Use officially in a sentence (2023)


  • Officially Mr. Marsh was dead.



  • The retiring sheriff was still officially connected to Ouray County law enforcement.



  • You, sir, are officially off duty.



  • It's an honor to be among the first to welcome you officially to the family.



  • I officially reported that Westlake had disposed of all the bones.




  • A United States navy yard, officially known as the Portsmouth Navy Yard, is on an island of the Piscataqua but within the township of Kittery, Maine.



  • What do you mean by officially?



  • Agreeably surprised by this attitude on the part of France, Visconti-Venosta lost no time in conveying officially the thanks of Italy to the French government.



  • He was well received at first, but after the 10th of August 1792 he was no longer officially recognized at court, and on the execution of Louis XVI.



  • The title of emperor, which he enjoyed at Elba, had been forfeited by the adventure of 1815, and he was now treated officially as a general.




  • There emerged a tacit agreement between the two men that Dean's position negated his direct involvement in officially pursuing the investigation.



  • While the case might be officially closed, Dean felt an obliga­tion to Randy Byrne, as well as his own curiosity, to follow up the March fourth Whitney Motel incident.



  • And all this is officially sanctioned?



  • Officially, there isn't even an outstanding unsolved crime.


  • The commander is officially no longer in command.



  • This lovely gazelle was officially declared extinct in the wild in 1968.


  • British capital has been invested in the extension of the Chinese Northern railway to Niu-chwang, and the fact was officially recognized by an agreement between Great Britain and Russia in 1899.


  • The production of crude petroleum in the United States was officially reported to have been 2000 barrels in 1859, 4,215,000 barrels in 1869, 19,914,146 barrels in 1879, 35,163,513 barrels in 1889, 57,084,428 barrels in 1899, and 126,493,936 barrels in 1906.


  • Later, all that we understand by Syria came to be so known officially to the Romans and Byzantines; but the only province called simply Syria, without qualification, remained in the Orontes valley.


  • The work has merits, but has never been officially approved.



  • Its reimposition, officially supported for the sake of necessary revenue in war-time, and cordially welcomed by the Unionist party, had justified itself, as they contended, in spite of the criticisms of the Opposition (who raised the cry of the "dear loaf"), by proving during the year to have had no general or direct effect on the price of bread.


  • At the opening of 1904 he was officially invited by Mr Deakin, the prime minister of the Commonwealth, to pay a visit to Australia, in order to expound his scheme, being promised an enthusiastic welcome "as the harbinger of commercial reciprocity between the mother country and her colonies."


  • This record of height, with other particulars as to breeding, &c., serves to direct breeders in their choice of sires and dams. The standard of height established by the Hackney Horse Society was accepted and officially recognized by the Royal Agricultural Society in 1889, when the prize-list for the Windsor show contained pony classes for animals not exceeding 14 hands.


  • Flanders is wanted in Philly for skipping child support and he has-n't seen his parole officer in weeks, but no one's gotten around to putting out a call for him, so officially they weren't looking for him.


  • During this same year, the Nottingham Canal was officially abandoned by its railroad owners.



  • He then asked if that was a responsibility of which the Home Secretary had now officially divested himself?


  • Sudbury Hockey Club officially unveiled new dugouts at.. .


  • Narbonne was officially enthroned in January 1409 and started gathering an army to face the Aragonese threat.


  • Now officially floundering he explained the l'influence de la.


  • Once we were there, however, Mick Connolly, who officially convened the gathering, had no problem at all with admitting us.


  • Grammar School's gym officially opened Kirkwall Grammar School's state-of-the-art gym was officially opened on Thursday by Councilor Janice Annal.


  • Not only was she officially still illegitimate, she was also considered a heretic.


  • The Society was officially inaugurated on 11th January, 1861 with 14 members, each of whom paid 1 shilling to join.


  • Methodological innovations have been added to the officially ' legitimate ' repertoire of poverty assessment tools, yet the diagnosis still looks faulty.


  • The rebuilt loco was officially " born " in March 1996, when volunteers erected its mainframe.


  • Of the 36 bodies who were officially consulted few had any representation from GPs who were actively engaged in treating drug misusers.


  • Peter Rabbit, himself, joined Senior Nurse Chris Milnes and General Manager Richard Foster to officially unveil the mural on 22nd February 2006.


  • On Friday a grand jury officially indicted Miller on two charges of attempted second degree murder relating to the 2001 incident.


  • The fact that we're still officially in Tokyo already seems purely notional.


  • Their island was officially off-limits; it had been ' sold ' to the U.S. military.


  • The Officially original Loch Ness Monster Blog News & Views From the lochside Please read my disclaimer.


  • Many of the girls did not enjoy pe and were happy to be able to officially miss lessons.


  • National or religious dress must be officially approved by the proctors.


  • By the time you read this we will finally also have officially opened our Jubilee Garden, in the central quadrangle.


  • By 1987, the number of officially recognized development projects had increased to 1482.


  • The airport was officially reopened for business in August.


  • Ice cream Sara trick to hide angeles has the officially announcing his.


  • Dudley Tunnel is officially open and thousands of sight seers enter the tunnel every year on trip boats from the Black Country Museum.


  • No person could keep ' first smelting ' tin for more than 14 days unless it had been officially stamped.


  • Biofuels technology platform launched The European Technology Platform for Biofuels was officially launched at a conference on 8 June 2006 in Brussels.


  • If this doesn't make your heart thump, you're officially dead.


  • Officially sponsorship pledges made to schools are completely unconditional and not related to any separate written or oral agreement with any company or organization.


  • He had been told that he must not earn money from his music whilst he was officially unemployed.


  • The car was officially unveiled by Guy Smith, winner of the 2003 Le Mans 24 hour race.


  • Officially, China has spent 19.3 billion yuan on space programs of all kinds over the past 13 years.


  • Addresses were presented to him at Southampton, Birmingham and other towns; he was officially entertained by the lord mayor of London; at each place he pleaded the cause of his unhappy country.



  • There are certainly at least two resins in the powder (which is known officially as Podophylli resina), one of them being soluble and the other insoluble in ether.



  • Since July 1899, when the post office in Salem was made a sub-station of that of Winston, the cities (officially two independent municipalities) have been known by postal and railway authorities as Winston-Salem.



  • The whole of the district known in ancient times as Samnium (a part of which retains the name of Sannio, though officially designated the province of Campobasso) is occupied by an irregular mass of mountains, of much inferior height to those of Central Italy, and broken up into a number of groups, intersected by rivers, which have for the most part a very tortuous course.



  • It is probable that notes or selections were from time to time written down to help in teaching and learning the immense mass of material, in spite of the fact that even in Sherira's time (11th century) such aids to memory were not officially recognized.



  • The metric system of weights and measures has been officially adopted, but the old Spanish system is still in general use.



  • Their origin is unknown, but they are officially mentioned as early as 1765.



  • Stamboloff, pursued systematically an anti-Russian policy, but the cabinet of St Petersburg confined itself officially to breaking off diplomatic relations and making diplomatic protests, and unofficially to giving tacit encouragement to revolutionary agitation.



  • Tiridates adopted the name of his brother Arsaces, and after him all the other Parthian kings (who by the historians are generally called by their proper names), amounting to the number of about thirty, officially wear only the name Arsaces.



  • From then till her death in 30, her son, born in 47, and asserted by Cleopatra to be the child of Julius Caesar, was associated officially with her as Ptolemy XiV.



  • The province is officially divided into the three districts of Stralsund, Stettin and Koslin, but more historical interest attaches to the names of Vorpommern and Hinterpommern, or Hither and Farther Pomerania, the former being applied to the territory to the west, and the latter to that to the east of the Oder.



  • The two Hartlepools are officially considered as one port.


  • The foundation of Lampeter College was one of the earliest signs of a new era of revived vigour and better government within the Church, although it was not till 1870 that, by Mr Gladstone's appointment of Dr Joshua Hughes to the see of St Asaph, the special claims of the Welsh Church were officially recognized, and the old Elizabethan policy was one more reverted to after a lapse of nearly two hundred years.


  • He is officially styled the prefect of Stamboul, and is assisted by a council of twenty-four members, appointed by the sultan or the minister of the interior.


  • In September 1805 it was decided to restore the Gregorian calendar, and the republican one was officially discontinued on the 1st of January 1806.


  • He soon succeeded Count Colleredo as president of the Diet, and in this capacity officially transferred to the archduke John, who had been elected regent of Germany, the powers of the Diet.


  • In Norway the total number of Lapps was 20,786 in 1891, and in Sweden in 1904 it was officially estimated that there were 7000.


  • Doubtless the merchants practised their religious ceremonies from the first, but their god Mercurius was not officially recognized by the state till the year 495 B.C. Rome frequently suffered from scarcity of grain during the unsettled times that followed the expulsion of the Tarquins.


  • But at the coronation of King Peter, in September 1904, all the European powers except Great Britain were officially represented, some concessions, more apparent than real, having been made in the matter of the regicides, who were very unpopular among the peasants and in the army.


  • The Venetian government now put aside its resentment and was officially represented at the magnificent wedding festivities, for it saw in Bianca Cappello an instrument for cementing good relations with Tuscany.


  • Fifty millions sterling in three years was proposed as payment for what had been officially undervalued at 113 millions.


  • The state 'legislature is officially styled the General Assembly, and is composed of a Senate and a House of Representatives.


  • The Serb congrega tions, who had previously been classed as Orthodox Greek, were officially recognized as members of the Orthodox Church of Seryia after 1883.


