PNC Bank - One North Robinson Avenue (Pen Argyl, PA) (2023)

Need my tevelore worth $1 billion

lacks diversity

Spotswood PNC branch closed by March 2022

PNC bank is owned by China. Fuck these cunts.

Phone keeps hanging up.

Totally incompetent

People are not knowledgeable

Need Phnoe Number !!!

NO one answering the phone.. called three times

This bank takes care of you

nobody is answering the phone...

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service

They don't answer their phone.





location does not exist anymore






Terribly slow EVERY time we come

Account info.

This branch is not closed

Fuck pnc bank


(Video) Bring Light To The Darkness of Cancer with Light The Night



Closed Account.

Closed Account.

Worse service EVER by Lauren & Kyle. This is the worst bank. Don't waste your time here.

poor customer service by Richard Broili.

PNC Bank, Dayton-Xenia Road, Beavercreek, Ohio. Refused deposits without cause.


Close early most days.

Hello there
It was very good and thank you for cervice

Joe Enwiya

Wow...I just read some of the reviews of PNC. I cannot believe we do our banking at the same banking institution! I have been with PNC, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware since the beginning....several years ago....and couldn't be happier with the product on especially the people that represent the bank. ANYTIME that I have had the occasion of needing assistance { small and incidental to large and complicated } there was always someone there, READY - WILLING - ABLE - and with a smile on their face.
I say THANK-YOU to PNC and all the staff that work in all the branches.


David Engel

Absolutely terrible service 9 out of 10 times I go to this bank and I am there every other day for work. You can spend an easy 10 to 15 minutes, at times, sitting in the drive thru. They should have tellers for the drive thru and tellers for the walk in, not share between the two. There is always different tellers, therefore, after going to this bank on a daily basis for 10 years, I still get asked my ID? Very annoying!

Are you able to deposit checks in the bank during after hours

I would like to thank William Baird, Vice president of the Jackson branch. He worked hard to help resolve an issue I had, and save me from making a 2 hr. Drive each way to clear up this issue. Again my heart felt thanks to William Baird.
Randall Smith

I would like to thank William Baird, Vice president of the Jackson branch. He worked hard to help resolve an issue I had, and save me from making a 2 hr. Drive each way to clear up this issue. Again my heart felt thanks to William Baird.
Randall Smith

I have never experienced such wonderful service at a bank branch. Thank you to all of the staff for being so welcoming to a person who just moved to Chesaning and knows nobody. Thank you!

I feel really disappointed and frustrated. After a fraudulent purchase someone from the bank called warning me of the amount pending. I ordered to stop the payment but they wouldn't. They said not to worry I had to go on a transaction dispute. So, that's what I did. It seems that I have lost the dispute and my money is gone, big money in fact.
What can I do,????
It's a real shame the way they don't protect their customers money!!!!

The drive-thru ATM hasnt had money in weeks. Appalling is a good word to describe this branch as well. Zero stars.

I am appalled at the customer service at the Lee Hwy branch. The ATM machine malfunctioned and ate my hsuband’s card Instead of helping us, the manager told us there was nothing she could do and the card had been shredded. A call to customer service proved that to be untrue and the manager simply didn’t want to deal with the issue.

I had very poor service when trying to call your branch on Ramsey St. Fayetteville NC
I called repeatedly- 6x. Left on hold to only be hung up on. And I dont mean the silence when on hold, actually hung up on. I will not be doing business here again


Natasha and Susan went ABOVE AND BEYOND helping me and my husband thru a very devastating FRAUD incident. I cant put into words how helpful and understanding they were. PNC BANK of Carlisle has a customer for life. Thank you ladies for ALL u have done.

This is not a bank just a ATM machine which rejects your debit cards waste of time

I didn't know where to leave this message so hope it gets read soon. I have an appointment with a PNC representative at 4:00 P.M. on Monday, July 23, to review my account. I need to cancel this appointment as something else has come up that I need to take care of. Since my financial situation is so small, really don't know what we can talk about. All my income gets direct deposited in your bank + 2 credit cards and a small savings. I have a credit card with another bank so that is about it. If you have any questions I can be reached at (260) 373-2815. PLEASE CANCEL THIS APPOINTMENT.

don't go here to get a notary or have them help you with questions, forget a business account or assistance with millennium stamp. I have had an account there for 25 yrs and I am never surprised by their treatment. I keep my account and do my business at another location even though this is the closest to where I live.

