Top 100 Women Pro Wrestlers of 2020 (2023)

Wrestling is one of the most-watched sports across the world. Almost everyone has watched some amount of WWE in their lives. For the kids growing up in the 2000s, the likes of The Undertaker, Kane, Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar were household names. Today, we bring to you a list of Pro Wrestling female wrestlers in order of their ranking.

1- Bayley

She has improved her rank by five places compared to last year. In 2020, Bayley stands at the top spot in the rankings, while in 2019 she was at the sixth place. Bayley is from the US.

2- Becky Lynch


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Rebecca Quin, popularly known as Becky Lynch, has played 526 matches and she occupies the second spot in the standings. She is from the Republic of Ireland. Becky has moved down one place in 2020 from 2019.

3- Asuka

Asuka seems to have impressed wrestling fans with her performance in the last one year. In 2019, she stood at the 11th spot and now she has grabbed the third position.

4- Charlotte Flair

Her ranking has come down by two places, from two to four in one year. Charlotte Flair has played more than 600 games.

5- Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks has registered a sharp rise of nine places in the rankings, from 14 in 2019 to five in 2020. She has been seen in action in more than 620 matches.

6- Hikaru Shida

Her performance over the last year has been quite outstanding. Hikaru Shida was moved up from 62nd rank last year to sixth this year.

7- Tessa Blanchard

Tessa Blanchard’s rank has dropped by two places. Last year, she was at the fifth position and now she stands at the seventh spot. She has been seen in 245 clashes.

8- Riho

Riho has reached the eighth rank, crossing 35 places. Last year, she was positioned at the 43rd rank. She has played 22 matches.

9- Io Shirai

Her position in the standings has changed from eighth to ninth, registering a loss of one place. Io Shirai has played 122 fixtures.

10- Mayu Iwatani

Mayu Iwatani has moved from 16th place in the ranking to 10th spot. She has been seen in action in just 15 matches.

11- Rhea Ripley

She has been impressive in the ring in the last year, registering a gain of 24 places in the ranking. Rhea Ripley has reached 11th spot from 35th.

12- Jordynne Grace

She moved up the ladder by 14 places, from 26 to 12. Jordynne Grace has played 205 games and her original name is Patricia Parker.

13- Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler’s performance seems to have declined as her ranking has come down by nine places, from four to 13. She has played 261 matches.

14- Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa has caught the attention of wrestling fans in the last one year, rising 83 places. She has moved up from 97th place to 14th. She has played 80 games.

15- Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee is also among one of the best performers as she has crossed 75 spots in the rankings to reach 15th place. She has played more than 400 matches.

16- Nyla Rose

Moving up 50 places, Nyla Rose has reached the 16th spot in the rankings. Last year, she was at the 66th position.

17- Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie’s position has come down by two places, from 15 to 17. She has been seen in action in 222 fixtures.

18- Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray has improved her ranking by 29 places, going up in the standings from 47th spot to 18th. She has been seen in the ring in 134 games.

19- Kylie Rae

She is at the 19th position in the standings. Kylie Rae has played 74 matches and her real name is Brianna Rae Sparrey.

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20- Nikki Cross

She has slipped two places to reach the 20th position. Last year, she was at the 18th spot.

21- Kairi Sane

Kairi Sane is 21st in the ranking and her real name is Kaori Housako. She has played 192 matches.

22- Britt Baker

Britt Baker has improved her standing by 11th place, rising from 33rd position to 22nd spot. She has been seen in the ring in 125 matches.

23- Bianca BelAir

She has moved up 13 positions reaching 23rd position. Last year, her ranking was 36.

24- Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai is at the 24th position. Her real name is Cheree Crowley. She belongs to New Zealand.

25- Allysin Kay

Standing at the 25th spot in the rankings, Allysin Kay has slipped six places in the standing. In 2019, she was at 19th position.

26- Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox has grabbed the 26th position on the standings. She has been seen in action in 114 games. Her real name is Steffanie Newell.

27- Alexa Bliss

She has witnessed a drop in rankings in comparison to last year. Alexa Bliss has come down 15 places in the standings. Last year, she was at 12th position and this year, she is at 27th place.