  • His desire to observe the southern heavens led him to propose, in 1750, an astronomical expedition to the Cape of Good Hope, which was officially sanctioned, and fortunately executed.


  • Afterwards (1866) the Gambia became a portion of the officially styled "West African Settlements."


  • A steady stream of Croatian and Hungarian emigrants, officially numbered in 1902 at 7500, passes through Fiume.


  • Such was the doctrine officially preached in pulpit and pamphlet.


  • Two days later Galileo was, by command of the pope (Paul V.), summoned to the palace of Cardinal Bellarmin, and there officially admonished not thenceforward to "hold, teach or defend" the condemned doctrine.


  • Currencv, Weidhts and Measures.The metric system of weights and measures was officially adopted in Spain in 1859 and the decimal monetary system in 1871.


  • At the time of his death it had not been officially intimated that the queen was enceinte.


  • On the American continent apiculture is officially recognized by the respective states' governments; and by the federal government at Washington it is taken into account as a section of the Agricultural Department, with fully equipped experimental apiaries and qualified professors engaged therein for educational work.


  • In the last quarter of the igth century they fell under the control of France, the region being styled officially the French Sudan.


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  • Since that year there has been a considerable natural increase and in 1910 the population was officially estimated at 2,400,000.


  • By a provision unique in 1875, the constitution authorized the legislature to provide that the electors might express their preferences for United States senators; but this was not treated as mandatory on the legislature, and though votes were at times taken (1886, 1894), they were not officially canvassed, nor were any senatorial The amendment increased the pay of members from three dollars to five dollars a day " during their sitting," and provided that sessions should last at least sixty days, and that members should not receive pay " for more than sixty days at any one sitting"; the original constitution had provided that they should " not receive pay for more than forty days at any one session " and had prescribed no minimum length for a session.



  • Their religion was not interfered with; they managed their own local affairs and kept their own language, although Latin was used officially.



  • In June 1777 he went to Berlin, where, as in Spain, he was not officially recognized.



  • On May 15 1914 the canal was officially opened to barges, and on Aug.



  • So early as his ninth year he was introduced to public life; at thirteen he received petitions and conversed officially with the foreign ministers; at fifteen he administered his duchy of Vestmanland and opened the Orebro diet with a speech from the throne; indeed from 1610 he may be regarded as his father's co-regent.



  • Jetr had been loyal to his family for generations, and A'Ran respected him, knew the odd-looking man was the only reason the Council hadn't ceded to the Yirkins' petitions to claim the planet officially.



  • London Luton airport was officially opened in July 1938 by the right honorable Kingsley Wood, secretary of state for Air.



  • Officers will tomorrow officially launch a three month long weapons amnesty.



  • St Edmund was the last Archbishop of Canterbury and the first Oxford master to have been officially canonized.



  • A natural on screen, Jones officially retired from soccer in 1999 to pursue his acting career.



  • Here is the proof that this work has been officially censored by Professor Bernard Carr's committee which included Dr. Susan Blackmore.



  • For his part in it, Sir Henry was officially censured.



  • Chief Constable Matt Baggott officially opened the room with a plaque unveiling ceremony in June 2005.



  • Science is a social practice with distinctive methods, not an accumulation of officially certified " facts.



  • The dial markings indicate that the watch is an officially certified Swiss chronometer.



  • The watch also happens to be an officially certified chronometer.



  • Official opening for Westray marina Westray ' s new marina was officially opened on Tuesday afternoon by former Westray yachting club commodore Norman Cooper.



  • This award was officially confirmed in the London Gazette, in its edition of 26 April 1917.



  • Although he has officially retired, Mr Townsend has returned to Frenchay Hospital to work as a locum consultant surgeon.



  • In 1989 the Center was officially designated a World Health Organization Collaborating Center.



  • The Club officially disbanded on 31 January, 1959.



  • On the 25th of April 1859 the first blow of the pickaxe was given by Lesseps at Port Said, and on the 17th of November 1869 the canal was officially opened by the Khedive, Ismail Pacha (see Suez Canal).


  • The next step of Alva was to create a special tribunal which was officially known as the " Council of Troubles," but was popularly branded with the name of the " Council of Blood," and as such it has passed down to history.


  • Franco-Italian friendship was officially cemented by the visit of King Victor Emmanuel and Queen Elena in October 1903 to Paris where they received a very cordial welcome.


  • It was not, however, till October 1886 that anthrax and rabies were officially declared to be contagious diseases for the purposes of certain sections of the act of 1878.


  • The Church of Rome alone, officially and in popular parlance, is " the Catholic Church " (katholische Kirche, eglise catholique), a title which she proudly claims as exclusively her own, by divine right, by the sanction of immemorial tradition, and by reason of her perpetual protest against the idea of " national " churches, consecrated by the Reformation (see Church History, and Roman Catholic Church).


  • For the Asiatic provinces and Egypt, the old Persian name of satrapy (see Satrap) was still retained, but the governor seems to have been styled of Govern- officially in Greek strategos, although the term satrap certainly continued current in common parlance.


  • The yearly meetings of Baltimore and Philadelphia have not adopted the pastoral system; the latter contains a very strong conservative element, and, contrary to the practice of London and the other " orthodox " yearly meetings, it officially regards the meetings of " the smaller body " (see above) as meetings of the Society of Friends.


  • From the evidence of the stele of the second (the Coronation Stele) and that of the fifth it has been inferred that the sovereignty early in this period became elective, a deputation of the various orders in the realm being (as Diodorus states), when a vacancy occurred, sent to Napata, where the chief god Amen selected out of the members of the royal family the person who was to succeed, and who became officially the god's son; and it seems certain that the priestly caste was more influential in Ethiopia than in Egypt both before and after this period.


  • The experience of hypnagogic illusions also seems far more rare than ordinary dreaming in sleep. Unfortunately, while these phenomena have been carefully studied by officially scientific characters, in England orthodox savants have disdained to observe crystalgazing, while in France psychologists have too commonly experimented with subjects professionally hysterical and quite untrustworthy.


  • The former is the attitude which the Latin Church officially inculcates towards sacred pictures and statues; they are intended to convey to the eyes of the faithful, especially to the illiterate among them, the history of Jesus, of the Virgin and of the saints.


  • On the next day the emperor William officially announced the betrothal of the Cesarevitch (afterwards the tsar Nicholas II.) to the princess Alix of Hesse, a granddaughter whom the queen had always regarded with special affection.


  • The old town-hall is a quaint Slavonic adaptation of Romanesque forms. The royal castle, begun in 1905 and completed in 1910 at a cost of £250,000, is a pretentious building in what is officially called Romanesque style.


  • On the other hand, he published a treatise in 1838 against mixed marriages, and in 1843 wrote strongly in favour of requiring Protestant soldiers to kneel at the consecration of the Host when compelled officially to be present at Mass.


  • This strip may be said to extend roughly from the Jumna river on the west to the Brahmaputra on the east, though the term is now officially confined to a subdivision of Naini Tal district in the United Provinces; area, 776 sq.


  • Its mainland width ranges from about 46 to 228 m., and its area, including the islands of the southern coast, is officially computed to be 307,774 sq.


  • Thus the Spartan power of offence was crippled; and the upshot of the long-protracted war was that Sparta ruefully returned to the Persian alliance, and by the Peace of Antalcidas, concluded with the king in 387 B.C., not only renounced all claims to the Asiatic possessions, but officially proclaimed the Persian suzerainty over Greece.


  • The metric system of weights and measures has been officially adopted, but many older standards are used, such as the libra (1.012 lb avoirdupois), alqueire (0.36 imperial bushel), moio (2.78 imp. bushels), almude of Lisbon (3.7 imp. gallons) and almude of Oporto (5.6 imp. gallons).


  • This first settled part of Braintree - a name given in 1640 to the community then organized - after 1708 was officially called the North Precinct of the Town of Braintree; here the Adamses and the Hancocks lived, and Quincy was the birthplace of John Hancock - in a house on Hancock lot lived the first Josiah Quincy; the Mount Wollaston farm was a legacy to John Quincy (1689-1767), in whose honour the township was named on its separation from the township of Braintree in 1792, and whose name was borne by his great grandson, John Quincy Adams. In 1826 a railway about 4 m.


  • In 1794 he accepted the cession of Hawaii to the British Crown, although this was not officially ratified.


  • Open session (meeting officially closes for, and reopens after this session) There were no members of the public present.


  • The losses suffered during the Boxer Rebellion affected Taylor 's health and he resigned officially in favor of D E Hoste in 1903.


  • Ice cream sara trick to hide angeles has the officially announcing his.


  • Attempts were made to officially brand the union as a " subversive organization " and to deport UE leader James Matles.


  • Biofuels Technology Platform launched The European Technology Platform for Biofuels was officially launched at a conference on 8 June 2006 in Brussels.


  • If this does n't make your heart thump, you 're officially dead.


  • Much store was also put in the administration refusal to grant the CIA 's request to officially allow torture of prisoners.


  • It is expected that a Presidential Decree will launch officially the work of a tripartite committee to implement this initiative.


  • Whatever the truth of the matter, Antonio was officially baptized on 6 May.


  • Second, vivisection is probably the best and longest established form of organized, officially acknowledged animal cruelty.


  • With a certificate you will not have to store anything-it officially represents your ownership of a specific metal or metals.


  • When you put in your bid and it's accepted (i.e. you've signed an offer), you are officially in escrow.


  • The Home Shopping Network's website was launched in 1999, and in 2000 the company officially changed its name to HSN.