The East Windsor branch of PNC Bank on
RT 130 is an exceptional venue for all my banking needs. The officers & staff are wonderful to deal with, and very knowledgeable & extremely helpful . It is a great pleasure doing my business here.

The East Windsor branch of PNC Bank on
RT 130 is an exceptional venue for all my banking needs. The officers & staff are wonderful to deal with, and very knowledgeable & extremely helpful . It is a great pleasure doing my business here.

This Branch location has horrible customer service management himself is awful. Do not support this location go to the one in Giant instead

Saturday hours for Virginia Manor Shops branch are 9:00 AM -1:00 PM

This review is only for the Chantilly PNC Branch Location. The customer service located at this branch is not remotely up to par with the exceptional customer service in the call center. Left much to be desired.

I wanted to change the number of stars/rating I gave because I thought I had put the highest, but your website did not allow me to edit. I want to give 10/10

I recently had a need to open a personal IRA with some pension money I received from my company. Samia Tarabein went out of her way to assist me with my process. She was helpful, friendly and I felt immediately at ease and comfortable with her as a representative of PNC. I appreciated her personal attention. She answered all of my questions professionally and timely and I felt that I experienced excellent customer service. My daughter is moving and had to change banks, and I therefore recommended she go to PNC. The branch has friendly and helpful employees and I would recommend.

Great Service. Good Hours. Low Fees.

My bank is not showing my account...………. Why is this happening??????

I have been a Pnc customer for probably over 5 years now, and one thing for certain is that Pnc at this location has some of the nicest friendliest cashiers. Rick, often waits on me and goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are met!

Thanks so much PNC bank at Pennsylvania ave!

They always give me a hard time cashing my check. Even though the check is drawn on their bank and I have my drivers license. They needed second form of ID. Ok so I give them my comenwealth of kentucky concealed deadly weapons license ID. She tells me that will not work for second form of ID and refuse to cash my check. And it only the one big girl Amber M. The others cash it no problem. Went to 2 other pnc and cashed my checks. No Problem.

Terrible service and ignorant employees.

I went to this bank today and worked with a lady by the name of Amanda Rodriguez....She had the absolute BEST customer service that I have received in a long time anywhere!!! She was very thorough with explaining everything! She offered other things that I didn't go in the bank for, however she was not pushy at all. I could tell that she really cares for her customers and their best interest. Thank you for all of your help Amanda :)

Awesome customer service is displayed each time you walk into this bank. Exceptional service!!!! Best bank by far over the other banks. I use the PNC Bank at 660 Kings Hwy, Cherry Hill. I opened my account with Shaquana Jefferson and she made my decision easy to trust my financial business with this bank.

Terribly slow service every time I am in here. When I need anything more than a simple deposit, it takes 2-3 people to figure the situation out. This is incredibly frustrating.

Today, Wednesday May 16 2010 at 6:29 A M I used the ATM located at 200 West Walnut Street, Kokomo In. 46901. I attempted to withdraw $500.00 cash. The money was mislaid. I got two receipts at that time but was distracted and didn't collect the money. After I got home I realized what I had done upon opening my wallet. As soon as I could I went back to thee bank to see what I could do. By that time an hour had passed. No money was there by then. I waited until the bank opened and went inside to talk to an employee. A lady directed me to another lady who explained that I would need to contact me bank (Comerica Bank Direct Express). My bank will soon be sending me a Dispute form. The thing here is that if the ATM sucked up that $500 and it can be recovered, then why not have a look at the security video or picture and return the money to me without all of the hassle of waiting up to 90 days to recover the money? That seems to me to be an ethical way to do it. I am requesting that PNC bank review the CCTV to whatever is being use to watch the ATM and see who took the money and if it was recovered by the ATM. In the event that the money was taken and someone turns it in, I request that you or someone get on touch with me as soon as possible. I am retired and that is a lot of money to me. I thank you for your time.

