Twin Pogues of the OBX - 10 (2023)

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Warnings: Violence, mentions of sex, mentions of drugs, police, DCS, mature themes.

Words: 4.5k


“What are we going to do?” You asked JJ as you stood outside the hospital. John B was inside being treated, and you had been strong until then, ignoring the cries of your friends and simply being the calm that everyone needed. But now, now that there was nothing more for you to do than wait, you were stuck. You had checked John B into a hospital; there was no doubt that DCS would be on your trail soon enough. A million different scenarios ran through your head, each ending ten times worse than the one before.

JJ had his hands on his hips; his eyes glossy from the terror of possibly losing his best friend. He shoved his hat off his head, pulling at his hair in frustration. Putting it back on, he straightened, looking away from you at the hospital entrance. “About DCS?”

“They’re going to be here in no time. There’s no escaping them with John B like this.”

JJ stepped closer to you. He brought his hands up carefully. “Listen, you’re not going to like this…”

“I’m not leaving, JJ,” You spit out.

JJ sighed in exasperation, defeated. “You can’t just stay here, Y/N. You’ll be a sitting duck. We aren’t ducks. We’re pogues. We swim the fuck away the moment we see trouble.”

Fuck, no. I’m not fuckin’ off and leaving my brother alone for DCS to take. Who do you think I am, JJ?”

JJ looked at you for a moment, before suddenly flinging his hat on the ground. “FUCK, Y/N!”

You weren’t even startled. This was more of what you expected from the short-tempered boy.

He turned to you, eyes wild. “You have a chance, Y/N! You’re being an idiot!”

“I don’t care, JJ! It’s not your decision to make!”

“It is if you’re letting yourself get caught!”

“What’s it to you, JJ?”

That stopped him. His shoulders loosened. Quietly, he repeated, “What’s it to me?” He closed the distance between you two, shaking his head. “You’ve gotta be fuckin’ me,” he hissed. “You tell me, how am I supposed to sit by and watch while they take you away from me, huh?”

You regretted your words immediately. Resigned, you stepped even closer and fell into his chest, too tired to argue anymore. “I’m scared, J…How did we even get to this point, huh?

Wrapping his arms around you, he relaxed into the embrace. He kissed your hair.

“You need to get out of here!” You heard the voice of none other than Sarah Cameron, who was, in your mind, the cause for all of this.

Ripping yourself away from JJ, you turned to her, her eyes crazy and perfect hair all messed up, makeup smeared. “We’re not going anywhere, Sarah. God knows what you’ll do to John B next. Someone’s got to keep him alive.”

Your words were poison. She flinched back, looking away from you. The sight was honestly quite strange to you. It was weird to see her act so…human.

You didn’t know why the words left a bitter taste in your mouth, but you didn’t bother apologizing.

“You don’t understand. John B’s going to be ok—”

“*JOHN B was un fucking conscious and I’d bet every limb in my body that he won’t be off the bed for quite a while. So, I think you and I have very different definitions of ok, Cameron,” You spat.

“UGH!” She walked up to you, her face inches from your nose. “My dad’s talking with DCS right now; they’re agreeing to let him take care of John B. DCS is going to lay off of him.”

JJ took hold of your wrist. “The hell? Ward Cameron’s fostering John B?” He asked.

“Yes!” Sarah insisted. “Which is why you need to leave, Y/N. Your brother is safe, but you’re not.”

Those words made JJ flinch, his fingers wrapping around your wrist on reflex, his eyes searching the area for any immediate threat.

You were still in shock, not responding. “I-”

Sarah turned to JJ. “JJ, get her the fuck out of here. Right now.”

JJ nodded, giving her a mock salute as she walked back inside the hospital to John B and the rest of your friends.

You turned to JJ. “What’s…going on?”

JJ shook his head, grabbing your elbows. “I’m not sure, Trouble, but I know that we need to split. Come on.”

When you dug your feet into the ground, refusing to move, still processing that your brother had been what-saved by one of your enemies’ father, JJ hurriedly grabbed your shoulder. “Y/N…” he pleaded. Your eyes snapped up to his. “You trust me, don’t you, Trouble?”

You huffed. “Yeah, of course.”

“Then hurry the fuck up, dude, come on!” He practically dragged you out of there, the two of you literally running through the dead of the night across the island, searching for some safe haven that DCS wouldn’t ransack.

You ended up at JJ’s workplace. There was no one there this late at night and JJ figured no one would look for you on the kook side, never mind there.