  • Both types have universal pricing because iPod that get refurbished should only be officially refurbished by Apple.


  • The mall is officially closed for Easter, though some stores may be open noon to 6 p.m. depending on if they are an anchor store or restaurant.


  • The Rush Visa card, officially called the RushCard, is a prepaid debit card that gives convenient access to your money.


  • Once the consumer has purchased a MoneyCard, he or she needs to officially activate it by going to or calling 877-965-7848.


  • The score is calculated by Fair, Isaac and Company, which officially changed its name to FICO in 2009.


  • If a common law marriage is legal in the state where the couple resides, then divorce papers would be filed the same way an officially married couple would file them.


  • If common law marriage is not legal in the state where the couple resides, the couple cannot officially get divorced.


  • It is what the judge signed to officially end the marriage and distribute marital property.


  • Even if you officially decided it is time for a home makeover, virtual decorating programs are fun to play around with and may just inspire you to dip your toes into new home decoration waters.


  • Bare Escentuals also sells a liner or brow sealer to ensure these powders will officially stay put.


  • Officially, emo is a subculture that finds its roots in both punk and gothic fashion.


  • All the rumors about their engagement can now be put to rest as Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have officially announced their engagement.


  • His followers are known as " Hicksites," a name not officially used by themselves, and only assented to for purposes of description under some protest.

  • These state laws were one of the grievances officially referred to by South Carolina (in Dec. 1860) as justifying her secession from the Union.

  • Owing to the inadequate supply of labour two important immigration leagues of business men were formed in 1904 and 1905, and in 1907 the state government began officially to attempt to secure desirable foreign immigration, sending agents abroad to foster it.

  • Spanish law and Spanish tongue replaced the French officially, but the colony remained essentially French.

  • The province and city of Puerto Principe are officially known as Camaguey, their original Indian name, which has practically supplanted the Spanish name in local usage.

  • It was estimated officially in 1904 that the wooded lands of the island comprised 3,628,434acres, of which one-third were in Oriente province, another third in Camaguey, and hardly any in Havana province.

  • At the end of 1905 it was officially estimated that 16% was in cultivation.

  • In 1902 it was officially estimated that the public land available for permanent agrarian cultivation, including forest lands, was only 186,967 hectares (416,995 acres), almost wholly in the province of Oriente.

  • Lotteries which were an important source of revenue under Spain were abolished under the Republic. The debt resting on the colony in 1895 (a large part of it as a result of the war of 1868-1878, the entire cost of which was laid upon the island, but a part as the result of Spain's war adventures in Mexico and San Domingo, home loans, &c.) was officially stated at $168,500,000.

  • The natives are officially described as Bosniaks, but classify themselves according to religion.

  • To avoid offending either "Serbs" or "Croats," it is officially designated "Bosnisch."

  • Zvornik fell before the Austro-Hungarian army in 1688, and the Turkish vali, who was still officially styled the "vali of Hungary," removed his headquarters from Banjaluka to Travnik, a more southerly, and therefore a safer capital.

  • The stock of the Thoreaus was a robust one; and in Concord the family, though never wealthy nor officially influential, was ever held in peculiar respect.

  • The name Kambuja, whence the European form Cambodia, is derived from the Hindu Kambu, the name of the mythical founder of the Khmer race; it seems to have been officially adopted by the Khmers as the title of their country about this period.

  • It is officially known as the Abeokuta province of the Southern Nigeria protectorate.

  • They sometimes settled officially and of their own authority the share of certain taxpayers, and, though this was sometimes done as a favour, it was often a measure of justice.

  • In 1850 Leon Renier was officially instructed to collect all the inscriptions in Algeria which should be found by the military expeditionary columns.

  • From this time dates the existence of the equestrian order as an officially recognized political instrument.

  • The export in 1906 amounted to 127,417,950 lb, officially valued at 16,502,881 milreis gold.

  • Bocskay, at the same time, was acknowledged as prince of Transylvania by the Austrian court, and the right of the Transylvanians to elect their own independent princes in future was officially recognized.

  • Finally, in 1254, we find the university officially prescribing how many hours are to be devoted to the explanation of the Metaphysics and the principal physical treatises of Aristotle.

  • In 1904 Bloemhof was officially included in Wolmaransstad; Bethel in Standerton; Piet Retief in Wakkerstroom, and Carolina in Ermelo.

  • No fewer than 70% of the people, including the bulk of the natives, are officially returned as of no religion."

  • He declared that he had preserved the thing in its substance, if he had not actually used the word; and this view of the matter was always officially maintained in the colonial office (which, significantly enough, dealt with Transvaal affairs) whatever the political party in power.

  • The essential form of the cult of the martyrs was that of the honours paid to the illustrious dead; and these honours were officially paid by the community.

  • Where the king is the human representative of the Deity he is theoretically and officially the priesthood, although the priests carry on the ordinary subordinate functions.

  • The metric weights and measures have been officially adopted by Venezuela, but the old Spanish units are still popularly used throughout the country.

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  • Gas must be supplied at 16-candle illuminating power, and is officially tested by the chemists' department of the London County Council.

  • Officially one of several chiefs subject to the control of the resident magistrate, he was, in fact, regarded by most of the Zulu as the head of their nation.

  • Under the Persian empire Cilicia was apparently governed by tributary native kings, who bore a name or title graecized as Syennesis; but it was officially included in the fourth satrapy by Darius.

  • The active encouragement of King Edward VIL., at whose instance in 1902 he was invited officially to be present at the coronation ceremony, marked the completeness of the change; and when, in 1905, the "general" went on a progress through England, he was received in state by the mayors and corporations of many towns.

  • In the armies and navies of all Christian countries chaplains are officially appointed, with the single exception of France, where the office was abolished on the separation of Church and State.

  • From the care of sacred relics preserved in royal chapels, &c. (sacella or capellae), the office of capellanus naturally extended its scope until it covered practically that of the modern court chaplain, and was officially recognized by the Church.

  • The original quassia was officially recognized in the London Pharmacopoeia of 1788.

  • Kuwet was not formally placed under British protection, but it was officially announced by the government on the 5th of May 1903 " that the establishment of a naval base or fortified port in the Persian Gulf by any other power would be regarded as a very grave menace to British interests which would certainly be resisted with all the means at its disposal."

  • Vienna is officially divided into twenty-one districts or Bezirke.

  • Though he was officially thanked by Congress, his action was later disavowed by President Lincoln.

  • Thus, while the commune of Pisa was still under the rule of the marquises of Tuscany, all negotiations with it were carried on as with an independent state officially represented by the archbishop and consuls.

  • Its area in 1906, including Tacna and Arica, and other disputed territories occupied by neighbouring states, was officially estimated.

  • It is officially estimated that this system comprises no less than 20,000 m.

  • Bertini, officially compiled in order to preserve the memory of the more interesting acts of Charlemagne, his ancestors and his successors.

  • Throughout the 26th and 27th a vast train of people, officially estimated at 250,000, and drawn from every rank and class, moved in unbroken procession past the bier.

  • At a school of art officially established in Tokyo in 1873 under the direction of Italian teachersa school which owed its signal failure partly to the incompetence and intemperate behaviour of some of its foreign professors, and partly to a strong renaissance of pure Japanese classicismone of the few accomplishments successfully taught was that of modelling in plaster and chiselling in marble after Occidental methods.

  • It is, however, equally noticeable on the one hand that the main body of the allies was not affected, and on the other that the Peloponnesian League on the advice of Corinth officially recognized the right of Athens to deal with her rebellious subject allies, and refused to give help to the Samians.

  • But here he and the wiser of his successors drew the line, and though under oriental influence divine honours were paid to the living emperor outside Italy, they were never permitted officially in Rome.

  • For these various services he received until 1800 a substantial pension from the Spanish authorities, being officially known in their correspondence as "Number Thirteen."

  • Twenty-two volumes of official documents bearing on Bolivar's career were officially published at Caracas in 1826-1833.

  • A small strip of isolated territory within the borders of Biscay, on the west, is officially included in the province of Santander.

  • A new company, officially known as the West India, American, or New Sweden Company, but like its predecessor popularly known as the South Company, was chartered, and a governor, Johan Printz (c. 1600-1663) was sent out by the crown.

  • Through her influence the king was reconciled to his wife, and, when Maria Theresa died in 1683, Madame de Maintenon shortly afterwards (in 1684) became the king's wife, though this was never officially declared.

  • It was officially stated that the death-roll for the whole war was not below 120,000 men, women and children.

  • The same name was originally applied to the Bantu kingdom of Buganda, which is one of the five provinces of the protectorate, but which is now styled officially by the correct native name of " Buganda."

  • In 1527, supported by the diet, he carried his measures for secularizing such portions of the Church property as he thought fit, and for subjecting the Church to the royal power (Ordinances of Vesteras); but many of the old religious ceremonies and practices were permitted to continue, and it was not until 1592 that Lutheranism was officially sanctioned by the Swedish synod .2 Charles V., finding that his efforts to check the spread of the religious schism were unsuccessful, resorted once more to conferences between Roman Catholic and Lutheran theologians, but it became apparent that no permanent compromise was possible.

  • In Massachusetts, as in New England generally, the word " town " is used, officially and colloquially, to designate a township, and during the colonial era the New England town-meeting was a notable school for education in self-government.

  • As discovery revealed the existence of another vast domain to the north, the name spread to the whole of the pair of continents by customary use, in spite of the protests of the Spaniards, by whom it was not officially used of North America till the 18th century.

  • The census of Canada is organized on the plan adopted in the United States rather than in accordance with British practice, and includes much which is the subject of annual returns in the latter country, or is not officially collected at all.