have been considering opening a checking account at PNC Bank for a little time now. Realizing now that you charge a 2% fee for checks that are made on the PNC bank account buy a holder who does not have an account with PNC Bank is an awful lot of money. If I was to cash a check for $1,000 every week x 52 weeks times .02 equals $1,042 a year. That is just for a check cashing service! I don't understand how any banking justify these kind of outrageous fees. I've been into PNC Bank to have my check cashed in the past and they have been cashing my check for no fee as long as I had identification. A minimal fee for the tellers time spent cashing the check is one thing,but 2% on someone's check cashed is bad business as far as I'm concerned. The last teller that cashed my check suggested I use my bank, personally that isn't her business. Until I had let the tellers know that I am not happy with the fee we had a great experience. Now things seem a little different, they might say it's a new policy, but it's a bad policy and a huge inconvenience, and price gouge

To sum up my encounter with this branch words can not express how furious I am. YOUR AVP BRANCH MANAGER was not helpful at all. I have no account with Pnc bank and was simply using the Atm machine to withdraw money. My card was retained. I then walked up to the counter to get clarification on why this could be. No one was able to help. And they called in MATTHEW DUPPS to resolve the matter. Instead of him helping in anyway possible he immediately told me to “get out of his store because there was nothing he can do” I have never been spoken to in a manner as of that. And I can’t not explain how offended I am. Not to mention embarrassed because of the scene he put me through. I only wish the conversation in that bank was recorded. I am a little upset on my card being retained but even more upset on the way I was spoken to by Mathew Dupps. If he is the manager for that branch that you guys chose. You truly made a mistake. As a modest customer whom was looking for nothing but answers to why or how my debit card can be detained, with lack of knowledge from that manger and refusal to help or give any options. Let alone yell at me and tell me to get out of his store, only because he didn’t want to help anymore. How embarrassing!!!!! I will never step foot in that branch again and will continue to make complaints until I find some way to resolve this. My biggest issue is how I felt like I was in the wrong. I felt like I was the problem. Getting kicked out of a store for reason is one thing but being flat out yelled at to leave the location just because he was not willing to find anyway to find answers on why a card could be detained. A manager should know everything about that bank. I manager should have all protocols in order and I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT APPRECIATE being spoken to in this manner. My card is not the issue. The big picture is having a manager talk to a customer the way I was spoken to. I can not let this go. I want to speak to someone for reassurance that what ever Mathew Dupps problem was today. I want to make sure he never lashed out on another innocent confused customer like I was today. I still don’t know why he would yell at me and tell me to get out of his store. I don’t care who you are if you are in a place of business. No one should be yelled at and told to get out unless with reasoning and he had no reason. I can not let this go. I will not let this go. I’m so insulted and offended and I know in a establishment like this it’s my word against the manager. I have to say something! I have to complain. I want someone higher to know that at this branch you have an unwilling, unhelpful, and disrespectful manager. THANK GOD I don’t have an account at Pnc bank if that’s the type of management you hire.

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I took my kindergarten class here for a field trip and my parents and I were very pleased. Some of my children had never been inside a bank before and this was a good learning experience for them. The general manager was very kind and patient with all their questions. They even had surprise bags for them !

Service was horrible. Policies not cusgomer friendly. Staff incapable of understanding and helping customers. Please close branch and leave our community.

Greeters at the front door unnecessary and often confusing -- too many questions for no purpose. These greeters would better serve as tellers and workers. The entire staff can just be friendly, smile and direct you to where you need to go. Greeters are a total waste of time.

your people "didn't recognize me" after coming there for a year. since I am apparently unimportant I am going to withdraw all three accounts totaling 90k asap

You Need to hire people. This is sad. I left your branch. I'll be closing my account this May. Everytime I go in its at least 30 minute wait you only have 1 active window open. I don't have that much time or desire to stand in line 30 minutes.

I visited this location on April 25th 2018. The teller was named Travis. This is a new account, never had any transactions at all until today. I deposited a payroll check for $720.00. I asked when it would be available and Travis told me the NEXT BUSINESS DAY. I also checked the policy with PNC's website. It is the next day now and only $200 is available?! This is going to cost me a late fee now because I can not pay the bills I need to pay that are due today. I want to know why my money is not in my account as promised by the teller and promised by the online policy. This is very disappointing and unacceptable. The online policy shows that depositing a large check, such as $50,000 or more may result in a longer hold time than normal. However it also states that in those cases that $100 would be immediately available that same and another $100 would be available the next day. First of all, the check I deposited was only $720. Secondly the $100 WAS NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL on the same day. Lastly, Why does PNC promise next day service if its not true, soundslike they want a lawsuit. You are holding my money hostage! I will be going back to fifth third bank

This bank is the most convenient location for me but very difficult to negotiate access at the intersection. A bank in the area of Porters Neck would be great.

