Ticket Services Manager in Bethlehem, PA for Lehigh University (2022)


Posted: 07-Aug-22

Location: Bethlehem, PA, USA

Type: Full-time

Salary: Open


Operations - Ticket Office

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Internal Number: 188041899

Lehigh University

Lehigh University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Lehigh University provides comprehensive benefits including partner benefits.

Responsible for initiation, control, coordination, oversight, reconciliation and accountability of all event ticket sales, fees and ancillary event revenue. Builds and manages events through Paciolan software. Provides analysis of sales data to maximize ticket revenue. Supervises part time Ticket Services team. Develops and administers policies and processes for customer service. Processes all ancillary revenue payments. CBY Background checks and payroll for Ticket Services team as needed. The Lehigh community takes seriously our commitment to antiracism and The Principles of our Equitable Community.

1. Supervision
*Provide assignments and instruction to part time staff
*Participates in position searches, interviews and recommendations regarding hiring of part time staff
*Provides leadership in the direction and supervision of other staff members as well as interns, wage, work-study and/or volunteer personnel: provides work assignments and instructions, communicates performance expectations and checks work to ensure it is completed as required
*Participates in professional mentoring of interns and other staff
*Conducts program reviews and periodic progress assessments
*Promotes diversity commitment in all supervisory responsibilities
*Audits and reviews sales by staff to ensure accuracy and a high level of customer service *Hires, supervises, trains, schedules and assigns duties to part-time Ticket Services staff, including wage employees, graduate assistants and academic interns
*Develops policies and processes for ticket sales, customer service, resolving ticket problems and event re-seating issues
*Ensures all staff is proficient and knowledgeable of event seating in general and event specific
*Oversees staff to ensure compliance with Ticket Services and Athletics Department policies and procedures
*Audits and reviews sales by staff to ensure accuracy and a high level of customer service
*Participates in position searches, interviews and hiring recommendations
*Promotes diversity commitment in all supervisory responsibilities

2. Administration
*Report on status of Athletics, internal and external revenue accounts to Athletic Business Services (ABS) team; responsible for preparation of all financial forms associated with any financial activity within ABS
*Print and distribute (mail or will call) prepaid ticket orders
*Point person for collection of data for daily ticket sales reports
*Leads analysis of data from ticketing system
*Participates in the planning, organization, execution and evaluation of ticket services programming
*Maintain NCAA and League compliance requirements
*Completes mandatory reports, attends meetings and responds to supervisory requests
*Performs other duties as assigned
*Initiates designated areas of seating for season ticket, single event tickets, group sales, presale promotions, promotional and media uses, Artist or rental client holds and other types of holds
*Monitors ticket sales to ensure seating areas of an event are sold evenly (dressing the house)
*Creates events on the Paciolan computerized ticketing system
*Interprets event production and pricing information from rental clients or Athletics staff to determine sightlines, price scaling and to design salable seating capacity for events
*Reviews and coordinates event data, requirements and restrictions of the computerized ticket system with ticket system personnel

3. Management
*Contributes to the annual planning of objectives, metrics and methodologies
*Manages activities including problem identification, problem solving and problem avoidance
*Engages in daily decision-making about the allocation of time, resources and talents to programming initiatives
*Responsible for the direction, control and reconciliation of ticket sales for away game tickets for contests at other Universities; submit statement of ticket sales and reconciliation; direct remittance of sales revenue to other Universities
*Mine customer lists for ticket upsells
*Audits and coordinates group sales and other types of discount ticket sales
*Fulfills ticket requests by and for rental clients, Artists, media and visiting teams
*Manage ARMS Player-Guest tickets in accordance with NCAA and Lehigh policies
*Provides analysis of sales data to assist in marketing and promotion of events to maximize sales
*Prepares all deposits of rental fee income
*Leads the creation, processing and tracking of tailgate registrations through the Ticket Services platform
*CBY Background check process for Wage Staff (as necessary for ID Card)
*Payroll paperwork and process Ticket Sellers
*Order and redeposit cash change banks for events as needed
*Verify deposits and reconcile indexes in Banner
*Manage Athletics side of Paciolan contract
*Managerial activities include extensive problem identification, problem solving and problem avoidance
*Contributes to the strategic planning of annual objectives, metrics, and methodologies of the ticket services function.
*Engages in daily decision-making about the allocation of time, resources, and talents to programming initiatives.
*Provide leadership in the daily use of the Paciolan platform
*Prepare programs for sale, reconcile program sales and deposit revenue.

