically almost must provide some form of identification in order to open a bank account. If you live in California and have a driver's license through the AB-60 program, you can use your driver's license as a form of identification. You also can use an unexpired passport, consular ID card, or birth certificate.

How much money can you have in your bank account without being taxed? ›

A deposit over $10k is the amount to consider; amounts under that threshold may not have to be reported. There's a catch, though: If a customer makes several small cash payments or deposits within a 12-month window, filing Form 8300 might have to be done should the payments or deposits exceed $10,000.

How do I get a US bank account without a social security number? ›

You are not required to have a social security number to open a checking or savings account. To open a checking or savings account, the bank or credit union will need to verify your name, date of birth, address, and ID number.

Is Wells Fargo closing accounts for non residents? ›

Wells Fargo has announced that it is closing accounts for non-U.S. residents, including the accounts of their many American expat clients. Creative Planning has assisted Wells Fargo international clients transition their accounts to our management.

Can I open a bank account if I don't live in the US? ›

To open a bank account as a non-resident, you'll usually need the following documents¹: Proof of address with contact information and personal details. Two forms of ID — Passport and government-issued ID or valid driver's license. Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

How do you get a US address to open a bank account? ›

Proof of address: Utility bills, bank or credit card statements, lease agreements, or mortgage statements that list the address of a US residence will usually suffice. Social service number: This is usually Social Security Number (SSN) or a Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

How can I open a foreign bank account online? ›

A foreign bank account remote opening can be done in different ways:
  1. during a video interview with a banker plus the online submission of documents;
  2. by sending documents by post or courier;
  3. on an in-person visit to a local office of the foreign bank in the country of residence;
11 May 2022

What is the safest international bank? ›

World's safest banks
2Zürcher KantonalbankSwitzerland
3Landwirtschaftliche RentenbankGermany
6 more rows

Is Wells Fargo an international bank? ›

Services around the world

Wells Fargo does not have offices outside of the U.S. that provide services to consumer or small business customers. For assistance with your accounts when traveling internationally, refer to our international access codes for phone numbers, or visit our travel resource center.

Can foreigner open bank account in Tbilisi? ›

You just need to show your company documents together with your passport. In summary, opening a bank account in Georgia as a foreigner is a remarkably simple exercise compared to most countries in the world.

What is a Georgia nonresident? ›

Nonresidents are individuals who are not residents of Georgia at any time during the year but have income subject to taxation in Georgia. In the residency status section of the Georgia individual tax return (Georgia Form 500), the taxpayer will indicate they are a Nonresident.

How can I open a bank account from India in GA? ›

None of these documents are required to be Georgian, including your address.
What documents are necessary for a foreigner to open a bank account?
  1. Passport and copies.
  2. Application form.
  3. Sample of signature.
  4. Proof of address.
21 Sept 2017

Which country is the easiest to open a bank account? ›

Generally, Belize is considered one of the easiest countries to have a bank account. The reason behind the popularity of Belize is its stability. To begin with, Belize's offshore banking system is among the most stable in the world based on its liquidity rates.

How long can a foreigner stay in Georgia? ›

TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: Not required for stays of 365 days or less.

Can you open a bank account in another country if you don't live there? ›

We're here to help!

Fortunately, opening a bank account in a foreign country is totally possible — and totally legal, as long as you're not doing so for tax evasion purposes. However, it may take a few more steps than opening a domestic account would.

How does Georgia tax non residents? ›

If a nonresident works in Georgia, he/she is taxed on all income that is received from an employer, including vacation, holiday, and sick pay, based on regulation 560-7-8-. 01(b)(1), unless he/she falls under the 5% exception of Georgia code section 48-7-1(11)(A). Georgia regulation 560-7-8-.

What is considered proof of residency in Georgia? ›

Two Documents showing Georgia residency - where you live (e.g. utility bill, phone bill). These documents must show a street address and be dated within the past six (6) months. Non-Citizens - must provide proof of identity and/or lawful status.

How long can I live in Georgia without being a resident? ›

You are considered a Georgia resident for tax purposes if: You are a legal resident of Georgia on December 31. You reside in Georgia on a permanent or regular basis and live in the state on December 31. You have been living in Georgia for 183 days (or part days) in the last year.

Can a foreigner open a bank account in Chase? ›

Banks and Credit Unions That Accept Alternative IDs

Many large banks in the U.S. accept alternative IDs from a non-U.S. citizen trying to open an account. These include Bank of America, Chase, TD Bank, US Bank and Wells Fargo. Some credit unions also accept alternative forms of ID.

What is a non resident bank account? ›

Non-resident means a person whose normal place of residence or domicile is outside of the CMA (Common Monetary Area). The Common Monetary Area consisits of Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland. If you have a valid work, study, retirement or spousal permit, you may qualify for a Temporary Resident Account.

Can I open a Wells Fargo account in another state? ›

Yes. Wells Fargo checking and savings customers can open accounts in any state. View our checking and savings options to see what accounts are available.

Do I have to tell my bank im going to another state? ›

If you don't give your credit card issuer a travel notice, the company won't know that you'll be making purchases in a new location. If the company starts to see charges on your credit card from a different state or country, it may flag these transactions as fraud.


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