The two of you were in the kitchen, lying shoulder to shoulder across the huge counters. “So Cameron’s got John B, who’s probably broken every lumb. We still don’t know where the gold is. And I’m on the run,” You stated, staring at the ceiling, laying out your pathetic situation.

“Shitty,” JJ said simply.

“I’m sorry about your dad, J,” You said, “I wish I could do something.”

“I’ll be alright, Y/N,” He brushed off like always. You searched his eyes for a moment, eventually deciding to change the subject. You couldn’t make him talk if he didn’t want to.

“What does Ward fucking Cameron want with my brother, anyways?”

“To help rehabilitate him into a better man?”

You gave him a look before both of you laughed.

“Honestly, Y/N, the best I can come up with is that he doesn’t want us pressing charges against Topper, especially with his little kook princess involved. He knows John B is no freeloader and won’t abuse his money. Ward gets free labor. Sarah and Topper aren’t in trouble. It’s a win for everybody.”

“That…actually makes sense.”

JJ snorted. “I’m not all good looks.”

“Trust me, I know.”

JJ turned towards you. “Oh really? I for one, still don’t think you know me well enough…” JJ said, waggling his eyebrows.

At your blank, clueless stare, JJ continued, “You know…we never got to seal the deal.”

“What? Oh.”

Smiling, you shifted onto your side, meeting JJ’s eyes. You let yourself just look for a while, watching as he too forgot about the world around you and simply looked at you. He saw you, as cliche as it was. It was undeniably true though. You and JJ just got each other…always. He knew your heart inside and out and you knew his. And somehow, some way, you were lucky enough to get to know the little bit that was left.

You let your nose drag up his chin, across his lips and against his nose. Eyes closing, eyelashes brushing against cheekbone, you pressed your lips against his softly, a contrast to the other times you had done this. You took your time, waiting and letting JJ slowly kiss back. You realized that no matter how slow you went, the feeling was still exactly the same. He still claimed you, reaching deep inside and twisting something far hidden beneath any known part of yourself, and you were still okay with it. He let his hands travel to the bare skin of your back, his fingers on your spine testing your limits of self-control.

You tried to hold off, but couldn’t for long. Using a particularly rough tug on his hair as leverage, you took advantage of his parted lips and deepened the kiss. JJ let out a muffled noise of surprise but didn’t complain, instead pulling you close against his body and kissing you harder.

After a breathless few minutes, you finally slowed, your legs intertwined and a hand over his waist. You pulled away, your breath coming a little too fast.

“That was…not bad,” You understated.

JJ nodded emphatically. “Yeah, we should definitely do it again sometime.”


“Thank you, ma’am.” JJ grinned, brushing his nose against your neck affectionately. And with that, you crashed for the night on the kitchen counters, feeling strangely safe within JJ’s comforting presence, his hands stroking your hair and waist lulling you to a sort of sleep you hadn’t experienced since you were a child within your mother’s embrace.

JJ woke you up at 4am, shaking you slightly. When you woke, you noticed his face looked even worse, darkening overnight. You frowned immediately and JJ laughed. “What’s the matter? ‘Cause that’s definitely not the face I made after waking up next to your pretty face this morning.”

You shook your head, brushing your fingers ever so gently across the angry red and near purple raised cuts and bruises that marred his youthful face, eyebrows twisting in concerned pain. JJ understood instantly, sighing and bringing his hand up against yours that held his face. “Please don’t. It’s not worth worrying about.”

Anger rushed through you. “Of course it’s worth worrying about! You’re so hurt! And I know what I see is not even a fraction of the actual damage done.”

JJ shook his head. “Nah, that’s where you’re wrong, Trouble, this is actually pretty much the extent of it.”

“I didn’t mean physically, Bear.”

JJ smiled sadly, simply pecking your lips and helping you up, mumbling something about needing to meet up with the others.

JJ rushed you out, leading the way to the Wreck.

Kiara took you inside the back room quickly, offering you a change of clothes and shutting the door as she spoke to JJ.

You sighed, quickly removing the jumpsuit and putting on the shorts and tank top.

You opened the door, JJ and Kiara both looking amused when they saw you.


Kiara took something off of your head. Oh yeah, the flower crown. “Your flowers are all wilted,” She giggled. She left to throw it away.

You shook your hair out, JJ walking up to you. He picked up a strand of your hair, twirling it with his fingers. “Well, at least you smell nice.”

He wouldn’t look you in the eyes.

“What is it?”

“I have to go.”


“Probably the Chateau. Kie said her dad’s gonna blow his top if he sees me here after hearing about my arrest.”