28- Momo Watanabe

Momo Watanabe has gone up four places, rising from 32nd spot to 28th place in the standings. She has been seen in the ring in just three fixtures.

29- Mercedes Martinez

Her performance in the last year has not improved as she has come down by 20 spots in the ranking. Earlier, she was at the ninth position and now she is at 29th place.

30- Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna Purrazzo is the 30th rank holder on the Pro Wrestling women wrestler list. She has improved her position by 55 places in comparison to last year.

31- Ivelisse

Ivelisse is standing at the 31st spot. Her real name is Ivelisse Milagro Velez.

32- Kris Statlander

Her ranking has improved by 68 places, from 100th spot to 32nd position. Kris Statlander has played 108 clashes.

33- Jessicka Havok

She has fallen in the rankings by three places, from 30 to 33. She has been seen in action in 310 matches.

34- Candice LeRae

She is among the gainers as she has risen to 34th spot from 65th rank. She has been seen in the ring in 387 matches.

35- LuFisto

Her ranking has gone down by one position in comparison to 2019. LuFisto now stands at 35th rank.

36- Mia Yim

She is the 36th rank holder. Her standing has dropped by eleven places. Mia Yim has been seen in 380 clashes.

37- Bea Priestley

Bea Priestley has played 60 matches. Her ranking has gone down by 17 positions, from 20 to 37.

38- Priscilla Kelly

She is at the 38th rank and has played 74 games as of now in her career. She is from the US.

39- Big Swole

Big Swole is standing at the 39th spot and has been seen in action in 77 games. Her real name is Aeriel Hull Johnson.

40- Nicole Savoy


Her ranking has come down by 30 places, from 10 to 40. Nicole Savoy has played 88 matches. Her real name is Nicole Matthias.

41- Faye Jackson

She is the 41st rank holder. Her real name is Faye Elise and she has been seen in the ring in 51 games.

42- Rosemary

Her ranking has dropped by 21 places, from 21 to 42. Rosemary has been seen in action in 180 clashes.

43- Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans has grabbed the 43rd position, slipping from the 23rd spot. She has played 212 matches.

44- Su Yung

She has slipped 13 places, dropping from 31 to 44. Su Yung has contested in 194 matches.

45- Toni Storm

Her ranking has decreased by 32 places, from 13 to 45. Toni Storm has played 134 matches.

46- Shotzi Blackheart

She is among the major gainers, moving up from 78th spot to 46th position.

47- Jamie Hayter

She is the 47th rank holder. Jamie Hayter’s real name is Paige Wooding.

48- Penelope Ford

Penelope Ford is at the 48th spot. She has been seen in the ring in 162 matches. Her real name is Olivia Hasler.

49- Rhia O’Reilly

Rhia O’Reilly has improved her ranking by 30 positions, from 79 to 49. She has played 45 clashes.

50- Laynie Luck

She is standing at the 50th position. Laynie Luck has featured in 19 matches.

51- Amale

Amale is the 51st rank holder. She has played 35 matches.

52- Millie McKenzie

Millie McKenzie is at the 52nd spot. She has featured in 60 games.

53- Natalya

Her ranking has dropped by 46 places, from seventh to 53rd position. Natalya has played 1,039 matches and her real name is Natalie Katherine Neidhart.

54- Giulia

Giulia is at the 54th rank. She has started her career as she has featured in just two matches.

55- Alexia Nicole

Her ranking has improved by 39 places, from 94 to 55. She has played 35 matches and her real name is Alexia Nicole Romano.

56- Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville has risen up in the standings by four spots, from 60th position to 56th.

57- Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce has dropped by eight places in the ranking. She has reached 57th position. Last year, she stood at 49th position.

58- Allie Kat

She is standing at the 58th spot and has featured in 96 matches. Her ring name is Stray Kat and Allie Kat.

59- Billie Kay

Billie Kay is the 59th rank holder. Her ranking has come down by two places, from 57 to 59.

60- Kiera Hogan

Her standing has dropped by six places, from 54 to 60. She has played 118 matches.


61- Charli Evans

She is at the 61st spot. Charli Evans has featured in 55 games.