  • The northern boundary was fixed in 1899 on the division of the middle Niger territories (up to that date officially called the French Sudan) among the other French West African colonies.

  • Iquitos dates officially from 1863, when it had a population of 431, though there had been a white settlement there for more than half a century.

  • The inhabitants are officially divided into " Europeans or white," " aboriginal natives" and " mixed and other coloured races."

  • Nearly 33% of the population, 127,637 persons, were returned officially at the census of 1904 as of " no religion," under which head are classed the natives who retain their primitive forms of belief, for which see Kaffirs, Bechuanas, &c.

  • A nominated legislative council was created, a high court established and other steps taken for the orderly government of the country, which was officially styled the Orange River Sovereignty.

  • These influences naturally operated most strongly on those who were officially attached to the sanctuary.

  • Almost his first act on ascending the throne was publicly to insult his consort, the amiable Charlotte Amelia of Hesse-Cassel, by introducing into court, as his officially recognized mistress, Amelia Moth, a girl of sixteen, the daughter of his former tutor, whom he made countess of Samsd.

  • The rival settlements, officially known as Milwaukee East Side and Milwaukee West Side, bore the popular designations of "Juneautown" and "Kilbourntown."

  • This submission led the emperor to recall him from exile; but, as the Roman see was officially occupied by Felix, a year passed before Liberius was sent to Rome.

  • Unofficially he remained in frequent touch with the Emir Faisal; but he did not reemerge officially until March 1921, when Mr. Winston Churchill, on succeeding Lord Milner at the Colonial Office, appointed Lawrence to be his adviser there on Middle Eastern affairs, with a view to the subsequent creation of a special department dealing with them.

  • The early European visitors to the country noticed that it was not officially referred to by any such name, and therefore apparently conceived that the term must have been applied from outside.

  • The infallibility of the episcopate guarantees the infallibility of a general council in which not the laity and not the clergy in general, but the bishops as successors of the apostles, speak officially and collectively.

  • So nothing at all was done officially, and the defence of the eastern Ukraine was left to providence.

  • The new prayer-book and canons were drawn up by the Scottish bishops with his assistance and enforced in the country, and, though not officially connected with the work, he was rightly regarded as its real author.

  • At the durbar on the 22nd of July 1880, Abdur Rahman was officially recognized as amir, granted assistance in arms and money, and promised, in case of unprovoked foreign aggression, such further aid as might be necessary to repel it, provided that he followed British advice in regard to his external relations.

  • The Algerian Sahara was divided into four territories, officially named Tuggurt, Ghardaia, Ain Sefra and the Saharan Oases (Tuat, Gurara and Tidikelt).

  • The inevitable result of such a system must have been the fixing of an officially recognized text, which could scarcely have differed materially from that which was finally adopted by the Massoretes.

  • He was officially entrusted in 1542 with the task of compiling a history of Geneva from the earliest times.

  • The exports, which comprise coffee, bananas, cocoa, cabinet-woods and dye-woods, with hides and skins, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell and gold, were officially valued at £1,398,000 in 1904; and in the same year the imports, including foodstuffs, dry goods and hardware, were valued at £1,229,000.

  • In its compilation representatives of the Episcopal Church in Scotland co-operated, and the book though " not designed to supersede the distinctive catechisms officially recognized by the several churches for the instruction of their own children," certainly " commends itself as suitable for use in schools where children of various churches are taught together."

  • At its May session in 1742 the General Court of Massachusetts forbade itinerant preaching save with full consent from the resident pastor; in May 1743 the annual ministerial convention, by a small plurality, declared against "several errors in doctrine and disorders in practice which have of late obtained in various parts of the land," against lay preachers and disorderly revival meetings; in the same year Charles Chauncy, who disapproved of the revival, published Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in New England; and in 1744-1745 Whitefield, upon his second tour in New England, found that the faculties of Harvard and Yale had officially "testified" and "declared" against him and that most pulpits were closed to him.

  • This line crosses the Isthmus of Tehuantepec from Coatzacoalcos (officially Puerto Mexico) on the Gulf coast to Salina Cruz on the Pacific coast, and has been under construction many years.

  • As a poet, St Aldegonde is mainly known through his admirable metrical translation of the Psalms (1580), and the celebrated Wilhelmus van Nassauwe, one of the two officially recognized national anthems of Holland, is also ascribed to him.

  • In Berlin particularly, the headquarters of the Hegelians, the desire found expression to obtain officially from Schelling a treatment of the new system which he was understood to have in reserve.

  • This declaration led to a violent quarrel with Rome, and was officially withdrawn in 1693, though its doctrines continued to be largely held.

  • On his return he was added to the Committee of Public Safety, which had decreed the arrest en masse of all suspects and the establishment of a revolutionary army, caused the extraordinary criminal tribunal to be named officially "Revolutionary Tribunal" (on the 29th of October 1793), demanded the execution of Marie Antoinette and then attacked Hebert and Danton.

  • Officially the name is The United States of America, but The United States (used as a singular and not a plural) has become accepted as the name of the country; and pre-eminent usage has now made its citizens Americans, in distinctiofi from the other inhabitants of North and South America.

  • William Duer (1747-1799) and others in 1787 and officially organized in 1789 as the Compagnie du Scioto in Paris by Joel Barlow, the agent of Duer and his associates abroad, William Playfair, an Englishman, and six Frenchmen.

  • French is the language of the province of Quebec, though English is much spoken in the cities; both languages are officially recognized in that province, and in the federal courts and parliament.

  • By the Meat and Canned Foods Act of 1907 of the Dominion parliament and regulations thereunder, the trade is carried on under the strictest government supervision, and no canned articles of food may be exported unless passed as absolutely wholesome and officially marked as such by government inspectors.

  • The total exports for 1905 were officially valued at 62,572,033 milreis gold, or a little over one-sixth the exportation of the whole country.

  • The exports of coffee from Rio in 1908 amounted to $ 3,062,268 bags of 60 kilogrammes each, officially valued at about 27,846,000.

  • It was made a villa in 1803, and in 1807, when Rio Grande do Sul was made a captaincy-general, the transfer of the capital from Rio Grande to Porto Alegre was officially recognized.

  • The name Hanover (Hohenufer = high bank), originally confined to the town which became the capital of the duchy of Luneburg-Calenberg, came gradually into use to designate, first, the duchy itself, and secondly, the electorate of Brunswick-Luneburg; and it was officially recognized as the name of the state when in 1814 the electorate was raised to the rank of a kingdom.

  • The islands (by convention of 1899) are divided unequally between Great Britain and German y, the boundary running through Bougainville Strait, so that that island and Buka belong to Germany (being officially administered from Kaiser Wilhelm's Land), but the rest (South Solomons) are British.

  • Harding followed with a Confutation, and Jewel with a Defence, of the Apology in 1566 and 1567; the combatants ranged over the whole field of the Anglo-Roman controversy, and Jewel's theology was officially enjoined upon the Church by Archbishop Bancroft in the reign of James I.

  • S.E., Santa Fe, officially the Villa Real de Santa Fe de San Francisco, was founded on the site of a deserted Indian pueblo and became the seat of the government of New Mexico.

  • In the English Church in cathedrals of the "Old Foundation" the precentor is a member of the cathedral chapter and officially ranks next to the dean.

  • Until 1904 Calabar was generally, and officially, known as Old Calabar, to distinguish it from New Calabar, the name of a river and port about 100 m.

  • Its ancient name, though no longer used officially, except to designate a military district, has not been superseded in popular speech by the names of the eight modern divisions.

  • That a sovereign like St Louis should be able to associate himself officially with the feudalism of his realm to repress abuses of church jurisdiction; that a contemporary of Philip the Fair, the lawyer Pierre Dubois, should dare to suggest the secularization of ecclesiastical property and the conversion of the clergy into a class of functionaries paid out of the royal treasury; and that Philip the Fair, the adversary of Boniface VIII., should be able to rely in his conflict with the leader of the Church on the popular consent obtained at a meeting of the Three Estates of France - all point to a singular demoralization of the sentiments and principles on which were based the whole power of the pontiff of Rome and the entire organization of medieval Catholicism.

  • His policy - though officially he declared his intention of following in the steps of his predecessor - was at first extremely reserved.

  • By the Achaemenian period Aramaic had become the international language, and was adopted officially.

  • In the southern part of the city is a United States navy yard and station, officially the Norfolk Yard (the second largest in the country), of about 450 acres, with three immense dry docks, machine shops, warehouses, travelling and water cranes, a training station, torpedoboat headquarters, a powder plant (20 acres), a naval magazine, a naval hospital and the distribution headquarters of the United State Marine Corps.

  • To two regions only of the coast is the name Guinea officially applied, the French and Portuguese colonies north of Sierra Leone being so styled.

  • The Teutonic Order (q.v.), surviving in the Ballarde (Bailiwick) of Utrecht, was officially established in the Netherlands by the States General in 1580.

  • The total number of British troops present in Canada in July 1812 was officially stated to be 5004, consisting in part of Canadians.

  • The Melanesian Mission, associated with the names of Selwyn and Patteson, is officially connected with the Church of New Zealand, but is also largely supported in Australia.

  • The work done by English furriers was generally good, but since about 1865 has considerably improved on account of the influx of German workmen, who have long been celebrated for excellent fur work, being in their own country obliged to satisfy officially appointed experts and to obtain a certificate of capacity before they can be there employed.

  • His official residence was the Stoa Basileios, and his wife, as officially representing the wife of Dionysus, was called Basilinna.