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Needed the help of customer service yesterday and
again today. Customer Rep, Stephen Munro was very
professional and helpful on both occasions. Have been
a PNC customer for 40 years.
Thank you-
Anne Healy Ayella

Tellers are not polite. No one in town likes going there that I know. The one in Ligonier is better

Hi, ive never had a problem at Indiana Pnc’s. Idk what y’all are doing to have these issues. I love Pnc too

I transfer a part of my paycheck to my account at PNC. I wanted to transfer funds and called the local branch in Chantilly (3914 Centreville Road) to inquire the process. Initially one of the bank reps - wanted to transfer me to the back office but instead put me to the call center. Then the call center dialed back to the local branch representative -" Monica " was extremely rude and was in a rush to hang up my phone. She kept on interrupting me. I am every disheartened at the behavior of their reps and have made up my mind to close the account at PNC and transfer elsewhere where they have decent manners.

I used the atm around 4:30 this afternoon. March 13.
I withdrew $300.00 from my TD bank account and tried to deposit the cash into my PNC account. The machine took the cash, counted it and asked if I wanted a printed receipt and I said yes. At that point, the atm spit out the cash- yes, all of it. And the machine retained my card. I waited in a long line which did not move And decided to come home and call about retrieving card.
I hope to get through and retrieve my card tomorrow, March 14 after work.
3022292755 is my cell.

If you are thinking of doing business with this bank STOP. Run away. Don't fall for the lies they will tell you after screwing up the payments you are making. This is a wormhole of people who don't care about your problems. Brett Bowers @ 412-803-0631 is a habitual liar about calling you back. GO TAKE YOUR MONEY TO a BANK THAT HAS THEIR OPERATIONS TOGETHER!! WORST ever bank to operate. tried to get help from Greenville SC branch down town. They just sit their looking at you and give excuses for sloppy operating procedure and a website built by imbeciles. Negative 100 rating

I am not interested in doing a mortgage at this time. I was only curious as to the amount of a payment was I ready to pursue a mortgage. Please do NOT contact me at the present time.

Friday around 12:15 I went into the branch and made a deposit to my business account. I then wanted to make a withdrawal from my personal account but was turned about because I did not have a debit card. I had my driver's license but I was told that was not enough and that I should go to a branch where they know me better. I found the entire experience appalling and would like an explaination from a manager

Dear Service staff!
Still no checks has arrived! If not ready this week the account will be cancelled.

Account: Bo Bergendahl
-'- #: 267084199: 1210479456

Best Regards / Bo Bergendahl (954-861-8072 privat)

I went to pnc bank on Navarre to withdraw money in Which I have direct deposit but when I went to withdraw money they said it needed to clear even though I can spend on my card when I make purchases I also went right to the atm right outside the bank and withdrew money without a problem I just don't understand why the lady said it had to clear. Did she think I was stealing my own money!?

I wentered to pnc bank on Navarre to withdraw money in Which I have direct deposit but when I went to withdraw money they said it needed to clear even though I can spend on my card when I make purchases I also went right to the atmosphere and withdrew money without a problem I just don't understand why the lady said it had to clear. Did she think I was stealing my own money!?

The branch. In garfield was the worst experience with teller Gilbert's I couldn't get a smile or laugh outta her she was nasty the whole time like she was prejudice. They need to fire hire. I will never return to that branch ever again. And I will let. Social media know about my experience.

Went into the branch. And. The. Teller gilberta is the worst teller ever. Very moody. I will never return there again. She's very nasty I will. Warn. All my. Frieda ofher.

This bank is awful. My son, who is from out of state, used their ATM. The machine ate his debit card. He asked for assistance and was told since he didn't have an account with them there was nothing they could do. They then told him even if they could recover his debit card it would be destroyed. They left him with no debit card, no money and no advice to help solve the problem. Even after my own bank called and spoke to them, they were rude, abrupt and completely unhelpful. Who tells a 20 year man from out of state they cant help them and close the door in his face? Jessica Hoffman was not even slightly helpful, abrupt and course and kept repeating the "bank policy" of destroying debit cards that get stuck. I hope no one else is ever treated this way. It's terrible customer service and a terrible way to treat any human, much less a young person from out of state in crisis. Shame on you and your branch. My son will be opening an account in Florida and it most certainly will not be with PNC.