“Just…please don’t go to your dad’s, alright?”

He nodded, leaning down to slant his lips over yours, a quick but fierce kiss.

“I’ll be back first thing in the morning.”

True to his word, JJ found you on the beach just past the Wreck, watching the sunrise the next morning.

“You’re up early,” he greeted, coming up behind you.

You beamed, extremely glad to see him back, both his body and attitude in the same condition they left in.

Intertwining your hands, you rested your head on his shoulder, turning back to the skyline. You hummed. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Me neither,” JJ admitted, releasing your hand only to snake his arm around you, pulling you into his side, a wave of his scent hitting you, offering instant comfort.

The two of you watched the sun make its way quite high above the horizon, before JJ finally said. “Think we should head in, yeah?”

Nodding, you let him guide you back into the Wreck, ignoring the eyes of your friends on your somehow closer than usual figures.

You finally got to see your brother that morning. He came into the Wreck, looking completely fine apart from a cast on his arm. He smiled as soon as he saw you, running up to you and pulling you into a hug.

“Hey, Bird! You look—”

“Like I didn’t fall fifty feet? Yeah, I got lucky, Star.”

You smiled. “I guess even the universe knows that I’m the only one who gets to kick your ass.”

You dropped your smile. “But you’re living with Ward fuckin’ Cameron.”

John B looked between all of you, shrugging. “It’s better than the system.” He walked over to you, hands on your shoulders. “Speaking of which, you’re free from their clutches now, too.”

“What do you mean?” Kie asked. “Is Ward taking your sister too? God-”

“Listen, it’s the only way I could keep DCS off her, okay?”

JJ’s hand brushed the back of yours. “Does she have to live with him, too?”

John B shrugged. “Ward didn’t mention anything about that.”

“Well you no there’s no chance I’m staying with him.”

JJ exhaled in relief.

John B sighed. “I figured. Are you gonna be okay all alone in the Chateau?”

You shrugged. “Duh. Plus JJ’s there most nights, you know that.”

John B nodded, eyes flicking to JJ. “Watch out for her, Maybank.”

JJ crossed his arms. “JB, obviously I’m gonna look out for her.” Covering your ears, JJ leaned into John B to add, “She hid the rest of my weed stash, dude.”

John B laughed and shoved his best friend back, bringing the rest of your attention to the task at hand.

You spent the rest of the morning locating the gold, only to end up at the Crain house.

“I heard that Mrs. Crain buried her husband’s head at the property,” said JJ.

Before you knew it, however, all five of you were jumping the stone wall and venturing through the yard.

Kie led the way, you right behind her and JJ right behind you, John B bringing up the end behind Pope.

“Honestly, I don’t believe all the stories about this place,” said your brother.

You snorted, knowing JJ was going to go berserk. “I swear to God guys, this is all real! I knew Hollis. Jeez!”

Pope stopped JJ. “Wait, you knew Hollis Crain?”

“Yeah, dude.”

“Dude, how do you know Hollis Crain?”

“She was his babysitter,” You explained.

JJ nodded. “She told me all about it.”

The story was one you knew, one JJ had told you the minute he found out when you were kids.

Of course, John B thought he was full of shit.

“Are you sure you want to do this? She’s an axe murder. You got a cast on.” JJ pointed at John B’s arm.

“I don’t give a shit if she’s an axe murderer, okay? I got nothin’ to lose, right? You comin’ or what?”

You all shrugged, crouching low as John B explained the plan. “We need to look for the wheat near the water like it said in Denmark’s letter.”

“Okay, like what kind of water? Like pond water?” Pope mused.

“Bong water?” JJ asked, earning a fist bump from you and indignant looks from Kiara and Pope.

“No. It-It just said look for the water, okay?”

You all looked at your brother blankly before Kiara voiced all of your thoughts. “That’s the shittiest secret plan ever.”

John B glared at her. “You wanna complain a little more, Kie? Nobody said it was gonna be easy.”

Pope split you guys up, searching in different areas of the yard.

JJ looked genuinely scared; you crept up to him, whispering. “Don’t worry, you don’t even have a head to lose, bub.” You giggled.

He mocked your face, shoving you off as he left to search.

None of you found anything of merit, meeting up to see John B pointing at some sort of cellar. “Come on, it’s the only place we haven’t looked.” Groaning, Pope and you shared a look, both silently agreeing that breaking and entering was a really bad idea right now.

