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I love how easy it is to give fresh fruit to the babies that are just learning to feed themselves. It depends on what you put inside it if it will be messy.


Toledo ohio


This product is great in theory, not so much in practice. The netting is difficult to get clean and not worth the trouble. We only used it once and my son hated it. There are far better products on the market that service this purpose and are much easier to clean. I was surprised because we usually love Munchkin products.


Montpelier, ID


My son is now 9 months and he is teething. Teething, let me tell you, is horrible. I've tried everything. Wash clothes, clove oil, even out of despriteness tylenol. Nothing seemed to do it. I was recommened this product by two friends who have children. It works wonders. I put frozen fruit in it or even ice cubes. Its the only thing that stops the crying. And he LOVES it. The only issue I really have with the mesh is cleaning it out. I do wish it were a little easier. After I put a frozen banana in it and it gerts all mushy the mush is difficult to get out of the mesh. But overall I give it a 9. One less point for the cleaning part.Quality of IngredientsNicely made, great idea. I love that it has a handle on it so its almost like a rattle. Its easy for my son to grab and chew on.SafetyThis is a great product. There is no way for my son to get the mesh open and he can't choke on it. Choking is often something I fear when it comes to toys and teethers.




I was a big fan of these when my kids were little. The mesh feeder was a great solution to getting fresh fruits and vegetables into their little tummies. I will say that these are pretty messy. They are a little tricky to clean, but not too bad. I loved having the mesh feeder in the summer. It was so hot where I lived at that time. I could freeze a banana or other fruits and pop it in the feeder. It was like my baby was having an extra healthy popsicle. It worked great for the beginning stages of teething. I would recommend changing these out from time to time. They can get well used fast. I thought this product was worth the money. I would only use these at a high chair or outside though. It just gets really messy. It's a pretty decent price. I would say to give it a try if you haven't. It's a neat idea.Quality of IngredientsThe quality of ingredients are perfect because you are putting in what you feel is healthiest for your baby. There are no added ingredients. It's just pure and natural foods.SafetyThese are pretty safe. The closure could probably be a little better. I just would watch them while they are eating it. I didn't have any problems in the area of safety though.




My son loves his mesh feeder, but he would much rather just chew on the handle then try to eat anything out of it, it has gotten much more use that way. I think the design of the product leads you to want to keep the handle up rather then down to eat what is in the feeder. Also, while I love the concept of the feeder, in application it dose not work as well as hoped, chewing on the mesh bag just does not seem all that inviting, and ends up making a big mess when he does try. Usually when I give him the bag I end up holding it for him trying to entice him to eat what is in the bag, if he hold it himself he turns it upside down and chews on the handle and makes a big mess with whatever is in the bag.Quality of IngredientsIngredients are what you put inside, you can put anything you want in there, as long as it is not to large.SafetyI don't see any problems with the safety of this product. Nothing has been chewed off. It is a little awkward to close and open the top to put food in the mesh bag, but once it is closed I have never had a problem with it coming open on its own.




I was given a couple Munchkin Mesh Feeders by another mom whose little one had outgrown them. I admit they are a pain to clean because fruit gets pressed into every part of the mesh. The trick is to immediately empty and soak them after use, which is not fun. My least favorite chore is inverting the little cloth mesh sack an scraping it clean with my finger under running water before soaking it. I wouldn't even bother with them if my daughter didn't take so much enjoyment out of their use. Her face is pure joy when she sinks her drool gums into a piece of nectarine or peach. She absolutely adores it. In fact, it keeps her busy for hours! I also like to put an Ice Cube in the Munchkin Mesh Feeder for teething. The coolness soothes her gums, the melting water is harmlessly messy (and babies love messy!) and the baby can't choke on hard ice thanks to the mesh pouch. A great invention, really.




I didn't much like the Munchkin Mesh Feeders at first because they seemed to make a mess, and I didn't really feel my daughter was getting much of the fruit other than the juice. However, once she started teething, I completely changed my mind. I filled the Munchkin Mesh Feeder with frozen strawberries or blueberries (you can use any frozen fruit or vegetable that your child prefers), and gave it to my daughter to gnaw on. She definitely preferred this over other teething options because it had her favorite berry flavor. I liked it because I could give it to her, she could hold it and the crying would stop. Just be sure to put an apron or bib on your child first as it is a bit messy; but to help ease the pain of teething it is well worth any mess. I have bought these for several friends' children as I think it is a definite MUST HAVE item for whenever your child is teething.


Wake Forest, NC

When I first saw this product I was thrilled. I was excited that I would beable to introduce my baby to solid foods without having to worry about my little one choking. The first thing I tried in it was strawberries. My baby loved it! I just knew that we would get a ton of use out of it. After use I put it in the dishwasher and forgot about it. Then next day when I u loaded it I realized that it was still a mess, so I rinsed it off a bit and put it back in to wash again. To make a long story short, after 3 washes it was still disgusting. I tried cleaning it by hand but the bits of strawberry were impossible to get out. I tossed it out immediately afterwards. I just can't imagine that after anyone has this problem that they would continue using it. Keeping baby clean and free of germs is my number one priority and this feeder didn't work for me!Quality of IngredientsI think it is a very solid feeder, however the mesh is just impossible to work with.SafetyThe reason I bought this in the first place was because it seemed so safe, and it is. The top snaps shut making it almost impossible for baby to get large pieces and the mesh is so fine that all the really are able to get is a puréed fruit or veggie.




The Munchkin Mesh Feeder is a really good product, it gives you a good way to get really great nutrients from fresh foods to your baby and it also helps to get them into eating solid foods as well. There are a few minor issues with it but one of them is actually a good thing it's just kind of annoying. First off, it's really, really hard to get the mesh feeder to open up, which is a good thing though because you don't want your little one's to be able to open it up but you've just got to work a bit with it. The second minor issue I had with this mesh feeder was that it can sometimes be difficult to clean out, you have to make sure you get all of the food out of it right away or else it will be near impossible to get some foods out, especially banana.Quality of IngredientsThis is a very high quality product, I have had one for all of my children so far and I plan to get one with my youngest as well. The product is very sturdy and will stand up to being repeatedly used and being thrown around and chewed on by your young one's.SafetyThis product is extremely safe, I wouldn't give it to my child if I didn't trust it, and it really does last, I've never had any part of one of these mesh feeders come apart or look really warn or mess up in any way. They seem very safe to me.




I was so happy when I first purchased the Munchkin Mesh Feeder for my baby. Safety is very important in my home and for my baby. The idea of the mesh feeder is genius because it allows your baby to try new foods and textures with reduced risk of choking. It has a handle which is perfect for small hands that are learning to grasp and hold objects. The very first time I allowed my baby to use the Munchkin Mesh Feeder we put a few pieces of banana in it. The feeder and my baby quickly became a sticky mess. I wasn't terribly bothered by this, however I decided to only allow eating with the mesh feeder at home. The problems started when I attempted to clean the feeder. The banana was practically impossible to get out of the mesh. Even when I thought the mesh was completely cleaned, I still kept finding more banana. I promptly threw the unit away and purchased another one. This time I attempted to wash it in the dishwasher. The mesh came out discolored and still had food particles in it. With two failed attempts at cleaning the Munchkin Mesh Feeder, I finally gave up and quit using the product. I would not recommend the product to anyone.




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