  • The advent of the new sovereigns, of officially known as " the archdukes," though greeted ands the r" with enthusiasm in the Belgic provinces, was looked upon with suspicion by the Dutch, who were as firmly resolved as ever to uphold their independence.

  • The use of Flemish in public documents, in judicial procedure and in official correspondence was hereafter required in the Flemish provinces, and Belgium became officially bi-lingual.

  • The population of Kordofan was officially estimated in 1903 to be 550,000.

  • Some way below Bellegarde, between Le Parc and Pyrimont, the Rhone becomes officially "navigable," though as far as Lyons the navigation now consists all but wholly of the floating of flat-bottomed boats, named g igues, laden chiefly with stone quarried from the banks of the river.

  • From that time the Latin language was certainly the only one officially employed, though Oscan may have still been spoken by a portion at least of the population.

  • The two languages undoubtedly existed side by side during the last century B.C., Latin being alone recognized officially and in society, while Oscan was preserved mainly by intercourse with the country folk who frequented the market.

  • The total Federal loss (including the garrisons at Winchester and Martinsburg) amounted to 44 killed (the commander was mortally wounded), 12,520 prisoners, and 13,000 small arms. For this terrible loss to the Union army the responsibility seems to have been General Halleck's, though the blame was officially put on Colonel Miles, who died immediately after the surrender.

  • The Jesuits were much mortified by this Jansenist miracle, which, as it was officially recognized, they could not openly deny.

  • The princes, now for the first time referred to officially as domini terrae, were given full rights of jurisdiction over their lands and all the inferior officers of justice were made subservient to them.

  • Up to this time the possession of Metz, Toul and Verdun by France had never been officially recognized; now these bishoprics were formally conceded to her.

  • After the death of the king the prince-regent, Luitpold, still retained the old administration, but several concessions were made to the Catholics in regard to the schools and universities, and in 1890 it was decided that the claim of the Old Catholics to be regarded officially as members of the Church should no longer be recognized.

  • In accordance with this policy, the territories were not actually incorporated in the empire (there would also hav& been constitutional difficulties in doing that), and they were officially known as Protectorates (Schulzgebiete), a word which thus acquired a new signification.

  • The rule adopted was that discussion was permitted on those speeches of the emperor which were officially published in the Reichsanzeiger.

  • Since 1754 the footwashing has been abandoned, and the ceremony now consists of the presentation of Maundy money, officially called Maundy Pennies.

  • Officially the word " Austria " is not found, and though the sovereign is emperor of Austria, an Austrian empire appears not to exist; the territories are spoken of in official documents as " the kingdoms and lands represented in the Reichsrath."

  • All this time, however, the alliance between her and Sparta was not officially broken.

  • It was officially organized in part in 1847, formally incorporated as a town in 1850, chartered under its present name in 1853, rechartered in 1875, in 1889 and in 1908.

  • The transference of influence from the company to the government was officially effected on the 1st of January 1900, on which day the Union Jack was hoisted at Lokoja, and the Northern Nigeria formation of a local administration was entered upon.

  • Officially the 4 piastre is known as 5 milliemes, and so with the coins of lower denomination, the para being 3/4 millieme.

  • The worship of the other gods was officially recognized until his fifth year, but then a sweeping reform was initiated by which apparently the new cult alone was permitted.

  • As officially stated by the British government at the time, the eastern.

  • The national or state church of Denmark is officially styled " Evangelically Reformed," but is popularly described as Lutheran.

  • Although the emperor had stated in publishing the Codex that all further statutes (if any) would be officially collected, this promise does not seem to have been redeemed.

  • It was stated officially that " the Navy did not wish for publicity."

  • Until comparatively recent times Turkish and Greek were the only languages systematically taught or officially recognized in the Balkan lands subject to Turkish rule.

  • It was not till the publication of Bassandyne's Bible in1576-1579that a Scottish version was used officially.

  • Clearly the word Mass had ceased to be a colourless term generally applicable to the eucharistic service; it was, in fact, not only proscribed officially, but in the common language of English people it passed entirely out of use except in the sense in which it is defined in Johnson's Dictionary, i.e.

  • It was to ask Bismarck officially to communicate a resolution in which a foreign parliament expressed an opinion in German affairs exactly opposed to that which the emperor at his advice had always followed.

  • The Hanseatic League, however, having never been officially dissolved, Lubeck still enjoyed its traditional connexion with Bremen and Hamburg.

    (Video) The Main Uses of the Verb TO GET in English
  • The hot season begins officially in the Punjab on the 15th of March, and from that date there is a steady rise in the temperature, induced by the fiery rays of the sun upon the baking earth, until the break of the rains in June.

  • First stand the two presidencies of Madras (officially Fort St George) and Bombay, each of which is administered by a governor and council appointed by the crown.

  • Between that date and the arrival of Warren Hastings in 1772 nothing of importance occurred in Bengal beyond the terrible famine of 1770, which is officially reported to have swept away one-third of the inhabitants.

  • His public life had made him more of a figure in the world; he was decorated with the highest honours Harvard could pay officially, and with degrees of Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Edinburgh and Bologna.

  • Ten days after the plot was discovered Manila and five other provinces were officially proclaimed in a state of siege.

  • On his accession Yazid sent a circular to all his prefects, officially announcing his father's death, and ordering them to administer the oath of allegiance to their subjects.

  • In republican France the already existing titles are officially recognized, but they are now no more than the badges of distinguished ancestry.

  • It was officially estimated that in the spring of 1904 there were some 227,000 acres of vineyards in the state, of which exactly five-tenths were in wine grapes and four-tenths in raisin grapes.

  • Fremont had information beyond that of ordinary men that made him believe early hostilities between the United States and Mexico to be inevitable; he was also officially informed of Larkin's secret task and in no way authorized to hamper it.

  • The recent treaties made by Great Britain, previously dispersed through the numbers of the London Gazette or embedded in masses of diplomatic correspondence presented to parliament at irregular intervals, are now officially published as soon as ratified in a special 8vo.

  • The Greek Church remains untouched by the modern spirit, and the Protestant Churches also are bound officially to the The Greek scholastic philosophy of the 17th century; their con- and Pro- fessions of faith still assert the formation of the world testant in six days, and require assent to propositions which Churches.

  • Officially then the Church identifies Christianity with the position outlined above, and hostile critics agree to this identification, rejecting the faith in the name of philosophic and scientific truth.

  • Although not officially connected with the college, the South Atlantic Quarterly, founded by a patriotic society of the college and published at Durham since 1902, is controlled and edited by members of the college faculty.

  • On the other hand, no doubt Athens in 403 B.C. officially adopted the Ionic alphabet and gave up the old Attic alphabet.

  • In 1823 (though not officially known till later) an epidemic broke out at Kedarnath in Gurwhal, a sub-district of Kumaon on the south-west of the Himalayas, on a high situation.

  • Formosa was attacked in 18 9 6, and suffered considerably in subsequent years; in 1899 the Japanese government officially reported 2633 cases, with 1974 deaths.

  • No recrudescence has been officially announced.

  • But it was plainly shown by other powers that they did not propose to regard it as modified or open to question, and the point was not definitely and officially raised.

  • In the meantime the Presbyterians, who had been officially recognized in Virginia under the Toleration Act in 1699, and had been guaranteed religious autonomy in the Valley by Governor Gooch in 1738, had sent missionaries into the border counties of eastern Virginia.

  • Thus he may grant indulgences, issue censures, give dispensations, canonize saints, institute bishops, create cardinals - in short, perform all the acts of his jurisdiction, even though he be no more than a layman; but by custom certain of his more solemn acts are postponed till after the ceremony of his coronation, from which his pontificate is officially dated.

  • But a six months' residence in Campania, and the congratulations which poured in upon him from the neighbouring towns, where the report had been officially spread that Agrippina had fallen a victim to her treacherous designs upon the emperor, gradually restored his courage.

  • Rarest of all is the magnificent mountain sheep. Game is protected zealously, i not successfully, by the state, and it was officially estimated in 1898 that there were then probably 7000 elk, as many mountain sheep, 25,000 antelope and roo,000 deer within its borders (by far the greatest part in Routt and Rio Blanco counties).

  • Several months later, however, it was separated from these two provinces and became a Territory; in 1836 it was officially designated as a department, and remained as such until ceded to the United States by the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, in 1848.

  • She is understood to have drawn up a confidential report for the government on the working of the Army Medical Corps in the Crimea, and to have been officially consulted during the American Civil War and the Franco-German War.

  • Presently Reuterholm renewed his coquetry with the French republic, which was officially recognized by the Swedish government on the 23rd of April 1795.

  • Political and Administrative Divisions.The empire of Persia, officially known as Mamalik i Mahruseh i Iran, the protected kingdoms of Persia, is divided into a number of provinces, which, when large, and containing important sub-provinces and districts, are called mamlikat, kingdom, when smaller, vilayat and ayalat, and are ruled by governors-general and governors appointed by and directly responsible to the Crown, These provinces are further divided into sub-provinces, vilayats districts, sub-districts and parishes, buluk, na/ziyeh, mahal, and towns, cities, parishes and villages, shehr, kassabeh, mahalleh diii, which are ruled by lieutenant-governors and other functionaries appointed by and responsible to the governors.

  • Both sections were officially opened to traffic in August I899.

  • Officially the king is all-powerful, and his will, which is guided by God and bound up in His law, unfettered.

  • On similar grounds Christianity, as opposed to the Mazdaism enforced officially by the Sassanids, became predominant in Armenia.