62- Shazza McKenzie

Shazza McKenzie has grabbed the 62nd position, rising 24th spot. In 2019, she was at the 38th spot.

63- Naomi

She has slipped 22 places, reaching 63rd position. Last year, Naomi ranked 63rd. She has played 667 matches.

64- Jinny

Her ranking has come down by 19 places, from 45th to 64th place. Jinny has featured in 109 games.

65- Utami Hayashishita

She is a newcomer as she has played just two fixtures. Utami Hayashishita’s ranking has reduced by 19 places, standing at the 65th position.

66- Ashley Vox

Ashley Vox is the 66th rank holder. She has featured in 109 games.

67- Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz is at the 67th place in the standings. She has played 64 clashes.

68- Hiroyo Matsumoto

Her ranking has slipped by 31 places, from 37 to 68. She has been seen in action in 44 matches.

69- Nia Jax

Nia Jax is at the 69th position and has featured in 334 games.

70- Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch occupies the 70th position in the wrestling standings. She has played 61 matches.

71- Hyan

She is the 71th rank holder and has been seen in the ring in 27 fixtures.

72- Solo Darling

Her standing has improved by 12 positions, from 84 to 72. She has played 213 matches.

73- Marcela

She has grabbed the 73rd rank and has played 181 games.

74- Maddison Miles

Maddison Miles has done fairly well over the last one year and moved up the standing 19 places, from 93 to 74.

75- Delmi Exo

She is 75th rank holder in the wrestling standings and has featured in 78 games.

76- Lady Maravilla

Lady Maravilla has had an average year. Her rank has gone up in the standings by five places, from 81 to 76.

77- Nicole Matthews

The ranking of Nicole Matthews has dropped three places, from 74 in 2019 to 77 this year.

78- Syuri

Syuri is another exciting wrestler out there. She is at the 78 spot and has played 58 matches.

79- Zoe Lucas

Her performance has helped her move up the ladder, from 86th position to 79th.

80- KC Spinelli

KC Spinelli has also gone up the rankings because of her improved performance. She is currently at the 80th position.

81- Davienne

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Davienne has played 49 matches and is currently at the 81st position in the rankings.

82- Session Moth Martina

Session Moth Martina is the 82 among the women wrestlers in this list. She has featured in 109 clashes.

83- Indi Hartwell

Indi Hartwell has grabbed the 83 rd spot and has been seen in action in 40 clashes.

84- Liv Morgan

Her ranking has dipped 14 places, from 70 to 84 in the last one year.

85- Gisele Shaw

Gisele Shaw has performed fairly okay and moved up seven places to reach 85th position.

86- Trish Adora

Trish Adora has featured in just nine games and is the 86th spot in these rankings

87- Dani Luna

Dani Luna is positioned at the 87 and has been seen in the ring for 18 matches.

88- Lady Shani

Lady Shani is one of those who have seen her rankings really go down. Her standing has come down by 48 places, from 40 to 88.

89- Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly is in the 89th position and she has featured in 103 clashes.

90- Nina Samuels

The wrestling standings for this year puts Nina Samuels at the 90th spot. She has been seen in action in 46 games.

91- Jessica Troy

Jessica Troy is at the 91st position and she has played 39 games.

92- Candy Lee

Candy Lee is another wrestler who has played very few matches at three. She occupies the 92 spot.

93- Jody Threat

Jody Threat’s ranking has improved by a bit in the last one year. She is up six places, from 99 to 93.

94- Willow Nightingale

Willow Nightingale is at the 94th position and she has been seen in action in 65 matches.

95- Veda Scott

She has moved up three places, from 98 to 95. Veda Scott has featured in 241 matches.

96- Marti Belle

Marti Belle has grabbed the 96th position and has played 151 games.

97- Heather Monroe

Heather Monroe is the 97th rank holder and has featured in as many as 70 clashes.

98- Holidead

Holidead has not been able to gain much and has slipped three places, from 95 to 98.

99- Elayna Black

Elayna Black is at the 99th position and has played 23 matches.

100- Max The Impaler

Max The Impaler is at the last position among top 100 players. She has featured in 37 clashes.

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