To-day January, 25, Thursday at around 10-08 AM I reached at one of the representatives of the branch over telphone to get to know the detail of openning and runnig of a new standard chequing account, I propose to open, with them.The lady who happened to be on the other end of the phone very positively and professionally answered all of my questions. "Morning shows the day". I'm satisfied and convinced that the branch shall do well now and in future if they continue to hold this kind of modesty and manner consciously by all of them andl towards all the other out comers.. I wish them all success and god speed!

Why are you closed - doing nothing all day

Excellent management. Support greeter useful. Tellers variable but find a good one and stick with her/him.

They ask you how you want your cash back and then tell you you can't have it that way because they don't have the the denominations you want. And apparently this would not have been a problem if I had gone to the other teller.

There very helpful and they have nice people. Working there a good bank to go to

I am on vacation from the UK and called at the South Osprey, Sarasota branch today to cash a check I had received for a rental deposit refund. I am retired now, and during my career I was Chief Executive of a bank in the UK. However I am not familiar with banking procedures in the USA, and the young lady - Monica - who dealt with the transaction was quite exceptional in operating efficiently while being chatty, welcoming and courteous. Current experience of UK banks is sadly quite different, and I could not let this pass without letting you know of this most refreshing experience of exemplary customer service.

Nadine was most helpful in dealing with a problem.

the personnel in this branch is wonderful
they are friendly and well informed re PNC
Banking regulations and service.

Tried to call this branch to speak to someone. Only automated services at their phone number - then tried the next menu - nothing applicable. Trying to reach a human at the branch is a nightmare - I gave up. This is easily the WORST phone experience I've ever had with a company. Luckily, BB&T has a friendly office in the same shopping center - time to switch.

My wife just spent 1hr. with your extremely rude manager simply trying to close her deceased mothers $20. Account.
Foolish questions in her position as executor and we keep getting statements and quite simply the account will be at a minus very soon.
Doesn’t seem to be a hard issue to make it cease vs. this moronic manager who has zero personality.
Love to visit or talk with him or have one of your Pittsburgh corporate people talk to him.
I have had a Pittsburgh business for 35 years in North Hills and Bridgeville and thankful I have never dealt with a bank that employed a jackass.
My cell #610 368 4037

can i have the email and tel no of Mr Robert Q.relly working as chief financial foreign department in your BR at 340 medison avenue N.Y 10017

There are no phone numbers on any of these websites. I cannot call the banker that I spoke with yesterday.


THE worst bank and branch ever! If I could give it negative starts, I would. In order to resolve an ongoing issue, I have retained an attorney, Ohio Attorney General, the CPFO, the BBB and my local politicians. Run, don't walk from this bank!!

Lisa in the branch was very helpful

When the ---- ----- ---- closed I moved my account to Ahoskie PNC. I have everything good to say about you ! So far, not even once have I left shaking my head, swearing under my breath .....( not once wondering what's taking so cotton-picking long ? manicure time? laryngitis ? do they even know me? I don't count 'cause I am not a wealthy customer ? ) When I moved my accounts to Ahoskie they arrived in a mixed muddle such as I've never imagined. I'll always appreciate the lady (she is not there now) who spent about 4 1/2 hours with me that day fixing the mess - she must have used magic. Take care and stay safe !

i have a problem with my account. Ican't withdraw my money in my contry(philippines) I still have $281 in my account. I tried to call the customer service but all they were saying was to contact you.please fix this problem with me

I've called the branch phone 3 times today. I push 3 to speak to someone, but it disconnects, after a few minutes, without anyone answering.

I think Lee Harvard branch is good people they have coffee for you, and always able to help me out I five them five star rating

I went to the branch today to open a new account. As I was sitting, I watched a young lady come from the ATM section, she had a question, so she approached the entryway of one of the bank employees. She stood for a while chatting with him, approximately 3-4 minutes, and then, he told her to have a seat and that he would help her. What was so disconcerting was that three of us watched the interaction, I actually heard her ask him if should ask a question, so I rose to leave. I walked out of the building but then returned to get a card for the bank manager. Mr. Jones gave me his card. He then tries to tell me that the woman had an appointment and in his defense, he had asked the representative how the customer had jumped the queue, and was told that she had an appointment. NOT TRUE.....