  • Peroz had already favored the diffusion of Nestorianism, and in 483 it was officially adopted by a synod, after which it remained the Christian Church of the Persian Empire, its head being the patriarch of SeleuciaCtesiphon.

  • The Moslems officially tolerated the Zoroastrian creed, though occasional persecutions were not lacking.

  • Its rulers paid a nominal homage to the Khakhan (Great Khan) in China, and officially recognized this dependence in their title of Ilkhan, i.e.

  • One of his most difficult tasks was to adjust the ever-recurring conflicts with Italy, who, while officially supporting the political action of the Triple Alliance, often embarked on courses directly opposed to the interests of Austria-Hungary.

  • From this time he was inseparably associated with Catharine in all important diplomatic affairs, though officially he was the subordinate of the vice-chancellor, Count Alexander Osterman.

  • The Long Parliament was expelled in April 1653 and the council of state dissolved; the Little, or Nominated, parliament which followed ended its existence by abdication; and Cromwell, officially lord general of the army, with a new council of state, remained the only recognized authority in the country.

  • Officially throughout the Union of South Africa both languages are now on a footing of equality.

  • That party soon afterwards had it in its power to bring pressure officially upon President Kruger, for it was a few months after the delivery of the s p eech that Mr Schreiner became premier.

  • These totals do not include the inhabitants and area of the Azores and Madeira Islands, which are officially regarded as parts of continental Portugal.

  • The amount in circulation on the 30th of June 1903 was officially estimated at 9,144,254 bolivianos (800,122), issued on a par with silver.

  • He granted to the abbot of the Sakya monastery in southern Tibet the title of tributary sovereign of the country, head of the Buddhist church, and overlord over the numerous barons and abbots, and in return was officially crowned by the abbot as ruler over the extensive domain of the Mongol empire.

  • The Oecumenical Patriarch is, of course, officially the superior; but the Russian Church is numerically by far the greatest, and the tendency to regard Russia as the head, not only of the Slav races, but of all orthodox nations, inevitably reacts upon the church in the form of what has been called pan-Orthodoxy.

  • It was not until 1902 that the existence of the Domaine de la couronne was officially acknowledged.

  • When, in 1810, this was united with the French empire, Amsterdam was recognized officially as the third town of the empire, ranking next after Paris and Rome.

  • At the same time the leading part played by the province of Holland in the history of the republic has not been unrecognized, for the country ruled over by the sovereigns of the house of Orange is always popularly, and often officially, known as Holland.

  • In France the direct taxes above referred to are described officially as direct, having been originally, there is little doubt, the main sources of government income; and there is equally an official designation of certain heads of revenue as "contributions et taxes indirectes."

  • St Margaret's is officially the church of the House of Commons.

  • Augustus had been designated (not indeed officially, but none the less regularly) as princeps - the first citizen or foremost man of the state.

  • The population on December 31st, 1909, was officially estimated at 22,409, or 149.59 persons per sq.

  • The metropolitan archbishop of Bucharest, officially styled metropolitan primate of Rumania, presides over the Holy Synod; the other members being the metropolitan of Jassy (primate of Moldavia), the six bishops of Ramnicu Valcea, Roman, Hushi, Buzeu, Curtea de Argesh and the Lower Danube (Galatz); together with eight bishops in partibus, their coadjutors.

  • On the 29th of January the Rumanian agent at St Petersburg was officially informed of the intention of the Russian government to regain posses sion of the Rumanian portion of Bessarabia, i.e.

  • All the service books were in Slavonic, but during this period most of them were translated, and some of them printed, although Liturgy not yet officially used.

  • Most of the liturgical books officially adopted gicaJ and revised in this period are still used for church ser vices.

  • After a number of defeats the leaders of the revolt surrendered in August 1885, and on the 5th of September following peace was officially proclaimed.

  • Fowler was engineer of the London Metropolitan railway, the pioneer of underground railways, and noteworthy in that it was mostly made not by tunnelling, but by excavating from the surface and then covering in the permanent way; and he lived to be one of the engineers officially connected with the deep tunnelling "tube" system extensively adopted for electric railways in London.

  • The colony is officially divided into nine provinces, but is more conveniently treated as consisting of three regions, to which may be added the detached area of Walfish Bay and the islands along the coast of Namaqualand.

  • Mecca is, however, officially the capital of a Turkish province, and has a governor-general and a Turkish garrison, while Mahommedan law is administered by a judge sent from Constantinople.

  • The legislative department (officially called "the legislative assembly") consists of a Senate of thirty 1 members chosen for four years, with half the membership retiring every two years, and a House of Representatives with sixty 1 members elected biennially.

  • Up to the end of the 5th century the only canonical document of non-Roman origin which it officially recognized was the group of canons of Nicaea, under which name were also included those of Sardica.

  • This was an important stage in the history of the centralization of canon law; the collection was officially received by the Frankish Church, imposed by the council of Aix-la-Chapelle of 802, and from that time on' was recognized and quoted as the liber canonum.

  • P Bullarium of Benedict XIV., officially published by him in 1747; further, the Bullarium is a compilation arranged in chronological order, and its dimensions make it rather unwieldy.

  • It was also known formerly as White Sunday, being still officially termed by the Roman Catholic Church Dominica in albis, " Sunday in white garments," in allusion to the white garments anciently worn on this day by those who had been baptized and received into the Church just before Easter.

  • The Egyptian inscriptions show that Cambyses officially adopted the titles and the costume of the Pharaohs, although we may very well believe that he did not conceal his contempt for the customs and the religion of the Egyptians.

  • Finally, the invention of a new rifle led to the introduction of a cartridge which, though it was officially denied at the moment, was in fact lubricated with a mixture of cows fat and lard.

  • The first kindergarten officially connected with any American state normal school was opened at Oshkosh in 1880.

  • The term unitarius (said to have been introduced by Melius, in discussions of 1569-1571) makes its first documentary appearance in a decree of the Lecsfalva Diet (1600); it was not officially adopted by the Church till 1638.

  • The pylagori had a right to propose measures and to take part in the deliberations; they as well as the hieromnemones were required to take the juror's oath; and the acts of the council were inscribed officially as resolutions of the hieromnemones and pylagori conjointly.

  • Officially referred to by doctors as "permanent pigmentation of the dermis", permanent makeup is a process that literally tattoos cosmetics onto the skin.

  • So, now you are officially a girlfriend.

  • You are now officially ready to safely order a cool teen party dress online!

  • While binge-eating disorder has not officially been approved as a psychiatric condition, some consider it a potential eating disorder.

  • And watch the 3rd season of Dr Who, because I am officially naming this situation "Martha Jones Syndrome."

  • Schools do not officially sanction pranks, but expect that seniors will attempt at least one before graduation or even at graduation.

  • Remember that most weddings are not formal nowadays, and chances are guests will not pick up on the dress code unless it is officially spelled out for them.

  • For the ultimate in informal wedding services, consider a drive-thru wedding in which you can exchange nuptials and become officially husband and wife without ever stepping foot out of the car.

  • She was very disappointed in us but she knew that it was basically nothing she could do because we were big young boys and officially addicted to inhaling nicotine, tar and about 400 other low dose poisons.

  • Though the couple originally denied said rumors, in February, 2006, they officially announced their celebrity shocking split up.

  • Depending on who is doing the gossiping, Bloom and Bosworth have not officially broken up or Orlando Bloom has called it quits, citing their careers keep them apart too much to establish a stable relationship.

  • Anna and Stern held a commitment ceremony shortly after the baby's birth but have not officially married.

  • They have even been sworn in, so they can officially carry badges and guns.

  • Though he appeared in his first film, Mystic Pizza, in 1988 at age 16, it wasn't until 10 years later in 1998 that Damon was officially recognized for his work in the entertainment industry.

  • While most of his awards don't carry a high-profile name, Damon's contributions to the biz were officially honored when he received his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on July 25, 2007.

  • At twelve o'clock (PST) on October 3, 2007, Britney Spears officially lost physical custody of her two young boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

  • The Wests were officially divorced when Kanye was three.

  • Celebrities supporting presidential candidates is not new, which is why it comes as no surprise that Oprah Winfrey has officially backed Barack Obama as her choice for president.

  • A year after their relationship began, the funny duo officially announced that they had split.

  • The couple officially confirmed their pregnancy a short time later.

  • Now, it appears that the autopsy results have been officially made public.

  • These reports have not been officially confirmed.

  • Another positive note is that Sam Lutfi was finally officially served his Temporary Restraining Order papers, although the rumor is that it took so long to serve him the papers, they are now null and void.

  • After rumors of a marriage license began circulating a few days ago, Jay-Z and Beyonce have officially tied the knot.

  • Mary and Harrison were officially divorced in 1979, ending their 12-year marriage.

  • Drew had another personal success shortly after her third and final rehab stay and officially cut ties to her professional relationship with her mother Jaid, who at the time, was Drew's manager.

  • After her childhood troubles, Drew Barrymore was officially "blacklisted" in Hollywood and had a hard time finding work.

  • Shortly after Julianne's most recent elimination on Dancing with the Stars, she officially launched her music career via country music label Mercury Nashville, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group.

  • You can officially vote, drive a car without restrictions and enter into legal and binding contracts.

  • Comedian and award winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi have officially wed.

  • Californication star David Duchovny has officially completed his rehab for an admitted sex addiction.

  • Yes, the day has come in which one of the biggest rivalries in reality television history comes to an end as the battle between L.C. and Heidi is officially over.