4. Leadership
*Improving the use of technology, techniques, execution and productivity
*Initiates changes and improvements to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
*Identifies and evaluates initiatives aimed at improving current programming and/or staffing expertise.
*Leads and participates in situational decision-making to effectively mitigate issues, handle contingencies and resolve problems
*Educate others regarding policies and enforce policies and procedures pertaining to ticket services programming
*Promotes and reinforces departmental mission, vision, values and priorities within and beyond the departmental staff, including public audiences
*Serves as point person for researching and implementing new technologies for the ticket services functional unit
*Researches, evaluates and implements new and refined technologies, techniques and procedures to creatively improve execution, quality and/or results of programs and events

5. Advancement
*Represents Ticket Services and the Athletics Department by the following; selling tickets to customers in person, on phone and providing customer service through email and during events; answers phone calls regarding events; processing ticket orders; fulfilling complimentary ticket requests for rental clients, student-athletes, recruits and coaches; retrieving data from ticketing system to solve ticket issues for customers
*Builds and maintains collaborative working relationships with vendors, services providers, clients, event staff and other contacts
*Pursues professional development as a professional
*Researches benchmark comparisons to comparable organizations and implements best practices
*Participate on departmental committees
*Participate on departmental, University committees and national organizations
*Researches best industry practices to use technology to fullest extent within resources

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6. Results
*Achieve the educational, customer service and financial objectives defined by Athletics Department and University
*Contributes substantially to the achievement of departmental objectives for the functional area of Ticket Services programming
*Encourage personal growth and development of part time staff
*Promote student athlete and staff recognition
*Achieves the educational, competitive, service and financial objectives defined for the position
*Contributes to the visibility and distinctiveness of the University and the Athletics department via programming achievements
*Adapts methodologies and protocols to new or changing situations to achieve positive outcomes and results
*Directs or participates in the development and implementation of modifications and enhancements to sustain and improve results

Grade: 8 â“ 40

Position Number: S75400

Special Considerations

The duties of the position do not allow for a remote work option; the employee in this position will be required to work on campus where they can be fully accessible to the Lehigh community.

Variable shifts/schedule; Regular weekday office hours, plus nights and weekend supporting events

This position has fiscal or financial responsibilities other than employee expense activity, such as processing or approving transactions; monitoring or preparing budgets; or generating income for University

This position works with minors


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Bachelor's Degree in Event Management, Performing Arts or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience

Three to five years related work experience

Business and accounting courses with experience are a plus

Experience working with Athletics events, concerts, exhibitions and family shows

Financial Management including reconciling daily sales and cash management

Excellent written and oral communication, interpersonal skills and a high level of customer service required

Ability to build, foster and maintain positive professional relationships

Excellent attention to detail, organizational skills, time management and sound judgment

Proven ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and a high degree of initiative for bringing tasks to completion

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Solid analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills

Excellent computer skills with experience using word processing, spreadsheet and database software

Supervisory experience preferred

Successful completion of standard background checks including but not limited to: social security verification, education verification, national criminal background checks, motor vehicle checks, PATCH, FBI fingerprinting, Child Abuse Clearance and credit history based upon the requirements of the position

All Lehigh faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated and receive a booster shot six months after their second vaccine; unless they receive an approved medical or religious exemption from the requirement.

Only complete applications will be considered therefore please complete the application in its entirety. Once the posting is removed from the website applications may no longer be allowed to be completed.

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