I won't be back to the PNC branch, I'll tell everyone I know a Temple about the poor customer service I received, and hopefully this will make a difference in how your future customers are handled.

Attention Branch manager Dennis. Ive been trying to reach you for months now. I've already spoke to Edward Jones about this & wanted to inform you. You have a customer that you know very well. Ive seen this done on numerous occasions. Your customer will give young kids & even homeless people her bank & credit cards & sends them in places to buy visa gift cards & whatnot. She gives them a few bucks & some of her pain pills & nerve pills. Then she contacts you & claims fraudulent charges. She said she had been doing it for years. Anyway she has y'all to refund her $ on her cards & still has the visa cards. Now that someone at the bank has caught on to something. Shes threatened a few people on pressing charges however. I took it upon myself to video & autio her passing off the card to people. This woman could get some of those people in trouble. She is the reason why y'all have an inhouse card maker. Please reply with any inquiries you have on this matter. Thank you for your time

Just want to say how thankful I am for how kind and personable Hannah is!
A lady brought her my bank card first thing this morning, after I had lost it. Probably in the atm! Hannah called me right away! Thanks to her, I won't have to wait until Monday!

They are awesome

Good morning
I have a concern, I Lena Brown went to deposit cash at a AMT located at 1 North Prospect Avenue, Indian Head, MD 20640 on Thursday 25, 2017 at 10:00pm and the machine took my money and i have not seem the $245.00 reflected in my account yet. I always request my receipts to go to my email account It has not update yet. Normally it always reflect on my email immediately. It is important because i have a 500.00 check that's coming out of my account any day now. Please help! You can contact me on 202-704-4959. Look forward to hearing from a customers service representative.

NO LONGER a bank... just an ATM

PNC Bank charges super high overdraft fees. They refuse to refund more than one overdraft per year, no matter what ! Make a mistake with this bank and you are treated like an Alien. NO MERCY at all. They will fix it so a person on a fixed income cannot possibly get their account back in good standing. Then that leaves the person with NO MONEY to buy food or their prescription medicine. Some even become homeless. The PNC Bank does not care about people who have no resources to pay their BIG fees . They simply will not forgive their fees and allow the costumer to pay the amount actually owed to the bank . Flat Out, NO !

Wonderful customer service at this branch! I got a new credit card in my new last name on the spot. Definitely a great experience. I believe the teller's name is
Brittany Fultz. I really appreciate "the extra mile" service I was given.

I financed a car thru PNC and bought their health insurance, guarenteed to make my payment just in case I got sick. Eight months later I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I notified them by certified mail. They continued to send me dunning letters and calls and force me to make an additional payment while sick. They later told me someone at the bank made an error and sometimes people make errors. Yet they never returned the extra payment i was forced to make or even send me an apology. They suck.

Do not use PNC Bank - North Cape May for anything they will put your identity at risk they are an incompetent group of individuals.
The branch manager is very unprofessional

Always under staff. The branch manager is complete idiot.
She always looks like homeless!

We had VERY nice, very warm and helpful service! We needed to make changes to our account and they made it very easy to work with them!!

One of the best PNC branches I've been to so far. My wait time here has never been too long, I'm always greeted warmly, and everyone is always happy to help. Anytime I have a problem or I'm not understanding something completely, they always make sure I am 100% informed by the time I leave, without using monetary jargon that goes over my head. Joe is an absolute pleasure to talk to, so polite and personable. If you are ever having trouble finding the right branch, this is the one.

Great customer service. Indeed 10 star banking experience. Keep up with the unparallel team work. Thumbs up!

I am writing regarding a phone conversation and solution I had yesterday with Joe Wathan. I am a co-worker with his wife Donna and asked if Joe could give me some advise on debt I have. He not only listened to my situation, never judged my situation and came up with an amazing solution. With a few questions he asked me...he honestly had an solution for me with in 20 minutes of my initial call to him. I have been a customer of PNC for quite a while and Joe renewed my choice for mine and my daughters banking needs. Please let the appropriate persons know of this exceptional customer service that Joe Wathan provided me.