  • Although neither party has officially confirmed plans for a divorce, it seems that this isn't a "let's re-evaluate our relationship" sort of separation.

  • The trial stemming from a 2007 arrest of 80's pop star Boy George has officially begun in London.

  • Supermodel Gisele and New England Patriot Tom Brady are officially engaged.

  • Her hips are officially listed as 34", but others say they are more apt to be 40" or 44" as they compare Beyoncé to themselves.

  • Specific monetary damages sought have not yet been disclosed as Huston has not yet officially filed suit against the network.

  • With only a few more months left in his sentence, Hatch has written a 43-page plea and officially filed for early release.

  • Anna Nicole Smith's 2007 death was officially ruled an accidental overdose after toxicology reports found that she had taken eight prescription drugs, such as methadone and other opiates.

  • Snitches are saying that although Usher has filed papers with an Atlanta courthouse, Tameka has yet to be officially served with them.

  • Though Simon hasn't officially commented on the addition of DeGeneres, while visiting her talk show in the past, he has told Ellen that he really likes her.

    (Video) How to use "Along" in a sentence - English Words and Phrases
  • Not only does this mark the end of Jon and Kate, the couple, but the end of Jon and Kate Plus Eight has officially come to pass.

  • In 2009, Seal officially adopted Klum's daughter Leni, changing her name to Leni Samuel (Seal's last name).Heidi Klum seems to manage her success by finding a good balance between her career, her husband's career and their family life.

  • Even though the couple has reportedly split up physically, they haven't officially announced their plans to divorce.

  • He officially changed his name to Gene Wilder, and worked in several off-Broadway theatre productions while furthering his education.Though his dramatic acting was praised, his true calling was comedy.

  • Sheen later announced that he was undergoing drug rehabilitation and CBS officially placed the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men on hiatus.

  • On March 7, 2011, CBS and Warner Brothers officially fired the actor.

  • This is also known as Class A uniforms, even though that has never been an officially recognized title.

  • has a huge selection of officially licensed Star Wars tees for kids of all ages.

  • The officially licensed Star Wars shirt is made of preshrunk cotton and is machine washable.

  • This set is officially licensed by Warner Bros.

  • Officially, it is forbidden by both local campuses and national Greek organizations, but the practice still exists.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen, or officially declared intention to become one.

  • Originally known as the Knights of Dunamis, they officially became the Eagle Scouts in the early 1970s.

  • Troy University has continued to provide well-respected teacher education programs, but since 1957, it has officially educated students in a wide variety of subjects.

  • The program is officially known by CIDL, which is short for The University of Oklahoma Center for Independent and Distance Learning.

  • Costa Mediterranean Cruises, officially Costa Cruises, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Corporation.

  • The exact areas reserved for adults vary on each cruise ship, and some are only informally considered adults only rather than officially designated so.

  • Officially known as The Gaither Homecoming Hawaii Cruise, this voyage lasts seven days, with a departure from and conclude in Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • The company officially became Holland America in 1882, when it opened an office in Hoboken, New Jersey.

  • Airtours Cruise officially changed its name to MyTravel in 2002, but is still often referred to as Airtours.

  • Though the American Kennel Club officially recognizes many breeds, others stand waiting in the wings, hoping to some day gain that recognition and all the opportunities and benefits that come with full membership in the AKC.

  • Although fall doesn't officially start until around September 21, gardeners typically consider fall as the season starting around the beginning of September.

  • Even though you don't need to be officially trained to play guitar tabs, you may not wind up sounding exactly like Clapton when you play.

  • The USDA certifies organic foods with the help of officially approved inspectors.

  • Since they are officially swimwear, that's when retailers offer the biggest selection of styles and colors.

  • The first National Fire Prevention Day was officially declared in 1920 by President Woodrow Wilson as a way of remembering the death and devastation caused of the Great Chicago Fire and the Great Peshitgo Fire of 1871.

  • The latter half of the 20th century was an exciting time in the history of narcolepsy, and one major development occurred in 1957 when Mayo clinic doctors Robert Yoss and David Daly officially united the four classic narcolepsy symptoms.

  • Anglo American eyewear is officially named the Anglo American Optical Company, but no matter what you call it, there's no doubt that these eyeglasses are quite flattering and eye-catching.

  • Neither pair is officially "vintage" because they're brand new, but the feel is still there.

  • It's durable, lightweight and flexible. in 1984, Lindberg officially launched the eyewear company under the name Lindberg Optik Design.

  • Deals vary throughout the season and when online coupons do appear, they may not last long on the website and may even disappear before the offer officially ends.

  • Disney World has long since extended beyond just the Magic Kingdom, now officially home to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Disney-MGM, and two water parks.

  • There are several Six Flags theme park locations in the northeastern states, including parks in Maryland, New Jersey, and New York, but only the Springfield, Massachusetts park is officially known as Six Flags New England.

  • Great America's double-decker carousel has been officially recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest carousel.

  • The attraction's name was officially changed to The Disneyland Story Featuring Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

  • Held annually at the Southern California theme park, the Disney California Food and Wine Festival, as it's officially titled, showcases some of the country's most prominent chefs, brew masters and wine masters.

  • For non-console related help, you'll find information on Club Nintendo, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo Power Magazine, Nintendo branded card games and how to identify officially licensed Nintendo products.

  • It is an aftermarket product that is not officially endorsed by the original video game developer or publisher.

  • And then, in February 2011, Activision officially ended the Guitar Hero franchise for good.

  • The network's name originally stood for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network but was officially shortened to ESPN in the mid-1980's.

  • While the game is not officially licensed by the National Football League, you'll certainly feel the pressure in Field Goal 3D.

  • It was originally offered in open-beta, but the beta officially ended and the finished product was released in June 2005.

  • Interestingly, at the time that announcement was made, Brett Favre was officially retired from the sport, so people questioned the decision to put Favre on the cover.

  • It wasn't long until he was officially renamed "Mario" after the original landlord of Nintendo of America's Seattle building, Mario Segali.

  • A few games later, Mario officially switched to plumbing.

  • That same year, they officially changed their name to Naughty Dog.

  • The Neo Geo AES is officially part of the same generation of video game systems as Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, placing it in the 16-bit era of video gaming.

  • The era of home gaming had officially begun.

  • Through the Homebrew Channel, players are able to enjoy unofficial homebrew applications and games that have not been released officially.

  • Overlord is officially billed as an action-adventure game, but it certainly has elements related to role-playing games and real-time strategy games.

  • In this way, it is possible that PS2 support could be coming to a future edition of the PS3 Slim, though nothing has been officially announced to suggest this possibility.

  • Punch-Out! officially hit store shelves in Canada and the United States on May 18, 2009.

  • Unless the system has undergone a refurbishing process and has been certified by an official repair location (i.e., certified by Sony), however, it cannot be officially considered "refurbished."

  • Bison" name officially stands for Master.

  • Bison. He is a huge man, over seven feet tall and officially weighing in at 245 pounds.

  • Some PS3 bundles are officially sanctioned by Sony, whereas others are unofficial bundles put together by individual retailers.

  • TradeWinds 2 is officially listed as a puzzle game, but it shares many more elements with popular strategy games.

  • Video game ratings have been officially implemented in the U.S. since 1993.

  • Virtual Villagers is officially categorized as a "casual game" but it offers a lot more depth and long-term strategy than what is normally found within these types of titles.

  • Although not officially condoned by Nintendo, there is also word that you can play videos through the Photo Channel as well.

  • Although officially listed as a first-person shooter, this game makes use of a samurai sword in addition to the John Woo-style gunfight.

  • Interestingly enough, that is actually officially the BACK label.

  • My wine flights were wonderful, although they were not officially pouring the reserve wines, they had some "hidden" behind the counter for those people who knew about the high-end cabernets that they produce.

  • Even though the story is based on actual people, it often depicts the characters in a manner other than that officially recorded in history.

  • Based on the buzz surrounding its launch (and even before it was officially announced), many people are asking whether the Apple iPhone will be a success.

  • In Canada, customers had to wait until the second-generation iPhone (also known as the iPhone 3G) before they were officially able to get that cell phone in Canada.

  • It was officially announced in early May 2009 that the Palm Pre would be launched exclusively through Bell Mobility in the second half of 2009.

  • No other wireless provider, at the time this article was published, is able to sell the Palm Pre officially in the United States.

  • As it stands, the vast majority of BlackBerry devices will only officially be supported by these carriers if you sign up for a monthly plan.

  • Following the announcement of a partnership with Blockbuster Inc. to have Wind kiosks in 16 of its store locations, Wind Mobile Canada officially started to offer cell phone service on December 16, 2009.

  • At the time this article was written, there were a total of two Sprint Android phones being officially offered through the popular American wireless carrier.

  • No date has been officially announced as of yet, but the upgrade should be made available some time in 2010.

  • It may be officially the seventh generation of smartphone OS for Microsoft, but it is very much the "first version" of this platform.

  • Today, the Netflix application cannot be found officially through Nokia.

  • Anorexia nervosa was not officially classified as a psychiatric disorder until the third edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1980.

  • The triad was first officially named in 1993.

  • Demeclocycline is effective for the syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone (SIDAH), although it is not officially approved for this purpose.

  • The use of this vaccine must be officially recorded.

  • Each style of dance has its own figures, and these are officially recognized and categorized for both teaching and competition purposes.

  • The Samba was first introduced in 1917, though it was not officially recognized as a dance of Brazil until the early 1930s.

  • Gen. John Logan, of the Grand Army of the Republic, officially proclaimed Memorial Day on May 5, 1868, with the first holiday being observed on May 30, 1868.