You didn’t see any water and could hardly even hear yourself think between John B and Kiara’s fighting and all the goddamn mosquitoes. You heard John B demand, “Is this because I kissed you?” You winced when you heard a resounding slap follow his incredibly stupid, insensitive, arrogant statement, but you knew it was deserved. “JB had that coming,” JJ whispered against your ear, earning an emphatic nod from you.

“Why are there so many mosquitoes in a basement?” You and Pope shared another look, both looking at the floor beneath you. The two of you were really in sync today.

You handed Pope a fairly small rock and pointed at the floor. Understanding, he dropped the rock between the wood panels and it fell through, splashing in water.

“Hey, guys!”

Everyone helped clear the random objects scattered across the floor.

Lifting the panels, you revealed a seemingly bottomless pit, lined with stone in a circular fashion.

Well, well, well.”

You rolled your eyes at Pope, flicking him in the forehead.

“That was a good dad joke,” John B admitted.

“They built this part of the house right over it.” Kiara shined her flashlight into the well, but it didn’t reveal much.

JJ groaned. “This is where she hid the bodies. I’m dead serious.”

“We’re gonna need a really big rope,” you commented.

The four of you ended up at the Chateau, the cops staked outside your home finally gone, and John B brought Sarah Cameron.

You were sat on the railing of the porch, Pope and JJ sat right beneath you, JJ with his arm across your leg, his touch a little too intimate for Pope, who raised his eyebrows at you, only receiving a shrug and a playful shove in response.

“No effing way! You brought her here? So, what, she’s in on this now?” Kiara fumed.

You didn’t bother butting into the argument. It really felt like it was more between John B and Kiara. They all knew where you stood, anyways. You didn’t really care, as long as Sarah wasn’t going to be reckless with your brother. You weren’t even sure if you cared about the gold. You cared about your father giving his life for something. You cared about your brother and your friends. You cared that JJ cared about the gold. You cared that it could get him out of here. You didn’t know if you wanted it for yourself though, aside from it possibly getting you out of your whole DCS problem. But you saw other options to fix that issue if the time came. Ultimately, you didn’t need the gold, so Sarah joining the plan didn’t make a lick of a difference to you.

You tuned back in when you noticed your brother making a fool of himself.

“Sarah, you’re my…”

Sarah looked at my brother like he hung the damn stars, keenly prompting him, “Say it.”

And I hated to admit it, but my brother looked back at her like she was the goddess of the sea or some shit. “You’re my girlfriend.”

You rolled your eyes, leaning back in your seat.

“She’s your girlfriend now? What was all that talk about you just using her for information? Get a map, cut her loose?”

Oh, oof, Sarah.

You couldn’t lie, that had to hurt.

Sarah looked disappointed, turning to John B. “You said you were using me?”

He had the decency to look ashamed. Your brother had always been a people pleaser. You knew he was probably just trying to keep both sides happy, but this was far too fucked up.


“Yeah, you did. You said those things,” Pope interjected helpfully.

“Look, love just walked in, okay? I didn’t expect it,” John B started.

Holy,” you whispered, looking over at JJ. “If you ever say anything like that, even remotely that cheesy, all bets are off, got it?”

“Oh, vomit,” Kiara commented.

JJ squeezed your knee. “You have my permission to gaff me if I ever do that, Trouble.”

Kiara looked done with the drama. “Look, cut the bullshit, John B. If she’s in, I’m out,” she offered.

John B refused to decide, trying to pick both.

Kiara, Pope and Sarah all left, leaving you with your brother and JJ, where they hatched the worst plan in the history of plans, but one that just might work.

“Sorry, Kie!” You shouted as the boys drove the boat away, leaving Sarah and Kiara stuck together, hopefully to work out whatever serious issues they had.

Looking at the boys, you asked, “What are we gonna do now?”

John B said he was going to work on some stuff for tomorrow with Pope. “I think JJ said he needed your help with something. Y’all can do your thing…Pope and I got it handled.”

You nodded, raising your eyebrow at JJ, who only smiled at you.

Dropping you and JJ off near the beach, Pope and your brother waved goodbye, Pope winking at you.

You turned to JJ. “You said you needed help with something?”

JJ’s ears turned pink. “Actually, I just wanted to be with you…and talk.” He handed you a joint. “This is date 0…our first date will be a helluva lot better, promise. Gotta set the bar low, ay?”

You chuckled. “You sound like a douche, JJ.”

“I-You know what you signed up for.”

You nodded. You knew better. What JJ said wasn’t always exactly what he felt, which wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t even great, but it was okay with you. “Light me up, buddy.” You nodded at your joint.