Angelique Springer

I called to get a better understanding of an overdraft fee assessed to my account, it didn't make sense so I thought that something was wrong. As, Barbara Long placed me on hold, I hear her say "she thinks the overdraft is wrong (laughs) Don't they all?" I thought that this was very rude and unprofessional. Her Branch Manager Stacey Thomas get on the line to tell me that she was sitting across from this woman the entire time and didn't hear her talk to anyone. I know what I heard and I didn't like that. No one is perfect and I'M sure the majority of America Has ran into overdraft fees at least once in their life. It really upsets me when people in Customer Service positions SUCK. If you don't like people or laugh and belittle them then maybe you should be in a different field. I started to give them two stars, but after thinking about it, they barely deserve 1 star.

I closed an account with PNC bank via the HOBOKEN branch and received a receipt that my account show $.00 balance. That was three years ago. Apparently this branch mishandled the transaction because I recently went to open a new bank account with a different financial corporation and was denied because PNC Bank files show that I have an overdrawn account that was never resolved. It is both embarrassing and frustrating that this incorrect information is available. I am taking this complaint directly to Corporate Office CEO William S. Demchak.

I called to check the balance on an account. I live on the same street of the bank, about six blocks from it. My call was routed to some office in the midwest and the lady who answered asked me about a dozen questions, which I answered. She then said without additional information she could not answer my question. She also said everyone at the local bank was busy and not available. I finally hung up and am going to travel that six blocks now to find my balance. I am 76 and disabled. That is not good service.

Great bank and a great team they have !

Great place to bank.


I bank with PNC....but once the branch in Pinetops closes I will no longer bank there. Do they not realize the inconvenience this had caused so many ppl in our little town. Thank of today my account will be closed

Went to cash my check and was charged 10$, they said they usually charge for people that dont have an account but all the employees do different things. The lady who cashed my check was horrible, she was very slow and when she handed me my money she said" Count it" every bank i have gone to has counted the money with me, she obviously has some issues with math because its not the first time someone has had an issue with her counting,

Very disappointed with this particular branch. When we initiated our accounts with this location back in 2001 the service was good. However since moving out of state in 2006 we have had nothing but issues and unresolved problems with PNC. We have been billed sporadically on items that have been closed for years. The PNC reps have been ineffective and inexperienced in resolving the issues. I would not recommend this branch to anyone. There definitely needs to be more training on interstate banking here.


Is PNC a good bank to bank with? ›

PNC Bank is a solid choice for checking, but you'll find better rates on CDs and savings elsewhere. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.

What does PNC banking stand for? ›

Pittsburgh National and Provident National were the first two banks to act on the new legislation, and came together in 1983 in what was at the time the largest bank merger in U.S. history. Taking the shared initials of their holding companies, they created a new entity called PNC Financial Corp.

Is PNC Bank a Canadian bank? ›

(“PNC”). In Canada, PNC Bank Canada Branch, the Canadian branch of PNC Bank, National Association (“PNC Bank”), provides bank deposit, treasury management, lending (including asset-based lending through its Business Credit division) and leasing products and services (through its Equipment Finance division).

Is PNC an international bank? ›

PNC Gateway Direct Service

Through a network of key banks located in several European countries and in parts of Latin America, Asia and Africa, PNC's Gateway Direct service can help you secure international branch banking services.

What bank is better than PNC? ›

Chase can be a better choice than PNC bank if: You want a massive choice of credit card options. You want a welcome bonus.

What are the disadvantages of PNC Bank? ›

PNC Bank Standard Checking Account Pros & Cons
Non-PNC ATM fees reimbursed for in some areas Ability to earn cash back on certain debit card purchases Mobile apps availableMonthly fee of $7 (can be waived) Does not pay interest
1 more row
Sep 15, 2022

Who is the number 1 bank in America? ›

JPMorgan Chase is the top largest bank in the US, with a balance sheet total of $2.87 trillion.

Which is richest bank in world? ›

The following are lists of the largest banks in the world, as measured by total assets.
By market capitalization.
RankBank nameMarket cap (US$ billion)
1JPMorgan Chase400.37
2Industrial and Commercial Bank of China295.65
3Bank of America279.73
4Wells Fargo214.34
28 more rows

What is the most powerful bank in the world? ›

The largest bank in the world in terms of total assets under management (AUM) is the Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China Ltd.