  • The facility officially closed in 1954 and remained out of service until 1976, when Ellis Island was reopened to the public.

  • While these records are officially available in either county offices or the state archives, you may be able to find transcribed copies in your local library genealogy room, or view originals on microfilm.

  • It is officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one of only four states with that designation.

  • The state did not register marriages officially until 1885.

  • The bank must "serve" the homeowner with these papers officially, either by sending them certified mail or paying a sheriff or court official to deliver them personally.

  • Some of these paper guns are not officially origami guns because they involve cutting or taping the paper.

  • While flowers and paper folding both play important roles in Japanese culture, it was a modern mathematician who officially created the origami rose.

  • Representatives for Brad and Angelina have yet to officially comment.

  • By October 2005, the couple had officially announced Katie's pregnancy.

  • In July 2007, celebrity gossip site officially confirmed that the Joel Madden and Nicole Richie pregnant rumors were true.

  • Angel Island is a landmass in the center of San Francisco Bay that officially became a part of the United States after the war between Mexico and America in 1848.

  • Officially, Birdwell surf shorts are called "Birdwell Beach Britches", but you mustn't let the old-fashioned name fool you.

  • Retailers are always ready to get rid of the summer stock before the season is officially over, so they mark down prices by as much as 50-75% off.

  • Although an invisible bikini is officially a swimsuit, this kind of ladies swimwear is rarely meant for actual swimming.

  • In 2002, Kors officially launched his men's wear line at Bergdorf Goodman, and at his own boutique.

  • You can easily browse the newest trends and buy all your needed swimwear and accessories before summer officially starts.

  • Officially called the Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse, this dollhouse first came on the market in a similar form in the 1970s.

  • You could choose your puppy and bring it home in its special carrying case and then send off the papers to officially adopt it.

  • Unfortunately, this term is not officially regulated by the FDA.

  • Lee has officially entered into the world of modern women's jeans with its number of different cuts and different washes to fit any woman at any age.

  • Officially titled the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, the device that is typically referred to as the George Foreman Grill is an electric indoor grill used for cooking.

  • A player wins if he or she is the first to officially contribute nothing to the tab.

  • It is also the official dictionary used to settle disputes that arise in officially recognized Scrabble tournaments anywhere in the world.

  • Lead has been officially banned from candle wicks in the United States since 2003.

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What is a good sentence for officially? ›

The trade embargo thus officially ended in 1790. Again there is officially no break-off criterion, but as with the sentence understanding tasks we did use a break-off criterion on the restructured task. Officially, each member is entitled to register one vehicle with the cooperative.

What is a good sentence for enough? ›

Adverb I couldn't run fast enough to catch up with her. She's old enough to know better. Are you rich enough to retire? That's good enough for me.

Where enough is used in a sentence? ›

We normally only use enough of when it is followed by a determiner or a pronoun (a/an/the, this/that, my/your/his, you/them, etc.). There isn't enough of that bread to make sandwiches for everyone. I've seen enough of his work to be able to recommend him. There's enough of us to make a difference.

How do I use correctly in a sentence? ›

(1) We have not yet learned to punctuate correctly. (2) Make sure all the components remain correctly orientated. (3) If I recall correctly, he lives in Luton. (4) She was from Henan, if I remember correctly.

How do you say sure Officially? ›

  1. undoubtedly. adverb. used for saying that something is certainly true or is accepted by everyone.
  2. correct me if I'm wrong. phrase. ...
  3. beyond/without a shadow of a doubt. phrase. ...
  4. know for a fact (that) phrase. ...
  5. put money on something. phrase. ...
  6. no doubt/question but that. phrase. ...
  7. in my humble opinion. phrase. ...
  8. can. modal verb.

What does it mean when someone says officially? ›

/əˈfɪʃ. əl.i/ C1. formally and in a way agreed to or arranged by people in positions of authority: The royal engagement was announced officially this morning.

What is a better word for enough? ›

Some common synonyms of enough are adequate, competent, and sufficient. While all these words mean "being what is necessary or desirable," enough is less exact in suggestion than sufficient.

What can I say instead of good enough? ›

  • adequate.
  • decent.
  • fair.
  • good.
  • gratifying.
  • satisfying.
  • solid.
  • suitable.

How do you put enough? ›

Answer: Place enough after an adjective or adverb, but before a noun. Margaret isn't well enough to attend. The restaurant didn't have enough staff.

What does enough enough mean? ›

idiom. used to say that one wants something to stop because one can no longer accept or deal with it. I don't mind lending her a bit of money now and then, but enough is enough!

How do you start a sentence example? ›

Sentence starters ease the transition from explaining the big picture to showing those same ideas at work in the real world.
  • For example . . .
  • For instance . . .
  • To illustrate . . .
  • Specifically . . .
  • We can see this in . . .
  • This is evidenced by . . .
  • Consider the [case/example] of . . .
Jun 2, 2022

How do you rewrite a sentence correctly? ›

How to Rewrite a Sentence Retaining the Meaning
  1. Ask yourself why are you rewriting a sentence. ...
  2. Understand the key meaning of the sentence. ...
  3. Use a thesaurus. ...
  4. Keep your sentences short and simple. ...
  5. Consider parallelism in writing. ...
  6. Make sure to use proper grammar. ...
  7. Pay attention to punctuation.

How do you say yes Officially? ›

Ways of saying yes - thesaurus
  1. yes. adverb. used for telling someone that what they have said or asked is true or correct.
  2. definitely. adverb. used for emphasizing that you mean 'yes'
  3. of course. adverb. ...
  4. sure. adverb. ...
  5. naturally. adverb. ...
  6. that's right. phrase. ...
  7. I don't mind if I do. phrase. ...
  8. by all means. phrase.

How do you say yes sure professionally? ›

Polite Ways to Say Yes in English
  1. Yeah, sure. Here you go.
  2. No problem! I'm always happy to help.
  3. Yep! I will be right there. (Yep is another informal way to say yes like yeah.)
  4. Yeah, I'd be happy to!
  5. Cool. (Yes, cool can really be used to say yes or to show agreement.)
  6. You got it.
  7. Okay.
Sep 20, 2017

How do you respond to yes professionally? ›

By all means is probably the next formal response (answer) after yes. By all means can be very useful in an office situation.

What does it mean to officially approve something? ›

Official means approved by the government or by someone in authority.

What word means to approve officially? ›

Some common synonyms of approve are accredit, certify, endorse, and sanction.

What can be used instead of official? ›

  • authorized.
  • sanctioned.
  • legitimate.
  • legal.
  • promoted.
  • suggested.
  • lawful.
  • approved.

What is opposite of enough enough? ›

Opposite of a sufficient amount of. insufficient. inadequate. limited. little.

Is enough a negative word? ›

As an adverb, enough means in a degree that is satisfactory. This sense is often used in the negative to mean something failed to meet expectations or was insufficient.

Is enough formal or informal? ›

Remember, 'enough' as well is considered informal and the formal term for it is 'sufficient'.

Is good enough an insult? ›

Good Enough has become an insult. It's a half-hearted acknowledgement that, well, you tried, but you weren't good and you were barely enough.

When can you say enough is enough? ›

something you say when you want something to stop: Enough is enough - I don't want to argue with you any more. Our business has been absorbing the price increases, but enough is enough.

How do you write enough is enough? ›

Examples of enough is enough
  1. To use a famous phrase, enough is enough.
  2. It is a good example of the way in which reservists are disadvantaged and of why they might decide that enough is enough and leave.
  3. I suggest that this is an increase too far—enough is enough.
Jan 11, 2023

What is a good first sentence? ›

Start with the chase. A good hook might also be a question or a claim—anything that will elicit an emotional response from a reader. Think about it this way: a good opening sentence is the thing you don't think you can say, but you still want to say. Like, “This book will change your life.”

What is the best word to start a sentence? ›

Below is a list of possible sentence starters, transitional and other words that may be useful. This essay discusses … … is explored … … is defined … The definition of … will be given … is briefly outlined … … is explored … The issue focused on …. … is demonstrated ... … is included …

How do you make a sentence sound better? ›

6 tips to make writing sound more professional
  1. 1 Use active voice. To sound more professional, be concise and to the point. ...
  2. 2 Focus on formal language. ...
  3. 4 Revise for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. ...
  4. 5 Eliminate excessive words and awkward phrasing. ...
  5. 6 Ensure content strikes the intended tone.
May 6, 2021

How do you check my English sentence is correct? ›

Check your grammar online using Grammarly's Grammar Check Tool. If you need a tool that will help correct your writing instantaneously as you write, you can install Grammarly for your desktop or browser extension.

How can I improve my sentence? ›

He improved their house. Their French has improved enormously. He said he was going to improve his football. He had improved so much the doctor had cut his dosage.

What are sentences 5 examples? ›

Examples of simple sentences include the following:
  • Joe waited for the train. "Joe" = subject, "waited" = verb.
  • The train was late. ...
  • Mary and Samantha took the bus. ...
  • I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station. ...
  • Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus.

What are 10 good sentences? ›

Good sentence example
  • It felt so good to be home. 1092. ...
  • You have a good family. 704. ...
  • She is such a good seamstress. 656. ...
  • It was a good thing they were going home tomorrow. ...
  • It was all just good clean fun. ...
  • It meant a good deal to him to secure a home like this. ...
  • It would do no good to ask him why. ...
  • He had done one good deed.

How do you use official? ›

Use “official” in a sentence

This news is official. This is the official website. She's a government official.


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