A few hits later and you were straddling JJ on the goddamn sand, his hands creeping up your top and yours buried in his hair.

You were grateful no one was around.

He licked a stripe up your throat, making you gasp in surprise. “Holy shit!

You brought his lips back to yours, scraping your tongue across his teeth. Your fingers fell to his waist, gripping the skin exposed by his cut off. You slid them across to his back, shifting forward so that you were chest to chest.

JJ’s hands dropped to your hips.

You pulled away from his lips, moving your hands to his shoulders and slowly pushing him down to the sand. You rolled your hips against his, searching his face for a reaction. Boy, did you get one.

His lips parted and his eyes fluttered closed, cheeks flushed as he groaned low in his throat.

Damn, you could survive on a replay of that forever.

You leaned your forehead on his, seeing something change in him. He looked at you, biting his lips before confessing, “I’ve never been on the bottom before.”


You kissed his nose, brushing his cheek with your thumb. “That makes two of us, Bear.”

JJ smirked, before grabbing hold of your waist and turning. Your back hit the sand and when you recovered from the shock, you were looking up at those pretty blue eyes, shocks of golden hair tickling your forehead.

JJ’s smile faltered, concern etched on his face. “This alright?”

You debated for a minute. Was this alright? You had always avoided being anything but on top, because it felt too private, too intimate, too much of you to give to a stranger. But this was JJ. If anything, you wanted it to be intimate.

You nodded. “Yeah, J. It’s all good. I…” You fingered his necklace. “…I trust you.”

He searched your eyes for a minute, seeming to come to a conclusion; he ducked down, kissing your collarbone before collapsing against you, face in your chest.

“Yeah, me too, J. I don’t think this is the best place to try anything.”

He hummed. “We can just stay like this.”

You kissed the top of his hair, content.

After a few minutes of sunbathing like this, JJ lifted his head, “Actually, Trouble, I have a few questions.”

You raised an eyebrow, “Do you now?”

He nodded, sitting up straight and pulling you up with him, slotting you between his legs, your back against his chest.

He took a breath. “I just have a lot of stuff running around my head, and I don’t expect you to have all the answers, especially not just yet, but I want you to know, and I want to know what you’re thinking about them now.”

His arms came around your waist.


“What are we?”

You exhaled, “Phewww, you just went right for it, huh, Bear?”

“I think it’s a valid question,” said JJ.

Where did JJ grow this much maturity? “No, yeah, of course, I was only kidding.” You held his hands against your midriff, finding comfort in it, despite this conversation causing a pit to develop in your stomach. “Well, what do you want us to be?”

“I want to be together, Trouble. I want you to call me yours, and I want to say you’re mine. I want to be your boyfriend.”

There was something easier about not looking straight into his eyes while you talked about this. It allowed you to be completely honest, and not shelter within yourself like you instinctively wanted to do. Of course, this was probably intentional. The boy knew you far too well. “Then you’re my boyfriend, J,” you whispered, leaning against his shoulder, tilting your head to look at him. “And I’m your girlfriend?”

He looked starstruck, the beginnings of a joyful grin on his face, “For real?”

“For real.” you nodded.

He pecked your nose sweetly. “Okay. Okay, girlfriend…my other question is, are we going to tell the others?”

You turned back away from him, your gaze falling to your intertwined arms.

JJ leaned down to kiss your shoulder, keeping his lips against your skin as he spoke, “I really want to tell them. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty about it, but I feel like I owe it to JB to be straight with him.”

You scoffed, “You want his permission?”

JJ shook his head against your neck. “‘Course not, don’t be ridiculous.” He lifted his hand to your chin, gently turning you to meet his eyes. “The only person whose permission i need is yours, yeah?”

You nodded. “Good.”

“So what do you say?”

“I say that this is real to me. Us, doing this, is-well–I’m not half assing this, J. And if it’s one hundred percent real to you, too, then of course, we’ll tell ‘em…So, I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I need to know that you are really in this.”

JJ closed his eyes, leaning his forehead against yours. “I am. I so am.”

You nodded, trying to hide your slightly misty eyes. “Ok. Then, yes, we’re going to tell them, J.”

Humming, JJ chuckled, “Can’t say I’m looking forward to that talk with your brother.”

You giggled, your head falling back onto his shoulder. “You asked so you gotta talk to him, slick.”

He scrunched his nose, watching your laugh. “I love you, crazy.”

You smiled even wider. “And I love you, stupid.”

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