Who is PNC owned by? ›

(stylized as PNC) is an American bank holding company and financial services corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
PNC Financial Services.
The Tower at PNC Plaza, headquarters of PNC Financial Services
AUMUS$367 billion (2021)
Total assetsUS$557 billion (2021)
Total equityUS$55.726 billion (2021)
16 more rows

What did PNC used to be called? ›

In 1982, Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation merged into a new entity named PNC Financial Corporation.

Is PNC a big bank? ›

6. PNC Bank: $533 billion. In 2021, PNC Bank acquired BBVA USA. PNC Bank now has branches in more than half the country.

What is PNC ATM withdrawal limit? ›

The Standard Checking Account has an ATM withdrawal limit of $500 with a relatively high daily debit purchase limit of $7,000. If you need higher limits, PNC's Performance Checking and Performance Select Checking Accounts both have a limit of $1,500 for ATM withdrawals and a debit purchase limit of $9,500.

Can I withdraw money from PNC ATM without card? ›

Complete an ATM Transaction Without Inserting a Card

Open the PNC Mobile app, tap the menu icon on the upper left of your screen. Select ATM Access on the bottom menu (if you have more than one card, select the appropriate one). Tap the Generate Access Code button to request a one-time access code.

Does PNC charge for using ATMs? ›

4 PNC Bank charges may apply for use of another financial institution's or ATM operator's ATMs. Additionally, other financial institutions and/or ATM operators may charge for using their ATMs.

Which bank is better PNC or Wells Fargo? ›

PNC Bank can be a better choice than Wells Fargo if: You want a bit better CD and savings rates. You won't be able to waive checking account fee (PNC fee is lower) You need no minimum deposit account.

What is the most stable bank in America? ›

Here are some of the safest banks in the U.S. with the best security: AgriBank. CoBank. AgFirst.
  1. AgriBank. Agribank is indeed one of the safest banks in the USA. ...
  2. CoBank. ...
  3. AgFirst. ...
  4. Farm Credit Bank of Texas. ...
  5. Wells Fargo. ...
  6. U.S. Bank (U.S. Bancorp) ...
  7. JPMorgan Chase. ...
  8. PNC Bank.
Sep 25, 2022

Which bank is bigger US Bank or PNC? ›

PNC Bank has 2,300 branches in 26 states mostly on the East.
PNC Bank vs US Bank.
PNC BankUS Bank
PNC BankUS Bank
2,300 PNC branches across 26 states.More than 3000 branches across the country.
CreditDonkey® Reviews
40 more rows

Does PNC require a minimum balance? ›

Monthly Service charge of $5, or $0 if one of the following is met: Average monthly balance of $300.

Who is the best bank? ›

Here are the top national banks in 2022:
  • 🏆 Chase Bank: Best Bank Bonuses.
  • Discover Bank: Best Cash Back.
  • Bank of America: Best Online Banking.
  • Citi: Best for Savings.
  • PNC Bank: Best Banking Bundle.
  • Capital One: Best Customer Satisfaction.
  • TD Bank: Best Customer Service.
  • US Bank: Best for CDs.

What is a good bank to have? ›

Best banks, credit unions and neobanks:

Best overall, best for ATM availability: Charles Schwab. Best overall, best for overdraft options: Ally Bank. Best overall, best for rates: Alliant Credit Union. Best overall, best for tools: Capital One.

Why should I choose PNC Bank? ›

The account features no minimum opening deposit or ongoing balance and no monthly service charges. A $100 deposit is required to open a money market account. PNC also offers a Standard Savings Account. Like most of the bank's other deposit accounts, it features relatively low interest rates.

How is PNC different from other banks? ›

Providing an Inclusive Banking Experience

For non-English-speaking customers, PNC provides a wide range of services such as live interpretation and translation services, bilingual employees in many retail branches, and translated webpages and educational resources.

Why is PNC Bank a good bank? ›

The bank offers high rates on its savings and CD accounts, and a free checking account that pays interest. There are no balance minimums or monthly fees, and you won't need to worry about overdraft fees either. It only takes about 5 minutes to open a fee-free account.

Is PNC Bank secure? ›

PNC always:

Guards Online Banking transactions, including Online Bill Pay with encryption and passwords, and masks all account numbers from online transmission. Limits the amount of ATM withdrawals. Offers zero liability if your PNC Bank Debit Card or PNC Bank Visa Platinum Select Rewards Credit Card is used ...

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